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Negima! (2005)

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Season 1 Episode 5 | TV-14 | Premiere: 9/13/2018

Fama volat (Rumor Flies)

Negi explains to Asuna that wizards have partners to assist them. The rumor mill catches wind of this, and now everyone thinks he’s come to Japan to find a girlfriend!

Negima! (2005)

Negima! | 26 Episodes

E1 | Asinus in cathedra (The Blockhead in the Professor’s Chair)

Asuna performs a silly ritual to ensure that Takahata remains her homeroom teacher. But she’s about to get a crash course in something far greater than superstition!

E2 | Omne initium est difficile (Every Beginning is Difficult)

After witnessing the impossible, Asuna confronts Negi about his abilities. A bargain is struck: She will keep his secret in exchange for his help in her quest for love.

E3 | Amantes, amentes (Lovers, Lunatics)

Negi has a meeting with the school staff as Nodoka gets used to a male presence. Class starts, but will the day pass without incident?

E4 | Nullus est instar domus (No Place is Like Home)

The test results are in, and those who failed have a mandatory after-school tutorial. Usually, Asuna doesn’t mind since Takahata’s the tutor, but Negi is filling in instead!

E5 | Fama volat (Rumor Flies)

Negi explains to Asuna that wizards have partners to assist them. The rumor mill catches wind of this, and now everyone thinks he’s come to Japan to find a girlfriend!

E6 | A fronte praecipitium a tergo lupi (Between a Rock and a Hard Place)

Someone is attacking the students on Sakura Boulevard during the full moon. When Makie is the latest victim, Negi realizes that another magic user is present at school.

E7 | Fallaces sunt rerum species (The Appearances of Things are Deceptive)

Negima runs into Kaede in the wilderness and accepts her offer to train with her. Unfortunately for him, she’s a ninja, and their training regimen is incredibly intense.

E8 | Omnes una manet nox (One Night Befalls All of Us)

Evangeline makes plans regarding the barrier around the school and challenges Negi to a rematch. Can he defeat her once and for all?

E9 | Te capiam, cunicule sceleste! (I’ll Get You, Wascally Wabbit!)

Negi gets lost while running an errand to Tatsumiya Shrine. He runs into Fuka and Fumika who, as members of the Walking Club, take it upon themselves to show him the way.

E10 | Ubi concordia, ibi victoria (Where there is Harmony, There is Victory)

How do Negi and his class deal with schoolyard bullies? By duking it out in a game of dodgeball where the winning side claims Negi as their homeroom teacher!

E11 | Cum tacent clamant (When They are Silent, They are Shouting)

When the class obtains a laptop, they decide to make a homepage. Little do they know this draws the ire of Chisame, who lives a double life as an online idol.

E12 | Aut disce aut discede (Either Learn or Leave)

Finals are coming and Negi will fail his training if his class places last. Rumor has it that a magic book which makes people smarter lies deep within the library!

E13 | Tamdiu discendum est, quamdiu vivas (We Live and Learn)

Preparations for the final exam continues, and the Baka Rangers of Class 2-A must apply their studies to pass. However, they must escape from the underground first!

E14 | Amicitiae nostrae memoriam spero sempiternam fore (I Hope the Memory of Our Friendship Will Be Eternal)

Konoka and Negi’s antics cause trouble for their roommate. Later, when they’re out on the town, the cheerleading squad assume they're on a date.

E15 | Amicus certus in re incerta cernitur (A Reliable Friend is Perceived in an Uncertain Situation)

Ayaka is happy when Negi visits her over summer vacation, but quickly finds out her other class members tagged along. What kind of shenanigans will they all end up in?

E16 | Amor tussisque non celantur (Love and a Cough are Not Kept Secret)

Class 2-A decides to test their courage inside the academy’s elementary school building. What Negi doesn’t know is that this is an elaborate ploy to steal a kiss from him!

E17 | Nihil difficile amanti (Nothing is Difficult for a Lover)

The memories of what happened in the elementary school building weigh on Yue’s mind. She gives Nodoka two tickets to Magical Land and insists that she invite Negi on a date.

E18 | Amor ordinem nescit (Love Does Not Recognize Rank)

Asuna reflects on Nodoka’s bravery. With Takahata’s birthday rapidly approaching, can she be brave, too? Meanwhile, how will Negi handle an unexpected development?

E19 | Verba volant, scripta manent (Words Fly Away, Those Written Remain)

Sayo Aisaka loves attending the academy so much that she’s been a student there for the past 60 years. How is that possible? Why, because she’s a ghost!

E20 | Nisi credideritis, non intelligetis (Unless You Have Believed, You Will Not Understand)

The class trip to Kyoto is finally back on track! Everyone’s enjoying themselves, but does a warning from Setsuna foretell of imminent danger?

E21 | Nil desperandum! (It Must Not at All Be Despaired)

Konoka and Setsuna have been friends since childhood. What starts as a visit to Konoka’s home becomes something much more intense since three mages are after the girl.

E22 | Difficile est tristi fingere mente jocum (It is Difficult to Make a Joke With a Sad Mind)

The class reminisces about their trip. Believing that he could still do more to protect others, Negi requests that Evangeline further train him in the magical arts.

E23 | Memento mori (Remember to Die)

The past finally catches up to Asuna. Negi attempts to discover the reason behind her actions and asks Yue for advice.

E24 | Et arma et verba vulnerant (Both Weapons and Words Wound)

Carefree days are over as a personal tragedy rocks Class 2-A and their teacher to their very cores. Now, they must pick up the shattered pieces and resume their daily lives.

E25 | Mors certa, hora incerta (Death is Certain, the Time is Uncertain)

Magic is capable of miracles, but there are things even it cannot change. Grief pushes Negi to extremes, yet hope remains: Can science succeed where magic failed?

E26 | Non mihi, non tibi, sed nobis (Not for Me, Not for You, But for Us)

If you could change a loved one’s predetermined fate, how far would you go? That is the question Class 2-A must ask themselves as they face down an army of demons.



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