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Season 1 Episode 15 | TV-MA | Premiere: 10/8/2009

Fourth Wave

Left alone to confront Blade and his comrades, Saten reveals his fragment, but this revelation is nothing compared to what Saten truly shows them: the Fourth Great One.


Season 1 | 24 Episodes

E1 | Adam Blade

After an attack on an evil corporation, a young rebel's sister is killed. Now alone, Cruz is taken in by a band of mutants with strange and amazing powers called the Needless.

E2 | Eve Neuschwanstein

Cruz and Eve venture into the shattered city after a failed mission, but the Testaments are on the prowl. While hiding, they come across an even more dangerous enemy.

E3 | Momiji Teruyama

A brutish stranger shows up at the church looking for Adam. Once Teruyama finds Adam Blade, the two engage in a battle that tests the limits of both of their powers.

E4 | Iron Mountain

Adam Arklight continues Needless hunting with renewed vengeance. Primaria alerts him that they've found the perfect donor for Adam to survive.

E5 | Simeon's Girl Squadron

As they enter Iron Mountain, Blade and his team are aided by a tiny technical marvel named Disc. The fortress is broken into by a trio of deadly assassins named Girl Squadron.

E6 | Goldilocks

After a furious battle in Iron Mountain, the Girl Squadron takes Eve hostage. The group must find the Girl Squadron and save their friend from certain death... or worse.

E7 | Adam Arklight

While delivering the kidnapped Eve, Saten discovers her Needless powers could prove invaluable. Meanwhile, a rival team feels threatened by the Girl Squadron.

E8 | Riru Roukakuji

At last Adam Arklight finds the body he needs, that of Adam Blade. However, Blade isn't going to go down without the fight of a lifetime.

E9 | Shelter Number 3

After temporarily thwarting Adam Arklight's evil plan, the team tries to regroup and recharge, but the Girl Squadron has Blade trapped!

E10 | Seto and Solva

Cruz discovers that Blade was not always traveling with Gido and Eve. He hears about Blade's former companions, Set and Solva.

E11 | Black Attraction

The Girl Squadron still has Blade in their trap. To ensure certain victory, they introduce two deadly new additions to their evil trio, and one of them may just do the trick.

E12 | Kurumi

Just as Girls Squadron increases their attacks, Cruz remembers what Eve taught him, and makes a powerful discovery that could save them all.

E13 | Byakugo

Disc believes there may be a way to use Kurumi to save Eve from the Girls Squadron brainwashing. As the mission commences, Kuchinashi provides a surprise.

E14 | Lilith Temptation

Kuchinashi releases her most powerful weapon yet, the Lilith Temptation, which grants everyone the ability to see what they most desire.

E15 | Fourth Wave

Left alone to confront Blade and his comrades, Saten reveals his fragment, but this revelation is nothing compared to what Saten truly shows them: the Fourth Great One.

E16 | Aruka Schild

As Saten and the Fourth Great One continue to battle Blade and his team, Cruz and Disc decipher just how Saten can possess what appears to be more than one power Fragment.

E17 | Resistance

As Cruz fades into unconsciousness, he begins to remember their early days in the resistance. He recalls the locket, and the warning to always keep it close.

E18 | Agni Schwatas

Disc continues to try to save Cruz, but he hovers between life and death. As he fights for his life, Aruka and Saten try to destroy Blade and his team once and for all.

E19 | Positive Feedback Zero

Just as Cruz is regaining full consciousness again, Aruka pulls out a trump card. However, the last person anyone would suspect of helping the Resistance comes to their aid.

E20 | A-B

In a last ditch effort to prevent Arklight from stealing his body, Blade attempts to rob Arklight of his powers. Meanwhile, the origins of the Adam Project are discovered.

E21 | A-A

"Adam" Blade is introduced to his partner, "Eve" and the scientists behind the Adam Project can only hope for the best.

E22 | The Triple Six Committee

As Arklight attempts to fulfill his destiny, Blade unleashes his most powerful attack yet. However, even Riru is powerless to stop Saten as he tries to achieve his own plans.

E23 | Saten

Standing where it all began, Saten announces how his rule will commence. As he lays out his plan, he reveals he will have a surpring partner in this new world order.

E24 | Cruz Schild

Arklight makes his final attempt to ascend to the throne of the universe. Blade steps up to stop him and save everyone before Arklight's power grows too great.



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