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Season 1 Episode 19 | TV-MA | Premiere: 6/24/2021

Chapter 19

Nana and Ren have a conversation about the future. Later, the gang gets together for game night — but they're joined by an unexpected guest.


Season 1 | 50 Episodes

E1 | Chapter 01

A chance encounter on a snowbound train brings together two girls who share one name — and a single, intertwined destiny.

E2 | Chapter 02

Nana K. came from a small town, but she always had big city dreams... and a preoccupation with romance, sometimes found in not-so-great places.

E3 | Chapter 03

Life in Tokyo beckons, but Nana K. isn't ready to heed its call — or so say her friends. But just as things look bleak, she runs into a familiar face.

E4 | Chapter 04

The Black Stones' star is on the rise, but there's trouble in paradise when Ren receives an offer that leaves Nana O. feeling cold.

E5 | Chapter 05

Ren's dedication to Trapnest is obvious to Nana O. It's also obvious she has some decisions to make and dreams of her own to chase.

E6 | Chapter 06

Destiny is just a train ride away, waiting for both Nanas in Tokyo.

E7 | Chapter 07

Another chance encounter leads to an unexpected living arrangement, but Nana K.'s friends are skeptical. Hopefully everyone can learn to get along...

E8 | Chapter 08

The Nanas get settled, but the same-name thing is getting tough to navigate. Luckily Nana O. knows the perfect nickname for Nana K.

E9 | Chapter 09

A routine emerges as the Nanas settle into their life in Tokyo. A makeshift performance foreshadows stages and songs to come...

E10 | Chapter 10

While BLAST searches for a drummer and a bassist, Shouji is tasked with training a newbie at work. Much to his chagrin, her name is Sachiko.

E11 | Chapter 11

An unexpected closure forces Hachi to find a new job, but that's not the only thing she has to worry about. Elsewhere, BLAST may have just found their drummer.

E11.5 | Chapter 11.5

When your two protagonists have the same name, things can get confusing, fast. Catch up on all the Nana-drama with this helpful recap episode!

E12 | Chapter 12

As Hachi struggles to pick up the pieces, Shouji faces an important decision. His choice could leave Nana K. shattered.

E13 | Chapter 13

An impromptu trip to a certain restaurant could spell disaster for Hachi.

E14 | Chapter 14

What's the cure for a broken heart? Distraction! Good thing an unexpected acquisition just gave Hachi something to look forward to.

E15 | Chapter 15

BLAST's first concert is close at hand, and one of Nana O.'s old fans just reappeared out of the blue.

E16 | Chapter 16

Hachi takes an interest in Nana O.'s love life. Good thing she knows exactly who to consult to get all the juicy gossip... or does she?

E17 | Chapter 17

Trapnest is entrancing to see live, but Hachi can't help but notice the way Nana O. seems particularly transfixed on the band's guitarist.

E18 | Chapter 18

Nana O.'s presence at the concert has not gone unnoticed. But what does this encounter bode: a reunion, or just more heartbreak?

E19 | Chapter 19

Nana and Ren have a conversation about the future. Later, the gang gets together for game night — but they're joined by an unexpected guest.

E20 | Chapter 20

Relationships new and old come to light. Hachi discovers she has a lot in common with Nobu.

E21 | Chapter 21

After an eventful dinner date, Hachi finds herself faced with a difficult decision with far-reaching consequences. Meanwhile, Yasu finds BLAST another opportunity to play!

E21.5 | Chapter 21.5

Take a trip to Junko's Room and catch up on all the Nana Drama!

E22 | Chapter 22

Trapnest returns from tour, but their homecoming isn't what Hachi dreamed it would be. Later, Takumi's opinion of Hachi causes strife between him, Nobu and Shin.

E23 | Chapter 23

While Nobu wrestles with his feelings for a certain someone, Ren has a surprising proposition for Nana. But those aren't the only relationships getting off the ground...

E24 | Chapter 24

A heartfelt confession presents Hachi with a devastating choice.

E25 | Chapter 25

Nana and Ren settle into a temporary living arrangement. Shin compares the different women in his life. Layla and Takumi cross paths in an unexpected place.

E26 | Chapter 26

BLAST's performance is right around the corner, and it promises to be a full house. But when Nana isn't up for celebrating with Hachi, Hachi turns to someone else for comfort.

E27 | Chapter 27

A meeting is called between (most of) BLAST's members, but what would a meeting be without booze? Hachi and Nobu volunteer to procure the goods!

E28 | Chapter 28

Hachi has come to a decision regarding her love life, but will following through on her choice be easier said than done?

E29 | Chapter 29

Hachi and Nana have a heart-to-heart about Hachi's feelings for Nobu. Elsewhere, Takumi has an unexpected reaction to Hachi's continued absence.

E30 | Chapter 30

While Nana starts a new job to make ends meet, Hachi doesn't feel too well at work. The reason behind her illness may change everything about her life in Tokyo — forever.

E31 | Chapter 31

Hachi grapples with the discovery of her condition. Takumi makes a declaration that sends Nobu reeling.

E32 | Chapter 32

Nobu and Nana discuss how he should handle the current situation. Do Layla's red threads bind Nobu and Hachi together, or...?

E33 | Chapter 33

Hachi makes up her mind — and, unexpectedly, so does Takumi.

E34 | Chapter 34

An announcement is made, much to Nana's shock. Is the sound of breaking glass an omen?

E35 | Chapter 35

Alone, Layla grapples with her emotions in the wake of Takumi's decision. Did Takumi mean it when he said singing was all she's good for?

E36 | Chapter 36

BLAST puts on a show for their new management, but Gaia isn't as eager to promote BLAST as expected.

E36.5 | Chapter 36.5

Nana and Hachi have been through the wringer lately, and it's a lot to keep track of. Catch up on all the drama in this recap episode!

E37 | Chapter 37

Who is Hachi's special someone? The members of BLAST discuss. Elsewhere, Takumi delivers some surprising news to Hachi.

E38 | Chapter 38

It's been a long time since Nana and Hachi saw one another. It's time that changed — provided the timing works out.

E39 | Chapter 39

A news article puts Nana and Ren's relationship on the ropes, but who leaked the information? And can Nana get word to Hachi somehow?

E40 | Chapter 40

The members of BLAST are stuck, quite literally. Meanwhile, Trapnest gets the show on the road.

E41 | Chapter 41

Yasu's priorities become clear, as does the truth they imply. Takumi gives Hachi the item she's been waiting for.

E42 | Chapter 42

As BLAST returns from their training camp in the great outdoors, Hachi introduces a certain someone to her family. Elsewhere, Nobu makes a new friend.

E43 | Chapter 43

During a critical moment for Nana, Nobu receives helpful advice from an actress in the boarding house. Takumi notices Layla has something that doesn't belong to her.

E44 | Chapter 44

Passions and tensions boil over as both BLAST and Trapnest prepare for an upcoming television appearance.

E45 | Chapter 45

Reflecting upon her dating history, Hachi realizes she needs to have a conversation with Nobu. Perhaps a fireworks display will provide an opportunity to talk...

E46 | Chapter 46

As the fireworks display approaches, BLAST scrambles to clear their schedule and find appropriate (and concealing) attire. Meanwhile, Hachi encounters a figure from her past.

E47 | Chapter 47

When BLAST and Hachi reunite for the fireworks display, certain band members are conspicuously absent... but Hachi has faith they will someday meet again.



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