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Nagasarete Airantou

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Season 1 Episode 4 | TV-14 | Premiere: 3/19/2020

Run and Escape, Big Sister / Surprise, Evil Spirit!

Machi is looking for her sister, but Ayane doesn't want to be found. Later, Suzu broke a statue and now has to deal with the resulting curse.

Nagasarete Airantou

Season 1 | 26 Episodes

E1 | Drifted into Paradise?!

Ikuto fell overboard during a storm and finds himself stranded on an island populated only by women!

E2 | The Groom is Chased

Wait, hol' up. They've lived on the island for over a century and can't leave. What happened to the men? Is that why the young women are competing over who'll marry Ikuto?!

E3 | Help Out, Freeloader

Ikuto's determined to pull his weight, but he has his work cut out for him, especially with the island's... unique flora and fauna.

E4 | Run and Escape, Big Sister / Surprise, Evil Spirit!

Machi is looking for her sister, but Ayane doesn't want to be found. Later, Suzu broke a statue and now has to deal with the resulting curse.

E5 | Let's Look for Kuma-Kuma

Yukino needs Ikuto and Suzu's help to find Kuma-Kuma. There's just one problem: Ikuto can't tell any of the bears on the island apart!

E6 | Warm Up, Hot Springs

Earthquakes rack the island, and now all the hot springs have dried up as a result! Ikuto vows to solve the perplexing mystery.

E7 | Meow Meow, Master / I Want to See the Cherry Blossoms

Suzu introduces Ikuto to her master, who is none other than a two-tailed cat who wants to recruit the two humans for the annual Survival Game Day against the dog tribes!

E8 | In the Observer's Lair

Chikage wants to understand what a "man" is and invites Ikuto over. She's about to get more than she bargained for.

E9 | Charming the Successor

Ikuto agrees to help Rin build a house. Rin hopes she'll grow closer to him, but Mikoto has... violent objections to that.

E10 | Friends Under the Rain!

It's raining, and work on the island grinds to a screeching halt. Now, the island residents must come up with ways to stave off boredom as they wait for fairer weather.

E11 | Ice for the Fever

Suzu's running a fever and needs ice to bring her temperature down. But supplies are running low, so Ikuto joins Yukino and her mother on a mountain expedition for more.

E12 | Delicious Bride Training

In her quest to become a bride, Machi learns how to cook. To the horror of everyone else.

E13 | I Want to See You, Ikuto

Ikuto keeps looking at a picture of himself and a girl from home, so the others arrive at the only possible conclusion: He must already have a girlfriend!

E14 | The Burglar in Disguise

Someone on the island is stealing food! Although all signs point towards Machi, she swears she's innocent. But who else could it be?

E15 | Trying to Improve, Mei Mei

The island welcomes its new residents. But how can Mei Mei join the community when she's too terrified to talk with others?

E16 | Get Your Throne, Lord

The Lord of the East cannot abide losing to Tohno and challenges the kappa to a rematch. But when the Lord sees Mei Mei, he abandons his plan and kidnaps her instead!

E17 | Changing Magic

Ichigo and Suzu wake up only to discover all the animals are now human, and all the humans are now animals!

E18 | Let's Have A Match, Ninja

Shinobu thinks Ikuto is a master swordsman since he defeated the Lord of the North. And she won't leave Ikuto alone until he agrees to a duel.

E19 | Wrapped in Mystery, Detective (Part 1)

Everyone receives an invitation to an inn. But something mysterious is going on...

E20 | Wrapped in Mystery, Detective (Part 2)

Beniyasha reveals himself and successfully baits Ikuto. Meanwhile, the others discuss who Ikuto truly cares for.

E21 | Being Deceived, Ponpoko

At long last, Genjumaru is free! Now, Machi must reseal the shape-shifting tanuki before it's too late.

E22 | Being Discovered, Blue Bird

Yukino discovers proof of the bluebird of happiness' existence! She and Suzu search for the legendary bird, but when they don't return, Ikuto gets worried.

E23 | Bring Me Along, Elementary School

The island has a school everyone loves. Everyone, that is, except for Suzu. The others want Suzu to experience their joy, which is why they hatch a plan to lure her to school.

E24 | Drifted Away, Message Bottle

Ikuto discovers that his sister, Misaki, is in danger! But how can he help her if he's stuck on an island he can't escape from?

E25 | Being Forged, Petty One

Ikuto can't safely leave the island unless he has the Sea Dragon God's blessing, but he must first overcome the island's trials and get the key to god's shrine!

E26 | Springing Out, Airanto

Ayane's actions angered the Sea Dragon God, and now Ikuto and Suzu must deal with the fallout.



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