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Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water

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Season 1 Episode 1 | TV-14 | Premiere: 4/13/1990

The Young Girl of the Tour Eiffel

Jean, a young inventor, meets Nadia, a girl being pursued for Blue Water, the mysterious necklace that is the only souvenir of Nadia's past.

Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water

Season 1 | 39 Episodes

E1 | The Young Girl of the Tour Eiffel

Jean, a young inventor, meets Nadia, a girl being pursued for Blue Water, the mysterious necklace that is the only souvenir of Nadia's past.

E2 | The Little Fugitives

Jean takes Nadia to Le Havre, but his uncle and his aunt, who raised him, refuse to house her. He decides to accompany Nadia to discover her past.

E3 | The Riddle of the Giant Sea Monsters

Jean and Nadia come across a battleship that is tasked with killing a sea creature that is terrorizing the military fleet.

E4 | Nautilus, the Fantastic Submarine

Jean and Nadia land on a small island controlled by the Gargoyle Army. There, they come into contact with a small girl who seems alone.

E5 | Marie's Island

Nadia and Jean form a plan to escape the island, but it will prove much more difficult than they could dream.

E6 | The Fortress on the Solitary Island

While Marie and King are kidnapped by enemy soldiers, Jean and Nadia rush to rescue them, only for Nadia's Blue Water to cause some commotion.

E7 | The Tower of Babel

During their rescue attempt at secret base of the Neo-Atlanteans, Nadia is kidnapped. However, Jean manages to soldier on, attempting to figure out how to save his friends.

E8 | Nadia's Rescue

Grandis, Sanson, and Hanson team up with Jean to rescue Nadia and her friends. However, freeing them is the easy part - getting out alive may prove tougher!

E9 | Nemo's Secret

Boarding the Nautilus, Nadia is struggling with the concept of trusting former enemies such as Captain Nemo.

E10 | Gratan in Action

The Nautilus gets caught in one of Gargoyle's traps: a mine field in an underwater cavern. Sanson, Hanson, and Jean embark on a dangerous mission to clear their path.

E11 | A New Student on the Nautilus

Sanson, Hanson, and Grandis are appointed crew members of the Nautilus. The group sets about doing various activites aboard the ship.

E12 | Grandis' First Love

Nadia attempts to please Jean by dressing up for him and is upset that he is too busy in his books at the dinner table to notice.

E13 | Run, Marie, Run!

Nadia is still angry about the baby deer, and is very cold and dismissive of Jean's friendly comments.

E14 | The Valley of Dinictus

Marie and Nadia both fall seriously ill, and the Nautilus sets sail for the forbidden lair of the Dinictus to find the antidote to their sickness.

E15 | Nautilus' Biggest Crisis

The Nautilus becomes trapped by Gargoyle once again, which claims the life of a new friend of Jean and Nadia's, but who…?

E16 | The Mystery of the Island that Vanished

The Nautilus docks at the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, a truly imaginative and exotic kingdom full of sights and wonders.

E17 | Jean's New Invention

Jean is tired of being treated like a kid, and attempts to prove his worthiness as an adult when Nadia asks him to build another aircraft.

E18 | Nautilus vs. Nautilus

The Nautilus sets sail for its base in Antarctica. On their way there, the crew has a run in with a nasty shellfish underneath an iceberg.

E19 | Nemo's Close Friend

Nemo takes Nadia and Jean around the marvelous wonders of his home, and introduces them to his best friend, a talking whale named Irion, who may actually help Nadia.

E20 | Jean's Failures

Jean's latest invention goes horribly wrong and almost puts the Nautilus in serious trouble with Gargoyle.

E21 | Goodbye Nautilus

The Nautilus is finally cornered by Gargoyle's battleship and is seen meeting its untimely demise. Is this the end of Nautilus?

E22 | Electra's Betrayal

The children are forced to leave, via the Captain's cabin, but not before they overhear some stunning revelations about Nadia's past.

E23 | Little Castaways

The group becomes shipwrecked on a deserted island and must scramble and work together to learn how to survive.

E24 | Lincoln Island

Nadia goes insane and runs off to play "Nature girl", leaving Jean, Marie, and King to set up camp and their technological needs to survive.

E25 | First Kiss

Because of Nadia’s “Amazonian escapades”, there is very little left to eat, and Jean has no choice but to use meat in the morning omelet.

E26 | King's on His Own

Nadia goes crazy over Jean not remembering the night she first kissed him. The next morning, Nadia and Jean embark on a quest to find a missing King.

E27 | Island of the Witch

Nadia learns that nature isn't always giving, but can be cruel when a terrible typhoon strikes Lincoln Island. Meanwhile, a strange drifting island appears.

E28 | The Floating Island

The witch and assistants Ayerton spoke of turned out to be Grandis, Sanson, and Hanson. Reunited, the group prepares to set up camp on the drifting island.

E29 | King vs. King

Sanson and Hanson decide to have a race with two mechanical “King” robots that can only run straight!

E30 | The Underground Labyrinth

Jean and Nadia wander into a mechanical cavern on the island. Nadia suddenly vanishes into a mysterious chamber, leaving Jean all alone. Just what is the island, really?

E31 | Goodbye Red Noah

Undressed and in a trance, Nadia comes face to face with a mysterious entity who gives her a shocking revelation.

E32 | Nada's Lover

The castaways crash land in an African tribal village, and are almost put to death by the chief! Thankfully, a warrior notices Nadia's Blue Water.

E33 | A Rescue Operation for King

King is captured by Grandis' ex-fiancé, and the companions form a rescue operation to free him as soon as possible.

E34 | Love to Nadia

Nadia is ashamed of her foolishness in Africa, and Jean teaches her a lesson about true love as well as the error of her distrusting ways.

E35 | The Secret of Blue Water

Nadia and the gang finally arrive at her lost homeland of Tartessos, and Nadia reveals to her friends her identity, and what the Blue Water really is.

E36 | The All-Purpose Battleship, New Nautilus

Gargoyle's battleships appear over Tartessos. To save Jean and the others, Nadia surrenders herself... but not before Jean swears to save her.

E37 | Emperor Neo

Gargoyle takes Nadia before the puppet leader of Neo-Atlantis, Emperor Neo, who reveals that he has a strong connection with both Nadia and Nemo.

E38 | ...To Space

The New Nautilus and Gargoyle, now aboard Red Noah, face off in a spectacular duel. Midway through, both crafts head into outer space.

E39 | Inheritor of the Stars

All the pieces of Jean and Nadia's quest fall into place as the secret behind the Blue Water pendant is exposed.



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