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My Little Monster

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Season 1 Episode 13 | TV-14 | Premiere: 4/27/2021

Spring Is Near

Haru is looking for someone, but he refuses to say who. Can anyone guess who he's searching for?

My Little Monster

Season 1 | 13 Episodes

E1 | Sitting Next To Yoshida-kun

For the price of a new study guide, Mizutani Shizuku has forever changed her life... but it might not be for the best!

E2 | Weird

Shizuku is caught in a whirlwind of emotions. To make matters worse, a new weirdo has entered her life.

E3 | Nuisance

An oddball collection of students has teamed up to build a chicken coop for Nagoya.

E4 | Summer Break

Some simple advice from Shizuku leads to the class thinking differently of Haru. Haru and friends enjoy time by the river.

E5 | Yoshida Family Matters

Shizuku wants to know more about Haru's past, but it's a difficult subject for him. She learns more than expected when Haru's brother meets her at school.

E6 | Girls Feeling Melancholy

Haru's plan to become class rep has failed. As he talks to Oshima about his failure, her emotions start to do somersaults — and so do Shizuku's.

E7 | The Distance Between Us

Haru and Shizuku's relationship keeps flipping back and forth. Haru is now determined to win her over and seeks advice from his new friends.

E8 | Come Down to Syoyo Festival!

Tensions mount between Haru and Shizuku. With Yamaken causing trouble, Natsume trying to help her friends, and Shizuku pushing everybody away, the group verges on breakdown.

E9 | All or Nothing

Shizuku's father grocery store has failed again, leaving her to deal with her mother. Talking to Haru about the situation helps her discover more of her own emotions.

E10 | Christmas

It's Christmas time and the mysterious Summer X has been planning a party for months. The party takes a turn when some delinquents crash the festivities.

E11 | The Yamaguchis' Son, Kenji-kun

Kenji is appalled at the notion he could have feelings for Shizuku. Haru, aware of Kenji's feelings, approaches him one more time.

E12 | The Year Draws to a Close

As the year draws to a close and people go their separate ways, loneliness (as well as some un-resolved feelings) starts to creep into some of Mizutani's friends.

E13 | Spring Is Near

Haru is looking for someone, but he refuses to say who. Can anyone guess who he's searching for?



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