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Mushibugyo (TV)

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Season 1 Episode 5 | TV-14 | Premiere: 5/18/2022

Mugai: What Solitary Eyes See

Mugai handpicked Junbee as his partner for a high-profile mission. But out of everyone he could have picked, why did Mugai choose Junbee specifically?

Mushibugyo (TV)

TV Series | 26 Episodes

E1 | Here Comes Tsukishima Jinbee!

Jinbee has dreams of joining the Mushibugyo's Office in Edo. But why is he so eager to prove himself?

E2 | My Rival is a Female Ninja, Hibachi!

It's Jinbee's first day on the job and he's already gotten on the wrong foot with Hibachi. Even worse, he's being sidelined for an entire month!?

E3 | The Killer of 99, Koikawa Shugiku

Koikawa has a dark past that all of Edo resents him for. As a result, Jinbee is the only one convinced of Koikawa's innocence when he finds him at a crime scene.

E4 | Ichinotani Tenma! I Can Do It!

Tenma wants to succeed as a proud member of the Mushibugyo's Office. There's just one problem: He's absolutely terrified of bugs.

E5 | Mugai: What Solitary Eyes See

Mugai handpicked Junbee as his partner for a high-profile mission. But out of everyone he could have picked, why did Mugai choose Junbee specifically?

E6 | The Hot Guy Beneath the Mask: Nagatomimaru

Jinbee and Hibachi catch an intruder attempting to sneak into the Insect Archives.

E7 | Summer War in Edo!!

Summer can only mean one thing: the annual Summer War. This year, the Mushibugyo's Office faces an overwhelming opponent: the Warrior King Beetle.

E8 | Mitsuki's Honey Trap

Mitsuki is determined to root out information about the Mushibugyo and tries ensnaring Jinbee in a honey trap in order to get it.

E9 | The Insect Hunters Attack!! Battle of Hachijo Island!!

The Insect Hunters will assassinate the Mushibugyo unless Jinbee and his friends stop them.

E10 | Kuroageha Arrives

While Koikawa directs his rage towards Mugai, Jinbee fights to protect the Mushibugyo. But she is far from helpless...

E11 | Jinbee's Power Awakens!!

With her powers neutralized, Insect Hunters strike at a vulnerable Mushibugyo. But...

E12 | Training with Father! The Thirty-six Blades of Fuji!!

Jinbee and his friends save Edo just in time, but they were not the only reinforcements: Jinbee's father has arrived.

E13 | We'll Show You Everything!! The Edo Women's Baths!!

Osono is a journalist searching for more information about Jinbee and hatches a plan: she'll go to the public baths and interview the women who know him best.

E14 | Insect!? Man!? A Mysterious Enemy Attacks!

A survivor from a decimated village reports of insects in the guise of humans.

E15 | To Kishuu! The Ten Crucifix Insects of Sanada Appear!

The Mushibugyo plans her next course of action, but to do so, she first consults someone intimately familiar with insects.

E16 | The Cool Guy in Glasses Lectures on Right and Wrong

Sanada issues his demand: a ship for the lives of Kishuu's citizens. But out of everything he could have demanded, why did Sanada request a ship?

E17 | Sanada Yukimura's Trap! Caught in a Net!!

Jinbee discovers wanted posters of him and his fellow travelers and they must now assume that Kishuu is now hostile territory.

E18 | Time's up! The Insect Magistrate's Office Arrives

Jinbee's group runs into an old friend, which is a welcome surprise. However, the people of Kishuu are still running out of time.

E19 | He Shed His Skin!? The Insect-men's True Form!!

The Mushibugyo's Office issues a challenge to Sanada. In response, he issues one of his own.

E20 | Dream of the Butterfly

Hibachi would know Kirigakure's techniques anywhere, but she must first find a way through his illusions if she wishes to defeat him.

E21 | The Compassion Slash That Cuts G!!

There's never been a problem Koikawa couldn't solve through violence, but he may have met his match since his opponents can regenerate.

E22 | Who is Righteous!? Tenma and Justice!

What is justice? Tenma and Anayama are about to find out in a clash of ideals.

E23 | My Life's Greatest Task

As Jinbee and the others face off against two powerful opponents, Mugai reflects on the past in a battle of his own.

E24 | The Insect Magistrate's Cursed Past

Jinbee buys the Mushibugyo time to reach the Eternal Well. But Sanada may know something that the samurai does not...

E25 | The Promise is Hope Within Despair

The Eternal Well demands a terrible price and Jinbee refuses to let the Mushibugyo pay it.

E26 | Tsukishima Jinbee is here!!!

The final battle is imminent, but in addition to Sanada, Jinbee and his friends may face an ally turned enemy as well.



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