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Mr. Tonegawa: Middle Management Blues

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Season 1 Episode 17 | TV-14 | Premiere: 11/30/2018

Unofficial Announcement

Autumn is a time for many things. But for the unlucky black suits of the Teiai Group, it means yearly reassignments! Who on Team Tonegawa must say their goodbyes?

Mr. Tonegawa: Middle Management Blues

Season 1 | 24 Episodes

E1 | Start Up

Bad things happen to people who don't pay their debts, especially if Mr. Tonegawa and his crew have to get involved.

E2 | Conjecture

Mr. Tonegawa needs to break the ice with his team before the death game meeting can proceed. How? By memorizing their names!

E3 | Griddle

After the previous debacle, Mr. Tonegawa must redeem himself in the eyes of his men. His very honor is at stake, and a company retreat may grant him the slim chance he needs.

E4 | Adult

A night in town helps Mr. Tonegawa brainstorm the perfect diabolical death game! What devious idea has his mind concocted, and more importantly, will it survive a committee?

E5 | Serious Soul-searching

They've brainstormed the idea; they've written the proposal. All that's left is to find the most optimal time to submit it to a totalitarian boss for approval!

E6 | Self - Destruction

Mr. Tonegawa mandates his team present worthy venues for hosting Restricted Rock-Paper-Scissors and turns the presentation into a competition! Is this a death game of its own?

E7 | Transmission

Mr. Tonegawa and his team are hard at work when tragedy suddenly befalls them! How can they continue when their foe is too small to see and can strike at any time?!

E8 | Shrimp

Ebitani wishes to apologize, but has he truly learned his lesson or will he cause more harm than good? Can Mr. Tonegawa help steer this wayward soul in the right direction?

E9 | Fried Cutlets

Mr. Tonegawa oversees job interviews. Later, he unwittingly enters a food challenge that his pride won't let him back out of! What will you do now, Mr. Tonegawa?

E10 | Rehearsal

Mr. Tonegawa and his team prepare to rehearse Restricted Rock Paper Scissors, but important details have been overlooked. Now the new hires must be brought in for help!

E11 | Business Trip

All Mr. Tonegawa wants is some RandR after all his hard work. Is that too much to ask? Evidently, the answer is yes. Yes, it is.

E12 | Fake

The president is convinced his life is in danger and demands a body double! Where can Mr. Tonegawa possibly find someone who looks and acts exactly like Hyodo?

E13 | Set Sail

Mr. Tonegawa faces his most confusing test yet! Later, destiny heads towards a collision course as Restricted Rock-Paper-Scissors finally begins on board the Espoir.

E14 | Going Out

This is the story of one man: Otsuki, a foreman of the Teiai Group's underground facility. What about Mr. Tonegawa? Who cares. It's Otsuki's turn in the spotlight now!

E15 | Spree

Otsuki's adventures continue with his acquaintance Numakawa and black suit Miyamoto. But wait! Is that Mr. Tonegawa? What will happen when he crosses paths with Otsuki?

E16 | Natural Enemy

Kurosaki always stays in President Hyodo's good graces no matter the situation! Can Mr. Tonegawa find a way to outmaneuver his rival or is he doomed to second place?!

E17 | Unofficial Announcement

Autumn is a time for many things. But for the unlucky black suits of the Teiai Group, it means yearly reassignments! Who on Team Tonegawa must say their goodbyes?

E18 | Conformity

Mr. Tonegawa aims to improve his health, but black suit and former rugby captain Doshita offers unsolicited help! Later, Otsuki finds a kindred spirit in a fellow foodie.

E19 | Newcomers

New faces join Team Tonegawa! Is this the start of Saemon and Saeko's love story? Later, Ataru redefines the art of brown-nosing.

E20 | Entertainment

Mr. Tonegawa faces the terrifying pachinko machine known only as the Bog. Meanwhile, Otsuki and Numakawa search for a new product to sell at their underground store.

E21 | Slander

Is Mr. Tonegawa savvy enough to compete against a hate account on Twitter? Later, Odagiri's underground movie theater threatens Otsuki's gambling profits.

E22 | Conclusions

Odagiri is a formidable foe. Can a change in scenery help Otsuki obtain what he wants? Meanwhile, Mr. Tonegawa experiences betrayal from within!

E23 | Premonition

A high school reunion can offer a chance to reconnect with old friends or judge them for their life choices. Then Otsuki's excursion is placed in jeopardy when he gets sick!

E24 | Final Destination

The Human Derby is a game so twistedly diabolical that the details must NEVER be revealed! But hope for humanity still remains when Mr. Tonegawa has a wedding to attend.



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