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Modern Magic Made Simple

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Season 1 Episode 10 | TV-MA | Premiere: 9/12/2009

Quick & Dirty

The group goes to Akihabara in search of Misa. When they arrive, they encounter Huang and Guibarthez.

Modern Magic Made Simple

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Hello World

After reading her grandfather's journal, the young Yumiko escapes her lavish lifestyle to learn at the Anehara School of Magic. On the way, she encounters a dangerous man.

E2 | Wizardry

The story goes back in time when Koyomi arrives at the Anehara School and meets Misa, who, after a series of unusual events, agrees to teach her Modern Magic.

E3 | Deus Ex Machina

Daemons are here! Koyomi offers to help Yumiko vanquish them. However, she’s unaware of the limitations of Koyomi's magic.

E4 | Jini

A trip to the water park turns into chaos. Misa will seek the source of the virus that has brought the Daemons. The ladies prevent a possible disaster.

E5 | Jump Off Into Never-Never Land

In the present, Koyomi travels back in time. In the past, the reason for Guibarthez's pursuit of the Kerykeion reveals itself.

E6 | Ghostscript

Koyomi and Misa join forces with Yumiko, and the three finally face off in a battle against Guibarthez.

E7 | Voodoo Programing

Koyomi searches for an item through which she will be able to channel her magic. However, she finds that the only tool she needs is to believe in herself.

E8 | Scratch Monkey

Misa reveals how her mother passed away and why she blames herself. Later, something goes wrong on her flight, and she saves the day just in time for dinner.

E9 | Open Deathtrap

Yumiko awakens with a sense of dread. Misa walks into a trap, bringing Koyomi with her. Once again, someone wants to obtain the Sorceress' Library.

E10 | Quick & Dirty

The group goes to Akihabara in search of Misa. When they arrive, they encounter Huang and Guibarthez.

E11 | Dragon Book

In Akihabara, Misa's ghostscript makes an appearance, but she is no help with locating her body. Soshiro is immune to magic, which will come in handy during their pursuit.


The sorceress is now free, and she’s using Yumiko’s body to revive herself. Misa prepares a code to banish her. The power of friendship proves capable of saving the world.



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