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Season 1 Episode 30 | TV-14 | Premiere: 11/2/2019

Flooring the Gas Pedal of Youth!

Nabe’s secret is out, and Jun will pull out all the stops to show the God of Tuning the final race of a lifetime!


Season 1 | 30 Episodes

E1 | Youthful Tuning

Mecha-Doc, the mechanical doctors, will tune up your car no matter its condition! But street racers beware, because mechanic Jun Kazami shows no mercy to reckless drivers.

E2 | Roar! Merry Komachi

There’s a new street racer in town. Her name is Sukebo Komachi, and she’s taking local street racers by storm in her Yota-Hachi!

E3 | The Saturday Night Turbo II

A black City Turbo II Bulldog has been causing trouble on Saturday nights, and the police have no clue who’s driving the car!

E4 | License to Steal

Jun needs an oil pan, but the scary old lady at the junkyard will only sell him one is if he catches the thieves who’ve been stealing Celica parts from her property at night.

E5 | Joker the Crusher

Joker the Crusher targets any car bearing a Mecha-Doc sticker — but what beef does he have with them, and where did he get his amazingly tuned car?

E6 | The Rival is an RX7

Jun wants to challenge Nachi in an upcoming Cannonball race, but where is he supposed to get money for a new car?

E7 | The Cannonball Challenge

It’s the day of the Cannonball race! Preparation is the key to victory, but nothing could prepare Jun for the identity of the driver in the black Fairlady Z…

E8 | Break Through the Suka-G Force

The Cannonball continues, and Jun faces off with a twin-engine Piazza! Does Jun’s Celica XX stand a chance against it and the other fierce competitors on the track?

E9 | The Man of Legend! Super Z!

The rubber hits the road as Jun takes on the legendary driver Nabe, god of the tuning world!

E10 | Take the Glorious Finish Line

In the pulse-pounding finale of the Cannonball race, winning comes down to nitro power! Who will walk away the victor of this death-defying challenge: Nachi, Nabe or Jun?

E11 | The Let-Down Party

A pirate radio station starts broadcasting every night at midnight. It seems like harmless fun, but could the broadcasts be connected to a thief who targets rare cars?

E12 | Run! The Ichiro Special

Mecha-Doc? More like Mecha-DORK! Ittsan might be a pencil-pusher, but he’s determined to prove he’s one of the Mecha-Doc crew!

E13 | The Great Acrobat Chase!

An acrobat troupe is in town, and its star performer has run away! But the troupe’s devious ringmaster won’t let her go without a fight.

E14 | All Out On the Eisbahn!

The crew members of Mecha-Doc are on their way to Yumegamori Lodge for a little R&R when a Porsche 928 tries to run them off the road.

E15 | Champ, Reborn!

Nachi has gone missing, and people are blaming Jun for his disappearance. Can Jun track Nachi down and make things right?

E16 | Soar, Stunt Car!

With cars wrecked and lives endangered, Jun thinks of stunt driving as nothing more than vehicular heresy… but could a pair of passionate stunt divers change his mind?

E17 | Floor It! The Road to the Port

A job takes Jun into the mountains, where he encounters a broken-down bus – one owned by none other than Sukaroku Wolf!

E18 | Invitation to the Zero-Four Grand Prix

While on a morning jog, Jun is invited to participate in the Zero-Four Grand Prix, a sprint race that offers an incredible cash prize.

E19 | The CR-X Scramble!

Jun’s car has taken flight — and not in a good way. Will he have to watch the Zero-Four Grand Prix from the sidelines, or will an unexpected ally lend a helping hand?

E20 | The Phantom Time of 10.02

The Zero-Four Grand Prix is underway! But can Jun hope to compete with the lightweight vehicles on the track in his heavier car?

E21 | The Blazing Dead Heat

Nachi is Jun’s opponent in the second heat of the Zero-Four Grand Prix, and he just declared that he’ll walk away the victor! Can a last-minute tune-up snag Jun a win?

E22 | The Big End of Dreams

A race in the rain or a race to the finish? It’s both in the epic match between Jun and Nabe in the Zero-Four Grand Prix! And then the race’s mysterious sponsor steps forward…

E23 | Full Throttle! Old Power

It’s a delivery service showdown as the “More Please” Porters face off against Turtle Express. Wait, what’s that about a murderer on the loose!?

E24 | Delivery! The Fugitive's Request

A car thief claimed to be a Mecha-Doc mechanic, and now a detective thinks the shop is in league with the thief! But there’s more to the situation than meets the eye…

E25 | Mecha-Doc Breaks Up!

Mugen Autobahn is headhunting the best tuners from around the world. With a ceramic engine in their arsenal, will Jun be able to resist joining up?

E26 | The Fearsome Mugen Project

The Mugen Project promises to revolutionizes driving — but perhaps Nachi’s new quad-rotor engine has beaten them to the punch!

E27 | Conclusion! The Circuit Grand Prix

Now that Nabe and Mugen Autobahn have joined forces, is there anyone who can hope to challenge them?

E28 | The Tokyo-Nagoya Circuit Sprint!

The Eastern Japan Circuit Grand Prix has begun! Although competition is fierce, Jun has a trick up his sleeve that will help him race to the head of the pack.

E29 | The Secret of Watanabe the God

An incredible battle unfolds on the racetrack between the MR-2 and the Gracer Z, and Jun will need every trick in the book if he wants to overcome the MR-2’s growing lead!

E30 | Flooring the Gas Pedal of Youth!

Nabe’s secret is out, and Jun will pull out all the stops to show the God of Tuning the final race of a lifetime!



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