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Maria Watches Over Us 4th Season

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Season 4 Episode 6 | TV-14 | Premiere: 10/14/2019

An Unexpected Guest

Yumi welcomes an unexpected guest for dinner. But why are they here, and what do they want?

Maria Watches Over Us 4th Season

Season 4 | 13 Episodes

E1 | The School Festival is in Shock

The Yamayuri Council will be putting on a theater production with the help of students from the all-boys Hanadera Academy — much to Sachiko's chagrin.

E2 | An Ordinary Day with Nothing Special About It

Excitement descends up on Lillian Girls' Academy as the day of the school festival finally arrives!

E3 | The Soeur Audition

Yumi and Yoshiko need to find petite soeurs, but making such a momentous decision isn't easy. Perhaps auditioning potential candidates could help!

E4 | Future Little Sister

The kendo competition is fast approaching. Will Yoshino manage to find herself a petite soeur in time to keep her promise to Erika?

E5 | The Red Rose's Sigh

Yumi is thrilled to finally have her date with Sachiko at an amusement park, but the date sours with the arrival of some unexpected party-crashers...

E6 | An Unexpected Guest

Yumi welcomes an unexpected guest for dinner. But why are they here, and what do they want?

E7 | The Blank Map to the Future

It's time for the Yamayuri Council's annual Christmas party! Yumi is in high spirits when both Kanako and Toko attend, but is her good mood destined to last?

E8 | On the Other Side of the Clouded Glass

They say dreams often hold the keys to our waking dilemmas. Yumi can only hope that her dreams have provided her the answers she needs.

E9 | The Masked Actress

The elections for the Yamayuri Council are upon us — but why has Toko, of all people, entered the race?

E10 | The Keychain

Toko's student council ambitions and attitude toward Yumi are the subject of much scrutiny. Meanwhile, another Valentine's Day treasure hunt has been organized!

E11 | Keyhole of the Heart

Keep running away, and one day no one will chase after you. Toko needs to learn this lesson quickly, but certain factors prevent her from being honest.

E12 | Crisscross

The Valentine's Day treasure hunt is underway, and the results of the hunt are surprising indeed — especially for Yumi.

E13 | In Search of You

Yumi is shocked to learn of Toko's private affairs. What will this mean for their relationship, and will Toko ever be completely candid with Yumi?



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