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Majikoi Oh! Samurai Girls

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Season 1 Episode 3 | TV-14 | Premiere: 10/16/2011

Go Crazy For Me, Serously!!

Miyako is willing to do anything to make Yamato hers. Will Yamato be able to dodge all of her advances?

Majikoi Oh! Samurai Girls

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Come at me, seriously!

It's an all out war at Kawakami Academy!  Class 2F goes up against their hated rivals from Class 2S.  Little do they know that there's a wild card in the shadows.

E2 | Complete the mission, seriously!

Someone's stirring up trouble… sexy trouble! A secret mission is on the menu, and the Kazuma family is on the case.

E3 | Go Crazy For Me, Serously!!

Miyako is willing to do anything to make Yamato hers. Will Yamato be able to dodge all of her advances?

E4 | Talk to Me, Seriously!!

In order to avoid Miyako, Yamato attempts to hide in the bath. However, Yamato finds himself in a bind after walking in on someone unexpected.

E5 | Get Mad at Me, Seriously!!

After the humiliation Kokoro endured at the hands of the young strategist, she is dead set on getting revenge.

E6 | Carry It With Me, Seriously!!

Yamato and his friends create an interesting shrine for the annual Kanagawa Festival. Amid the festivities, Yamato meets a strange man who seems to know his father.

E7 | Come with me, seriously!!

Embarrassing photographs were taken during the festival and were distributed worldwide into magazines. Yamato and the girls are tasked to find out who is responsible.

E8 | Explain what's going on, seriously!!

Momo's thirst for battle is about to be quenched as Tachibana decides to take her on in an intense duel!

E9 | Come out to me, seriously!!

Yamato lies severely injured in the hospital surrounded by his friends. Meanwhile, Momo is determined to find Tachibana.

E10 | Go at it with me, seriously!!

The battle rages on between Momo and Tachibana and things don't go well when new players get thrown into the fray.

E11 | Sortie with me, seriously!!

The fight for Yamato continues and none of the girls are willing to back down. Meanwhile, Tachibana is busy announcing her own intentions.

E12 | Love me, seriously!

Yamato and his class face off against their enemy in front of the Prime Minister's residence. Meanwhile, Momo settles things with Tachibana.



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