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Season 1 Episode 22 | TV-14 | Premiere: 8/26/2010

Tag at the Forest School

It's the school field trip, and the class has been tricked into hard work at a temple. The girls are curious about Misa and Hinata, while she has to keep him and Usui apart.


Season 1 | 26 Episodes

E1 | Misa is a Maid-Sama!

Misaki, the iron-fisted student council president, hides a secret: she works in a maid cafe! She's discovered by the most popular guy in school; what's his price for silence?

E2 | Maid-Sama at the School Festival

Misaki's secret is spreading; now the Three Idiots are onto her too! Worse, the school festival's coming, and Class 2-2's about to rebel! One single mistake could expose her!

E3 | What Color is Misaki? Natural Color?

It's Little Sister Day at the cafe. Misaki can't get into the role, but a severe scolding by Honoka makes her turn her act around. Misaki nails the part... until Takumi arrives.

E4 | Net Idol Aoi

The cafe gets a celebrity guest: Aoi, a net idol. She's eager to work in the cafe, much to Satsuki's chagrin. When Takumi helps out in the kitchen, Aoi sets her sights on him!

E5 | First Time Minding the Shop

Satsuki warns Misaki about a group of stalkers targeting cosplay cafes, but she isn't worried. On this night, however, the boss is late and Misaki has to close shop alone.

E6 | Men and the Ayuzawa Cram School

Misaki has new fans at school- the Inuyama brothers. They want to know all about her, but this will reveal her secret. Should she tell them the truth and risk her reputation?

E7 | Enter the Student Council President of Miyabigaoka

Misaki breaks up a fight between students from Seika High and Miyabigaoka Academy. When she brings the Seika students to Miyabigaoka to apologize, Takumi tags along.

E8 | Misaki Goes to Miyabigaoka

Misaki's torn over Miyabigaoka's surprise offer. When she finally goes to give her reply, her friends worry... Seika High wouldn't be where it is today without her.

E9 | Maid Sama Does Momotaro

Takumi narrates a strange retelling of the legend of Momotaro with Misaki as the titular character herself.

E10 | Sakura's Indie-Label Love

Sakura, an avid fan of rock band Yumemishi, is in love with its vocalist Kuuga. She invites her friends to a party with the band, but Kuuga has his eyes on Misaki instead.

E11 | The Secret of Takumi Usui Approaches!

Usui meets Misaki's mom and helps her, and she invites him home for tea. Misaki drags him from her home. When her friends see them leave together, what else would they think?

E12 | Maid Sama and the Sports Festival

It's the Sports Festival, and the boys have decided that the Grand Prize is a kiss from a horrified Sakura. Misaki competes to save her, despite all efforts to disqualify her.

E13 | Idiots and Juveniles and Heroes and...

Aratake, the strongest delinquent in school, can't believe Naoya, a former gang leader, has gone soft; the gang abducts Yukimura, whom they mistake for Naoya's girlfriend.

E14 | Soutarou Kano of Class 1-7

The Student Council plans an open house at Seika High to boost female enrollment. However, a girl-hating freshman, Soutarou, goes to extreme measures to derail their efforts.

E15 | Bespectacled Rabbit at the Open Campus

Soutarou is shocked to find that Misaki was able to outlast his little game. Misaki has a special punishment in mind for the freshman at the upcoming Open House.

E16 | Maid Latte at the Beach House

It's the summer vacation, and the Maid Latte crew has been invited to Satsuki's sister's beach resort. Aoi tags along, too, but why did Satsuki bring Usui?

E17 | Usui Becomes the Enemy

It's the second day of vacation, and Aoi needs Misa's help to win the beach volleyball tournament! The winners are crowned Beach Prince and Princess, so why is Usui competing?

E18 | Maid Sama is a Footman

The Miyabigaoka Student Council aims to buy out Maid Latte and replace it with a butler cafe. The only way for Misa to stop this is to enter the footman auditions in disguise.

E19 | Footmen Through a Change of Pairs

Usui and Misaki must cooperate to succeed in the second round of the footman auditions, but before the third round begins, disaster strikes.

E20 | The Vice President is a Prince?! Aoi and Her Fun Companions

Yukimura's sister loves playing princess but her brother's not princely enough. She's smitten by Prince Usui, so Yukimura arranges a date for them to regain her favor.

E21 | Usui's Rival?! Hinata Shintani

Misaki orders the sports clubs to clean up their club rooms. Meanwhile, a transfer student, Hinata Shintani, arrives and irks Misaki with his childish behavior and gluttony.

E22 | Tag at the Forest School

It's the school field trip, and the class has been tricked into hard work at a temple. The girls are curious about Misa and Hinata, while she has to keep him and Usui apart.

E23 | Maid Latte and a Whole Bunch of Sweets

Dating customers is against cafe policy, but Erika promised one a date if he wins an eating contest. Misa competes to save her, but then Hinata joins, with his sights on her!

E24 | Lovey-Dovey Through Latte Magic

Hinata and Usui's rivalry flares as Hinata tries rekindling childhood memories with Misa. Meanwhile, the cafe holds a Maid Witches cosplay event, but can maid magic help here?

E25 | Hinata and Misaki and Usui

Hinata reminiscences about his past. Maid Latte hosts a Fortune Telling Day and Erika the fortune teller gives Usui a depressing fortune regarding his future with Misaki.

E26 | Too-Cruel Ayuzawa and Usui the Idiot!

At the festival together, Misaki and Usui end up joining the Love Trial. The prize: a ticket to the after-party, and the only rule is that they must hold hands the whole time!



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