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Magical Girl Site

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Season 1 Episode 8 | TV-MA | Premiere: 10/7/2021

Last Summer

The magical girls enjoy some well-deserved RandR at the beach. But it is only the calm before the storm...

Magical Girl Site

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Magical Girl Site

Aya's life is a living Hell, and she faces daily torment from her abusive brother and the school bullies. Unfortunately for Aya, gaining powers doesn't make everything better.

E2 | Tempest

Aya is now a magical girl, but power comes at a price. There are those who will resort to anything to gain it. Even murder...

E3 | The Princess and the Bad Apple

Aya and Tsuyuno need answers, but the Magical Hunter isn't in any condition to talk. Lacking other options, the two magical girls consult her hit list for clues.

E4 | The Replacement and the Transfer Student

A bully survived her encounter with Aya and Tsuyuno. For the sake of revenge, she makes a dark bargain and transforms into the Magical Hunter's replacement.

E5 | Revenge and Resolve

An emboldened Sarina confronts Aya and Tsuyuno. This time, their confrontation will be different; this time, Sarina has powers as well.

E6 | Fake

Kaname and Nijimin unwittingly find common ground, but Nijimin's stalker witnesses the meeting and becomes jealous. Meanwhile, Rena receives an unexpected visitor.

E7 | A United Strategy

Potential allies appear, and Nijimin agrees to help Aya and Tsuyuno. But her help comes at a steep price and the bill comes due sooner than they all think.

E8 | Last Summer

The magical girls enjoy some well-deserved RandR at the beach. But it is only the calm before the storm...

E9 | The Gods Won't Forsake Me

Kaname proves just how dangerous he can be. What hope do the magical girls have when their powers may not be enough to thwart him?

E10 | Breaking

They did not emerge from the confrontation unscathed. Now, they must all deal with the consequences.

E11 | Girls of the Rebellion

The magical girls have had enough; it's time to take the fight to the site administrators.

E12 | We Are...

How are the King and the Tempest connected? What will happen to Aya now that she's suffered such a traumatic loss?



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