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Lupin the 3rd: Part 6

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Season 6 Episode 6 | TV-14 | Premiere: 11/20/2021

The Imperial City Dreams of Thieves, Part 2

More familiar faces appear as Lupin pursues the automaton clock, and soon his quest to go home turns into a far more complicated conspiracy.

Lupin the 3rd: Part 6

Part 6 | 25 Episodes

E0 | Episode 0 - The Times -

AI drones, plastic pistols, new gadgets... times have changed, but Jigen isn't sure he can change with them. Is it finally time to call it quits on his life of crime?

E1 | Enter Sherlock Holmes

Rumor has it the Raven, a secret society with fingers in the British government, guards a treasure — and Lupin aims to collect despite the interference of one Sherlock Holmes.

E2 | Detective and Crook

To proceed with their plans, Lupin and co. need to get that pesky Sherlock Holmes out of the picture, but evading the legendary detective will prove a monumental challenge.

E3 | Adventure Along the (Bogus) Transcontinental Railroad

Lupin's after a historic railway ticket in the possession of Duke Marquis. It'll take teamwork to bring home the prize, but a certain butler wants to get in the way.

E4 | The Killers in the Diner

A pair of twins walk into a restaurant. This isn't the start of a joke, or even a story by Ernest Hemingway — it's the start of the next episode of LUPIN THE 3rd PART 6!

E5 | The Imperial City Dreams of Thieves, Part 1

Something strange is afoot as Lupin finds himself adrift in another place and time. An ancient clock may hold the key to returning home, but getting close to it won't be easy.

E6 | The Imperial City Dreams of Thieves, Part 2

More familiar faces appear as Lupin pursues the automaton clock, and soon his quest to go home turns into a far more complicated conspiracy.

E7 | An Untold Tale

When Sherlock and Lilly are menaced by an air-rifle toting assassin, Lupin teams up with an unlikely ally to keep them safe.

E8 | Last Bullet

With Sherlock out of commission and Lupin unable to show his face, Jigen must intervene when Lily Watson is targeted by a bloodthirsty ghost from Jigen's past.

E9 | The Jet-Black Diamond

At an auction selling a pirate king's legendary treasure, Lupin's target isn't the entire trove of gems up for grabs. No, Lupin is after just one piece of the hoard...

E10 | Darwin's Bird

Lupin and Fujiko need to dig up a certain, infamous fossil, but the truth they uncover is even more ancient than the fossilized bird they've been tasked with obtaining...

E11 | The Truth and The Raven

In the matter of the late Lord Faulkner's connection to the Raven, Sherlock and Lupin have eliminated the impossible. Now only the improbable truth remains.

E12 | The Ghosts of Britain

Interested parties converge on the Raven's treasure in the shadows of the London underground as the true identity of Watson's killer comes to light.

E13 | An Invitation From the Past

An auction of rare items draws Lupin's notice, but he isn't the only one with eyes on the prize. Is this newcomer a formidable stranger, or are they connected to Lupin's past?

E14 | The Mirage Women

A bank robbery abroad becomes a family matter when a rival thief reveals a startling connection to Lupin, but tracking her down may provide more questions than answers.

E15 | Wedding Bells Ring with the Sound of Gunfire

Sometimes the ghosts from our pasts just can't stay dead. Jigen learns this all too well when Lupin's latest scheme targets a bride with a familiar face.

E16 | Samurai Collection

Famed designer Gabby's latest collection will change the face of fashion shows forever — because the face of her work is now none other than Goemon!

E17 | Win or Lose in 0.1 Seconds

Timing matters when the CEO of Wangtic Securities challenges Lupin to test the L System, her purportedly Lupin-proof security system... but what does the 'L' REALLY stand for?

E18 | Fakes Attract Lies Part 1

On the hunt for information about Tomoe, Lupin travels to the tumultuous country of Cotornica. While there, he runs into a familiar but unexpected face.

E19 | Fakes Attract Lies Part 2

Zenigata is behind bars for a crime he didn't commit! His juniors are on the case, but interference in their pursuit of the truth will come from a most unlikely source.

E20 | Two Terrible Ladies

When a con artist friend of Fujiko's proposes a foolproof plan to rip off a cult, it sounds almost too good to be true... but there's more to Amelia's story than meets the eye.

E21 | Welcome to the Island of Bubbles

During an escapade in a seaside town, an imaginative local takes a vested interest in Lupin and company. If only she could be a part of their world...

E22 | My Mother's Documents

As a young woman investigates her mysterious mother's final moments, her discoveries set her on a collision course with a figure from Lupin's past.

E23 | The Memories of a Beloved Witch

Words are powerful. Just a few can change everything. A single sentence, and Lupin is no longer himself... or is he the person he was always meant to be?

E24 | What Crooks Love

Blood may be thicker than water, but is it as thick as thieves? Find out as Fujiko, Goemon and Jigen race to bring Lupin back to himself in the finale of LUPIN THE 3RD PART 6!



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