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Lupin the 3rd: Part 5

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Season 5 Episode 4 | TV-14 | Premiere: 2/20/2020

Zenigata's Pride and the Desert Dust

A deadly scramble commences as one assassin after another tries to collect the reward on Lupin's head.

Lupin the 3rd: Part 5

Part 5 | 24 Episodes

E1 | The Girl in the Twin Towers

In order to steal digital currency from a deep web marketplace called "Marco Polo," Lupin will need to pick a digital lock — and where there's a lock, there's always a key.

E2 | The Lupin Game

The Marco Polo executives have set a trap in the form of the Lupin Game — a game that has people all over the world tracking down Lupin everywhere he goes!

E3 | The Killers Gather in the Wasteland

A new game is afoot. The insidious "Happy Deathday" game has gathered the all-stars of assassination from all over the world. Their target? Lupin, of course!

E4 | Zenigata's Pride and the Desert Dust

A deadly scramble commences as one assassin after another tries to collect the reward on Lupin's head.

E5 | A Crook's Resolve

With the death of its target, the Lupin Game is concluded. But Ami isn't finished with the executives of Marco Polo just yet...

E6 | Lupin VS The Smart Safe

The "Smart Safe" has come to the Greater Tokyo Bank, and with it arrives an unparalleled challenge for Lupin. What can he do against this peculiarly secure safe?

E7 | His Name is Albert

An old friend of Lupin's hires him to steal a forged Picasso from a millionaire art collector, but there is far more to this assignment than meets the eye.

E8 | Who Has the Black Notebook?

An impostor. A notebook. A figure from Lupin's past. How are these elements connected, and how do they involve Lupin's old friend, Gaston?

E9 | The Man Who Abandoned "Lupin"

The contents of Gaston's notebook could turn the tide of politics in an instant. Too bad for Lupin, Albert isn't the only one interested in it what the notebook contains...

E10 | Thief and Thief

Friend turns to foe and back again as Lupin and Albert find a common enemy and plunge headlong into their opponent's treacherous territory!

E11 | Get Pablo's Collection

On New Year's Eve, Lupin comes across an old medal that brings back memories of a past adventure in South America.

E12 | The Extravagance of Goemon Ishikawa XIII

Lupin coerces Goemon into winning the confidence of a young woman named Chloe Cazal, whose valuable necklace attracts unwanted attention.

E13 | The Bow, The Princess, and the Terrorist

Ami makes a strange new friend at the Annecy School for Girls, but Dolma is more than just another boarding school misfit — she's Lupin's latest target!

E14 | How To Steal A Kingdom

The quest for the Bloody Teardrop leads Lupin and company straight into the heart of a burgeoning coup d'etat in the kingdom of Padar.

E15 | Her Relationship With Lupin

Civil war threatens to erupt as the chaos in Padar comes to a violent head. Ami will need all the help she can get to bring Lupin to safety, but can Fujiko truly be trusted?

E16 | Let's Talk About First Loves

The political situation in Padar reaches its boiling point. Meanwhile, Lupin has a princess to steal, and Ami is the key to the entire operation.

E17 | Introducing Detective Jim Barnett III

Count Maupassant's widow has tasked Lupin with finding her husband's killer. The thief now plays the part of a detective, and he has until dawn to solve the mystery.

E18 | Fujiko's Gift

Lupin wakes to plumbing problems, picky eaters and unpredicted guests — just another busy day in the life of the Lupin gang!

E19 | A 7.62mm Mirage

When Lupin is offered an invitation he can't refuse, Jigen must face an old enemy in a deadly sniping duel.

E20 | Zenigata, Gentleman Thief

In a quiet, snowy town on the outskirts of Russia, there are riches for the taking. Too bad an unexpected someone has beaten Lupin to the punch!

E21 | An Outdated Master Thief

A social media site that can predict your every move? Sounds great — unless you're a thief who relies on being unpredictable, that is.

E22 | Answer Me, Zantetsuken

When Fujiko is captured by ShakeHands, Lupin will need the entire team to pull off a daring rescue — but "Peoplelog" has placed doubts in one of his ally's hearts.

E23 | Just Then, An Old Buddy Said Something

If Ami expects a touching reunion with her father, she's setting herself up for disappointment. Help, if it comes, will have to arrive from elsewhere.

E24 | Viva Lupin III

Chaos descends in the wake of Lupin's Peoplelog posts, turning Orig Island into a battlefield — the setting of Lupin's final assault on the ShakeHands headquarters!



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