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Season 4 Episode 14 | TV-14 | Premiere: 4/5/2022

Don't Move the Mona Lisa

Lupin is so broke, he doesn't know what he'll eat tomorrow, so he hatches a plan to steal the Mona Lisa! But it won't be an easy job if Zenigata has anything to say about it.


Part 4 | 26 Episodes

E1 | The Wedding of Lupin III

Inspector Zenigata has received a note from Lupin III, but it's not a new thievery threat — it's a wedding invite! But why does something about this special day seems... shady?

E2 | The Fake Fantasista

Marlow Brozzi, a soccer player, enlists Lupin's help in stealing a medical document from a mobster, but there's more to this story than meets the eye.

E3 | 0.2% Chance of Survival

Lupin finally got his hands on a long-awaited prize, but the victory rings hollow when Jigen is captured by Nyx, a super spy with orders to take down Lupin III!

E4 | With a Gun in My Hand

A toothache leads Jigen to an odd discovery in a ruined town. No guns, and the town is populated by the Living Dead? What exactly is going on here?

E5 | The Magician's Left Hand

A dead magician has left behind the secrets to his famous tricks, and Fujiko aims to get her hands on them... but why? Lupin aims to find out!

E6 | Until the Full Moon Passes

The widow Elena is the only one who knows where her late husband hid his fortune, but as Zenigata protects her from Lupin's gang, she and Zenigata begin to grow closer...

E7 | The Zapping Operation

Secret Agent Nyx's personal life collides with his professional responsibilities when his daughter is kidnapped — and somehow Lupin winds up caught in the middle!

E8 | Welcome to the Haunted Hotel

A treasure is rumored to rest in "The Mansion of the Cursed Bride," where the ghost of a bride reportedly lurks. Naturally, Lupin and the gang pay the creepy castle a visit!

E9 | Requiem for the Assassins

A long-ago assassination comes back to haunt Goemon when a former enemy returns to take revenge. Good thing Goeman has old allies to lean on for aid...

E10 | The Lovesick Pig

When Lupin is invited by both Fujiko and Rebecca to a couples-only wine auction party, a bidding war over a certain wine turns the party into a battlefield!

E11 | The Dream of Italy, Part 1

Rebecca is kidnapped by British Secret Service Agent MI6, and Lupin must rescue her! But what does all of this have to do with the mysterious "Dream of Italy"?

E12 | The Dream of Italy, Part 2

Lupin ends up in a world where it's impossible to discern dreams from reality. Is this the "Dream of Italy"?!

E13 | The End of Lupin III

Lupin has been arrested and imprisoned. He's tried everything he could to escape, but Zenigata stops him every time. Has the end of Lupin III come at last?

E14 | Don't Move the Mona Lisa

Lupin is so broke, he doesn't know what he'll eat tomorrow, so he hatches a plan to steal the Mona Lisa! But it won't be an easy job if Zenigata has anything to say about it.

E15 | High School Undercover!

Lupin enters a school disguised as a teacher to find a famous diamond, but the situation quickly becomes a powder keg when he uncovers a perilous plot amongst the teachers.

E16 | Lupin's Day Off

Lupin, Jigen, and Goemon decide to forget about work for the day and go eat some tasty sushi, but wait. Why is there a dog in their car!? Some day off this turned out to be...

E17 | The Murdering Marionette

Suspicion mounts when Lupin's gang begins to suspect one of its members is being puppeteered by a man known for completing all of his kills within 24 hours.

E18 | The First Supper

A portrait of Lupin appears at a fashion show in Milan. Portraits of Jigen and Goemon show up, too. Is this some sort of challenge? The trio heads to Milan to find out.

E19 | Dragons Sleep Soundly

Nyx's former boss wants him to recover the "Dragon's Tail," which has been stolen. Lupin III is also gunning for it... but what exactly is this mysterious thing, anyway?

E20 | To Hear You Sing Again

Lupin has stolen the famed Nora Anita's beloved car, but Zenigata won't make a move for fear of damaging the priceless automobile. Where the heck is Lupin headed in it?!

E21 | From Japan with Love

While in Italy, Lupin gets a call from someone claiming to have kidnapped Fujiko. Who is behind this unthinkable abduction, and what do they want from Lupin?

E22 | I'm Going to Get You, Lupin

Lipstick-marked declarations of theft show up throughout the city, and they all bear the same message: "Tonight I'm going to get you, Lupin III!"

E23 | World Dissection Part 1

Leonardo Da Vinci (yes, really) will soon unveil his latest work! Its title is "World Harmony"... and as soon as he made his announcement, everyone in the country fell asleep.

E24 | World Dissection, Part 2

In order to save Rebecca, Lupin must travel into her mind, but Da Vinci's control runs deeper than anyone realizes...

E25 | Venice of the Dead

Rebecca and Lupin have unfinished business, but before they can put pen to paper, they're interrupted by some very unwelcome (not to mention undead) guests.

E26 | Nonstop Rendezvous

On his way to save Rebecca from runaway fans, Lupin and Zenigata wind up handcuffed to one another! They'll have to work together to get out of this in one piece.



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