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Lupin the 3rd - Part 3

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Season 3 Episode 10 | TV-MA | Premiere: 10/23/2022

A Treasure That Smells Like a Trap

A newspaper delivers a message for Lupin from the great beyond, but the treasure it promises is very much of this world!

Lupin the 3rd - Part 3

Part 3 | 50 Episodes

E1 | The Gold Is Beckoning Lupin

The fortune of Al Capone is up for grabs after his death, but Lupin and the gang aren't the only ones interested in claiming the treasure for themselves.

E2 | Expose the Great Trap

Inspector Zenigata has crafted an out-of-this-world scheme to ensnare Lupin, but Lupin has a few tricks up his sleeve that may send Zenigata's plans crashing back to earth.

E3 | Hello, Hell's Angel

Lupin is on the hunt for the late Malcolm Hurst's angel paintings. A young lady named Flora may know exactly where to find them.

E4 | Telepathy is Love's Signal

Anchors aweigh! Lupin and Jigen are after a pirate's treasure when a band of female pirates use a captured Fujiko to take the wind out of their scheme's sails.

E5 | Goemon, the Invincible

Lupin travels to South Africa with friends to retrieve a nautical map that will lead them to treasures untold.

E6 | Here Comes Lupin in a Tank

Jigen reunites with the man who taught him to perform a quick draw, but not all is well with his old friend.

E7 | Garb, the Grim Reaper

One of Fujiko's (many) jilted former partners returns with revenge on his mind and an uncanny ability in his arsenal.

E8 | Operation Mother Mary Getaway

A cult in Alaska takes Lupin's impish reputation a little too literally, believing him to be the devil himself!

E9 | Clones Will Cost You

Lupin's stinky feet lead him step by step into the hands of a doctor with one foot in the door of some unsavory scientific practices.

E10 | A Treasure That Smells Like a Trap

A newspaper delivers a message for Lupin from the great beyond, but the treasure it promises is very much of this world!

E11 | The Ruby Sheds Tears of Blood

Some people say you can't squeeze blood from a stone. Those people have never heard of the Dracula Heart ruby.

E12 | The Prisoners Inside the Baltan Manor

Lupin steals a painting of familial significance, but a shocking discovery soon sets him on the hunt for the real deal.

E13 | Musical Variation of Monkey Business

A party hosted by the wealthy Madame Luisa promises riches galore, but the party soon blasts off in a most unexpected way!

E14 | Care to Play a Kidnapping Game?

Lupin is after a hefty ransom, but the kidnapping's unlikely perpetrator is playing a more convoluted game than Lupin realizes.

E15 | The Killer Comes Silently

Lupin recruits unusual assistance in his quest for an ancient treasure, but his gang's new member will need some training before they set out.

E16 | A Golden Apple Has Its Poison

Inspector Zenigata thinks Lupin is after the Golden Apple, a pricey fruit soon to enter the Big Apple aboard a luxury cruise liner... because Lupin and Jigen are aboard, too!

E17 | Are You Really Getting Married?

Wedding bells are ringing... or at least they will be once Lupin steals the ICPO's gold!

E18 | Showtime Smells of Death

A babe from Broadway wants to see her name in lights, and she thinks working with Lupin is the ticket to staging her next career breakthrough!

E19 | Walk The Wilderness Of Betrayal

Liar, liar, pants on fire! Lupin may have finally met someone who tells more tall tales than he does...

E20 | The Man Who Erased His Past

Old foe, new face. Rivalry burns eternal when a former enemy returns, prompting Lupin to seek revenge for a past slight.

E21 | Farewell, Golden Legend

Lupin stole a legendary crystal. He's pretty sure the archaeologist he just kidnapped would tell him, "It belongs in a museum!"

E22 | Fire Doesn't Suit A Diamond

The price of diamonds is soaring, and who's to blame? People say it's Lupin III!

E23 | Operation Beirut Mobile Bank Heist

The safest bank in the world happens to be located in the most dangerous place in the world, and that sounds like a perfect challenge for Lupin!

E24 | Rest In Peace, My Friend

Lupin's latest adversary has employed someone from Goemon's past to interfere with their latest caper, promising very specific payment in exchange for his violent services.

E25 | We're No Angels

Zenigata and Lupin want the Dove's Egg jewels for very different reasons, pitting them head-to-head in the ultimate test of their specialized skills!

E26 | The Ghost of New York

While his friends chase after a golden pinball machine, Goemon goes fishing. But what he drags from the depths of the Hudson River isn't the catch he had in mind...

E27 | Code Name is The Star of Alaska

The CIA, the KGB, and Lupin III are all after the same thing: the Star of Alaska, AKA Lupin's chosen engagement ring for Fujiko!

E28 | The Star of Alaska Is a Ticket to Hell

The Star of Alaska holds an unexpected treasure in its heart, and Lupin will have to go against the grain to get his hands on it.

E29 | A Honeymoon to the Moon

Now that he's locked down Fujiko as his bride, it's time for Lupin to plan an out-of-this-world honeymoon!

E30 | The Name of the Cocktail Is Revenge

Cocktails on a rainy evening may spell the perfect recipe for revenge — a drink best served cold.

E31 | Reversal, Reversal, and Another Reversal

Lupin and the gang just stole a priceless Renoir...but this first theft was just a precursor of the legendary heist to come!

E32 | The 10 Million Dollar Key

Is it a stretch to ask Lupin III to steal the president's limousine? Not if the price is right!

E33 | Boy Genius Plays a Dangerous Game

On his quest to secure major drip from a jewelry store, Lupin encounters a young genius whose aquatic invention could turn the tide of industry forever!

E34 | Manhattan Crisis

Will Lupin get his hands on a mafia treasure trove, or will he wind up sleeping with the fishes at the bottom of the Hudson?

E35 | The Target Beyond the Snowy Field

There are five tons of gold under the Fontaubert Bank... Correction: There WERE five tons of gold under the Fontaubert Bank. Someone beat Lupin to the punch!

E36 | When the Eagle Descends

Love and larceny collide when a routine double-cross transforms into a complicated affair of the heart!

E37 | Pops Rages with Anger

Lupin's gone too far. Zenigata has had enough. It's time to take the master thief down — once and for all.

E38 | Letizia Who Loved Me

Goemon's in jail for a crime he didn't commit. It's fishy if you ask Lupin, but he'll give an arm and a leg to break his friend out!

E39 | Give the Gold to My Rival

Zenigata is in trouble with his superiors after "Lupin" stole the gold under his watch, but it wasn't Lupin, and he's determined to prove it!

E40 | Lottery Ticket Mayhem

Never leave it to chance if you can rely on skill. With a huge jackpot on the line, Lupin won't let the luck of the draw determine his financial fate!

E41 | The Night Under Martial Law

Lupin and company aim to take advantage of civil unrest to make off with a distracted dictator's treasure trove. But wait—what just happened to Jigen!?

E42 | Steal the Pyramid's Insurance Money

This week, Lupin takes pyramid schemes literally!

E43 | Farewell, Cinderella

An actress-turned-monarch has died, and Fujiko intends to prove the queen's husband, the king, had her killed.

E44 | Our Daddy is a Theif

Midway through an epic heist, Lupin is accused of... being someone's dad!? Uh oh.

E45 | A Toast to the Con Game

Lupin got his hands on the key to an uncrackable safe, but he's not the only one who wants it!

E46 | My Scrap Metal Wings

Lupin, Jigen and Goemon are stranded on a deserted island after Fujiko's betrayal.

E47 | The Sinuous Painting

Before his murder, Ken's father painted a map leading to vast riches. Now, Goemon must help the youth retrieve the painting.

E48 | Hades' Tears

The Hades' Tear diamond is a fake! But just because it's made of glass doesn't mean it's worthless...

E49 | The Day Pops was Adopted

The only thing standing in the way of Lupin and a diamond is Inspector Zenigata!

E50 | Destroy Ivanov, the Atomic Submarine

Lupin and the gang may have bitten off more than they could chew when they stole that nuclear submarine; they're now caught between the CIA and the KGB!



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