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Lupin the 3rd - Part 2

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Season 2 Episode 72 | TV-MA | Premiere: 8/20/2022

A Skateboard Murder Mystery

Just as Lupin closes in on a legendary sapphire, he stumbles upon a violent scene that throws a wrench in his carefully laid plans.

Lupin the 3rd - Part 2

Part 2 | 155 Episodes

E1 | Lupin the Third's Gallant Appearance

A mysterious invitation has Lupin written all over it... but as Jigen, Goemon and Fujiko try to reunite with their old ally, they realize something strange is afoot.

E2 | Wads of Bills Blossomed in the Rio Sunset

A soccer match kicks off in Brazil, but Lupin and the gang are more interested in scoring the money from the ticket sales than in the teams scoring goals on the field.

E3 | Hitler's Legacy

One of Hitler's former subordinates is said to know the truth of the horrible legacy the dictator left behind, but he'll need to cross the Berlin Wall to spill the secret.

E4 | I Can Hear Nessie's Singing

A monster lurks in the depths of Loch Ness, but it's not the mythical beast befriending Fujiko. Doctor Oz has nefarious plans for Nessie, and it's up to the gang to stop him!

E5 | I'll Teach You How to Transport Gold Bars

A heist of the impenetrable Swiss Bank drives Lupin up the wall when a clever con veers wildly off course. Keep on trucking, Lupin!

E6 | Will the Leaning Tower of Pisa Be Standing?

A mad scientist is holding the Leaning Tower of Pisa for ransom! If the Italian government pays up, he'll be filthy rich... unless Lupin can steal the ransom for himself, first.

E7 | Tutankhamen's 3,000-Year-Old Curse

Lupin is in the business of stealing loot, not returning antiquities to their rightful resting place... but when he steals a cursed mask, it's time for him to switch playbooks.

E8 | Venetian Super Express

A crime boss's treasure trove is making its way across the continent, and Lupin is right on track to pull off the heist of a lifetime!

E9 | Would You Like Ukiyo-e Blues?

In the ultimate test of his artistic skill, the grandson of a master painter needs Lupin's to swap one of his lookalike paintings in for his grandfather's original.

E10 | Steal the File M123

The clock is ticking when a clever foe tricks Lupin into doing his dirty work - and if he refuses, it'll be Fujiko's life on the line!

E11 | Bet on the Monaco Grand Prix!

The odds are stacked against him when Lupin gambles away his money (and his sweet ride) right before the Grand Prix in Monaco!

E12 | A Gift for the President

Napoleon's last bottle of Bordeaux is headed for the Unites States for the holidays, but if Lupin has his way, he'll put that bottle under his own Christmas tree this year!

E13 | The Great Chase in San Francisco

When Zenigata starts seeing Lupin everywhere, he consults the professionals for help. But perhaps his paranoia isn't totally unfounded, after all...

E14 | Big Adventure of the Caribbean Sea

The world's richest man left Fujiko a ruby in his will, but when she contracts a mysterious fever, Lupin will have to return the ruby to its rightful place to cure her.

E15 | Renowned Detectives in the Sky

Lupin races against the clock to steal the Dracula's Tear from aboard the Hendenburg before they land at a certain airstrip, where the police are lying in wait.

E16 | Two-Faced Lupin

Lupin isn't acting like himself. Could a condition called "transformation sickness" be making him commit such lowbrow crimes?

E17 | Target the Oil Dollars

Blackmail is ugly work, and that's before you add bombs into the mix. Can Lupin and Fujiko expose a double-crossing man of mystery for who he really is?

E18 | Black Panther

Lupin wants to steal a legendary emerald for Fujiko's birthday, but through a series of unforeseen events, he'll wind up facing the naked truth...

E19 | Can the 10-Year Vault Be Broken?

After cracking one too many safes, Lupin must face the ultimate test of his thieving skills - and this time, his life is on the line.

E20 | Cornered Lupin

All Lupin wanted was a ruby. Instead he got a terrible dictator hot on his heels and with murder on his mind!

E21 | Goemon's Revenge

Goemon is out for revenge against his master's former pupil, Jinen, but there's just one problem: Jinen got himself thrown in jail to stay out of Goemon's reach!

E22 | Explore the Mysterious Women's Palace

While on a treasure hunt, Lupin finds paradise on earth! But there's something fishy about this mansion full of beautiful women, and Jigen is determined to find out what.

E23 | A Witch in the Fourth Dimension

Lupin is feeling down in the dumps without Fujiko around, but when she reappears to offer a test with an unbelievable reward, Lupin leaps into action to secure the prize!

E24 | The Phantom Thief Rat Boy Appears!

An ancestral ally appears to offer Goemon a chance to right a generations-old wrong. The catch? It means facing off against Inspector Zenigata!

E25 | Encounter with the Deadly Iron Lizard

An inescapable prison protected by Iron Lizards presents a unique challenge to Lupin and the gang when Fujiko is taken captive by the jail's fiendish warden.

E26 | A Rose and a Pistol

In Barcelona, Jigen hits it off with a local lady, but there's more to his new flame than her very pretty face...

E27 | Where Did the Cinderella Stamp Go?

The Cinderella Shadow stamp can supposedly transform its owner into royalty, and Lupin isn't the only person who wants to get his hands on the majestic item.

E28 | Female Detective Melon

Lupin is out to steal money from every last bank in Paris! Who's on the case? Well, it isn't Zenigata this time around...

E29 | Electric Pigeon Tactics

Dubious characters are after Lupin's coveted Mid-air Float Technique! But what does this have to do with Fujiko's new lover, X No.8?

E30 | The Wind in Morocco Is Hot

Lupin was just conscripted into an army against his will, but luckily he isn't alone in his efforts to escape! Can Lupin and Zenigata work together to fight for freedom?

E31 | Shoot into the Midnight Sun

Lupin is seeing double in Stockholm this summer! A pair of twins hold the key to a secret treasure, but it will take some clever planning on Lupin's part to access it.

E32 | Lupin Dies Twice

There's a ruthless hitman after Lupin, and Fujiko thinks she can save Lupin by... getting him arrested!? With friends like Fujiko, who needs enemies?

E33 | To Whom Orion's Crown Belongs

Five interested parties converge on a pilfered crown set to be auctioned off at a secret rendezvous! Who will be crowned the victor in this game of thievery?

E34 | Lupin Who Turned into a Vampire

In a certain village in Japan, Christ himself was said to wash ashore. Now his vampiric twin sister is raising hell in this holy land!

E35 | Pursue the Gorilla Gang

When a band of gorillas steal a pearl (and Fujiko!) from under Lupin's nose, he finds himself on an unexpected rescue mission, but not everything is as it seems...

E36 | Uncover the Secret of Tsukikage Castle

To uncover the secret riches within Tsukikage Castle, Lupin III and his gang of thieves must crack a mysterious code!

E37 | The Hidden Gold of Genghis Khan

While Lupin and Jigen track down Genghis Khan's buried treasure Mongolia, Fujiko and Goemon cross paths over an ancient sword.

E38 | The Sweet Trap of ICPO

Watch out, Lupin. You may have met your match, because if a very determined Fujiko helps catch you, the ICPO chief will wipe her record clean!

E39 | Diamonds Disappeared Under the Hong Kong Sky

Lupin and Jigen's mistakes come home to roost when the ship they were targeting contains something other than the cargo of diamonds they were banking on...

E40 | Operation Missile-Jack

Surprise! That's not diamonds in that briefcase, and now Lupin's reputation is on the line and he tracks down the real goods.

E41 | Search for the Treasure of Princess Kaguya

Lupin loses a bet and must now put his skills to the test to collect the tears of a mythical yeti!

E42 | Lupin Has Become a Bride

Lupin needs some way onto Onabess' boat. If the only ones allowed aboard are beautiful women, then the solution is obvious: Lupin shall become a beautiful woman himself!

E43 | Where are the Peking Man's Bones?

Zenigata finally has Lupin right where he wants him! That is, until a man helps Lupin escape in exchange for finding a certain woman.

E44 | The Vanished Special Armored Truck

Inspector Penguin is confident the special armored truck is unstoppable! But Zenigata knows how determined Lupin is and makes plans of his own.

E45 | Murder Smells Like Wine

Lupin's latest heist was a success! Or was it? Mulligan knows who stole his precious jewels and hires Hangman to get them back.

E46 | Lupin Is Available to the Highest Bidder

After being purchased at auction, Lupin, Jigen and Fujiko are dumped on a totally deserted island... if you don't count the murderous cyborgs lying in wait for them, that is!

E47 | Her Majesty's Bumbling Inspectors

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again! After one botched attempt, Lupin will have a second chance to nab a royal crown at Princess Mary's wedding.

E48 | Lupin Laughs at the Alarm Bell

A super-sensitive alarm system pushes Lupin's skills to the limit when he tries to rob the Metropolitan Bank.

E49 | A Pretty Woman Has Venom

Lupin has been getting close to a woman named Jacqueline. Jigen and Goemon want nothing to do with the situation, but Fujiko has ulterior motives for Lupin's new friend...

E50 | The Lupin I Loved, Part One

While trying to save Fujiko from kidnappers, Lupin finds himself stumbling into an unexpected reunion with a figure from his past.

E51 | The Lupin I Loved, Part Two

As Lupin resurrects an old relationship, an army of undead solider rises from the grave to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting populace!

E52 | Emmanuelle Whispers Like an Angel

Deep in the Thai jungle, Fujiko seeks the secret to eternal youth. But she isn't the only one with her eyes on this prize, and her opponent boasts a legendary legacy!

E53 | The Maniacal Fantomas Mark III

To save Fujiko, Lupin must give up the world's largest ruby, but the villain behind this dreadful deal wants to use the gem to enact an even more nefarious agenda!

E54 | Detective Hanshichi - The Tenth-Year Engagement

An old foe of Lupin's resumes the chase, eager for one last shot at taking down the legendary thief.

E55 | Shower of Cherry Blossoms: Mysterious Gang of Five (Part 1)

Lupin just completed off an unheard-of heist, but when a rival gang pulls a fast one on him, he'll have to pull out all the stops to reclaim victory.

E56 | Shower of Cherry Blossoms: Mysterious Gang of Five (Part 2)

Goemon and Lupin face off while the Shiranami Five put their diabolical plan into action, but Lupin isn't the only one whose friend has turned foe...

E57 | Computer or Lupin?

When Inspector Zenigata indulges in a moment of weakness, he'll need Lupin's help to make things right again.

E58 | The Face of Goodbye at the National Border

A heist at a ballet ends in a mad dash for freedom when Jigen takes a runaway ballerina under his gun-toting wing.

E59 | The Mysterious World of Madam X

Fujiko has a larger-than-life personality - and now she's just larger than life, literally! What in the world is happening, and who is behind this bizarre stunt!?

E60 | Suicide Flowers Bloom in India

A sinister invention threatens the lives of all who come in contact with it, including Lupin.

E61 | The Flying Zantetsuken

A band of spurious individuals want Goemon's invincible sword Zantetsuken for themselves, and they've hired none other than Fujiko to divest the samurai of his beloved weapon!

E62 | The Sound of the Devil's Bell Calls for Lupin

Jigen and Goemon need Lupin's help, but there's something off about the pair of them. Just who is Sister Labina, and what has she done to Lupin's friends!?

E63 | A Trap for a Trap!

Lupin just stole a ton of money from a generous man and shot Fujiko point blank! Why does it seem like this Lupin isn't behaving like the REAL Lupin?

E64 | Christmas is in the Goddess's Hands

Lupin and the gang reluctantly take on jewelry legend Tiffany's robust security system, and if that wasn't tough enough, they must pull off the heist on live TV!

E65 | Lupin's Enemy is Lupin

If Lupin and his friends can rescue a princess from her kidnappers, they'll be treated to endless curry, but this seemingly delicious task covers a darker agenda...

E66 | Order: Shoot to Kill!!

While Zenigata is out of the picture, Lupin gets some much-needed RandR, but his peaceful respite has just been rudely interrupted!

E67 | Lupin's Great Journey to the West

Kimasan (a mysterious, isolated nation) is rumored to harbor vast hoards of treasure, but a gigantic surprise awaits Lupin and his gang across the border.

E68 | Casino Island - Inversion After Inversion

When a wealthy casino owner runs for president, Lupin sets his sights on stealing his campaign funds.

E69 | The Woman Pops Fell In Love With

The wife of a murdered political fixer turns to Zenigata for help, but will the pair be able to keep things professional in the face of their growing feelings?

E70 | A Classical Thief and a Myna

Wait, did Jigen and Goemon REALLY just surrender themselves to the FBI? Has their life of crime come to an end so soon!? Or is this just the start of a grander scheme...?

E71 | Lupin vs. the Shinsengumi

A golden cannon lies at the bottom of the Tsugaru Strait, but a bit of deep water never stopped Lupin's gang from pulling off a daring caper!

E72 | A Skateboard Murder Mystery

Just as Lupin closes in on a legendary sapphire, he stumbles upon a violent scene that throws a wrench in his carefully laid plans.

E73 | Through Flowers or Storms: The Thieves' Race

This year, Lupin and Jigen hope to pull off the hat-trick of winning the Thieves Olympic for the third time in a row!

E74 | Terror of the Chameleon Man

Lupin just made off with an enormous diamond, but it turns out his successful heist was all part of someone else's big plan to cut the jewel down to size!

E75 | A Wedding Dress Doesn't Suit Fujiko

Lupin and Fujiko enact a complicated plot to nab a jewelry collection, but their target has dastardly designs of his own they must contend with.

E76 | Do You Know Shakespeare?

A figure from Jigen's past calls for aid in a distant country, where not everything (or everyone) is as it seems.

E77 | Arresting Lupin With Astrology

The future is a mystery — unless you're Marianne, Lupin's psychic rival who can read the future in her crystal ball.

E78 | Diamonds Shining in the Robot's Eye

Fujiko just discovered the prize of a lifetime: a robot that creates diamonds!

E79 | The Lupin Funeral March

Lupin's latest target: a diamond-encrusted conductor's baton. Lupin's latest challenge: the baton's owner, a musician whose music inspires people to attack Lupin on sight!

E80 | The Last Gift in Prison is Cup Ramen

Lupin has a new target, but there's a problem. The money he's after is located beneath a high-security prison!

E81 | Fujiko, Men Are a Sorry Lot!

Wedding bells are ringing for Fujiko, but Lupin hears the toll of a different bell — one made of pure gold.

E82 | Rescuing Pops

The tables turn when Lupin finds himself heading up a rescue mission. The person he's rescuing? None other than Inspector Zenigata!

E83 | Lupin's Big Western

A company of hitmen need to get the word out about their business, but how exactly do you advertise murder-for-hire? The answer may be on the silver screen!

E84 | Leave the Revenge to Lupin

After a botched job, Jigen's former mentor turns to his past pupil in need of assistance.

E85 | The ICPO's Secret Plan

A Mafia boss's ailing daughter has a dream, and her boyfriend will make sure it comes true... especially since Fujiko persuaded Lupin and company to lend a hand.

E86 | The Mysterious Nocturnal Mask

ICPO recruits a ringer by the name of Conan Dorill, a mystery author, to help Zenigata nail the mysterious Nightlight Mask.

E87 | When the Devil Calls to Lupin

A mysterious figure drops off an even more mysterious package on Lupin's doorstep, kicking off a series of events straight out of Lupin's nightmares!

E88 | Lupin's North Pole, South Pole Adventure

The key to success in Lupin's next heist? Penguins. Yes, really. It's the only thing that will put Fujiko off the scent of the Vatican Crown!

E89 | Play the Thief's Symphony

A diabolical safe that sends any who attempt to crack it to the afterlife? Sounds like the perfect challenge for the world-famous thrill-seeker Lupin III!

E90 | Bad Guys Make the Worst Crooks

A crime boss's masquerade ball hides more than just the faces in attendance. This party harbors a dark secret, one Lupin is about to experience firsthand.

E91 | The Time-Traveling Girl

A web of deception ensnares Lupin when he rescues a young, amnesiac girl from the Red Spider, a secret organization with unknown objectives.

E92 | The Madam and the Robber's Quartet

Lupin's old teacher left behind both a grieving widow and a hairy situation for Lupin, who's sworn to help the widow get her husband's stuff back from the police!

E93 | Invading the Great Wall

A miracle elixir can impart knowledge to those who drink it, but will it be enough to help Lupin escape his latest kerfuffle?

E94 | Lupin vs. Superman

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a... it's a really strange way to pull off a heist, to be honest. Lupin investigates the bizarre stunt, because seeing is NOT believing.

E95 | From the Ghost Ship with Love

A stolen statue. A ghost ship. The Bermuda Triangle. Bizarre? Yes. But it's par for the course for Lupin III!

E96 | Lupin's Gourmet World

Lupin's genius mind has been the subject of interest for many, but Baron Gourmel wants his brain to satisfy one particularly gruesome desire...

E97 | Find Lupin the First's Treasure

Lupin just learned the location of his grandfather's secret treasure! But others conspire to nab the treasure first, and they aren't above assassination to get it.

E98 | The Day Pops Was Gone

Disaster during a jewelry heist puts Zenigata in the crosshairs of a mysterious foe, and officials think Fujiko and Goemon are to blame.

E99 | The Scattered Magnum

Two roads diverge. Jigen follows the path of the gun.

E100 | The Ultra Train Heist Plan

A long-ago heist wreaks havoc on the present when a certain crime of Lupin's grandfather at last comes to light.

E101 | Versailles, Burning with Love

Lupin strikes a deal with the power-hungry Black Lily Clique, but not all involved parties are committed to honoring the terms of the agreement.

E102 | Lupin, Do You Like Chanel?

Someone took Jigen's beloved gun, and now there will be hell to pay for this most heinous act.

E103 | The Wolf Saw an Angel

Lupin and a man named Harry Satler are both after the jewels on display at the Los Angeles World Fair, but Lupin's rival isn't what he imagined.

E104 | The Most Dangerous Golden Bed

At Fujiko's insistent behest, Lupin tries to steal a golden bed owned by an extremely dangerous person. It's deadly work, but Lupin made his bed, and now he must lie in it!

E105 | The Mystery of Demon's Head Island

While visiting a purportedly haunted battleground, Fujiko is kidnapped! Do Lupin and the gang stand a ghost of a chance in getting her back?

E106 | You're the Cat, I'm the Fish

A mix-up in the newspaper sends Lupin on a mission to steal... a cat with a questionable diet? What the heck!?

E107 | The Curse of the Wedding Ring

Ironically, the Hope Diamond casts most who obtain it into the pits of despair. Can Lupin avoid misfortune after Fujiko persuades him to take the jewel for himself?

E108 | Zantetsuken's Lament

Not even a well-deserved vacation can keep Goemon off the path of the sword! But the person messing with his straw practice dummies might be able to trip him up a little bit...

E109 | Lupin's Toughest Fight Ever

Lupin faces down a hitman in a deadly competition, but the hitman, Tiger, is no ordinary opponent... and Fujiko's freedom is on the line!

E110 | Fujiko's Candid Photo

When authorities take drastic measures to locate a camera that can take photos of the future, Zenigata finds himself pushed to his breaking point.

E111 | Is the Invaders Safe Open?

One of Jigen's old associates comes calling with an unusual request (and an infuriating way of speaking to Jigen).

E112 | Goemon's Close Call

Goemon must stay strong under extreme torture to keep the secret of Lupin's greatest weakness under wraps.

E113 | Operation Chushingura

A disgraced officer joins forces with Zenigata in a last-ditch effort to take down Lupin III.

E114 | The Secret of the First Supper

We've heard of "The Last Supper" painting, but what about "The First Supper"? The painting hides a clue to an incredible treasure!

E115 | Mona Lisa Smiles Twice

The ultimate prize of the art world is on the move, and Lupin has his heart set on acquiring the painting for himself. But the Mona Lisa's smile bodes ill...

E116 | When's the 108th Bell?

New Year's bells are tolling, and Lupin's last heist of the year faces incredible obstacles. Will Lupin drop the ball on the year's final caper?

E117 | The Bubble Gum Disguise Plan

Chewing special bubblegum promises a killer disguise, but Lupin's deal to get his hands on the incomparable candy hasn't gelled just yet...

E118 | Diamonds in the Southern Cross

Lupin's helicopter is shot out of the sky as it flies to the location of legendary loot. Who the heck is behind this startling airborne upset!?

E119 | Lupin Killed Lupin

When a double-crossing Fujiko is injured in the aftermath of a bank robbery, she lets slip to Lupin the whereabouts of her most prized treasure.

E120 | Frankenstein Attacks Lupin

A secret society contacting the dead to locate hidden treasure? It's more likely than you think!

E121 | The Treasure My Grandpa Left Behind

Lupin sets off to nab the family jewels, but the current owners have their eye on the ball and won't let them go so easily...

E122 | A Rare Find: Napoleon's Fortune

Bullets? Grenades? Mortars? Nah. This gun fires PIES, and it's gonna bring down Lupin III!

E123 | A Thief in Paris

Ah, young love. Turns out Lupin can steal unexpecting hearts as well as treasure.

E124 | 1999: A Popcorn Odyssey

Professor Pancho loves corn! He can't imagine a more beautiful thing. He can tell you all about it—specifically about his popcorn machine that can solve food supply issues!

E125 | The Oil Dollar Scheme

Lupin will need ice in his veins to pass a deadly test and save Fujiko, but the real challenge awaits on the other side of this acidic contest.

E126 | Together with Lupin to Hell

Jewelry (and Lupin's life!) is on the line after Fujiko and Lady Black place a lethal wager.

E127 | Direct Hit! The Beanball Strategy

After ripping off a casino, Lupin and the gang must step up to the plate to evade an entire team of brainwashed baseball players intent on taking his life!

E128 | Lupin and an Old Lady's Theft Contest

It's one thing for newspapers to report on Lupin's capers. It's another thing entirely for them to make reports AHEAD OF TIME. How are they getting such an exclusive scoop!?

E129 | Man's Gentle Soul Was Seen in Jigen

Stolen paintings, coup d'etats, a woman on the run... visiting the country of Janaica will be no picnic for Lupin and the gang, and that goes double for Jigen.

E130 | Lupin vs. The Two-faced Oddball

Surrealist artist Monsieur Dare's masterpiece is missing! Inspector Magrey claims Lupin is behind the theft, but not everything is as it seems in the world of surrealism...

E131 | Two Goemons: The Mystery of Zantetsuken

Goemon is implicated in a deadly robbery, but is he truly to blame? Looks like Goemon has a score to settle...

E132 | The Himalayan Sacred Mountain Thieves' Cult

Lupin gets the short end of the stick when his cache of Napoleon's riches is stolen by a member of a mysterious cult.

E133 | Keep Your Hands Off the Hot Treasure

Treasure at the heart of a volcano poses a piping hot problem for Lupin!

E134 | Operation: Arrest Lupin at the Peak

On a tip from Fujiko, Lupin poses as a boiler room worker to steal a trove of top-quality South African diamonds from a dangerous syndicate, but there's a catch...

E135 | Poison, Magic, and Lupin the Third

An impulsive heist at Fujiko's urging takes an unexpected turn.

E136 | Revenge of the Golden Butterfly

Why is a butterfly worth nearly 10 million francs?

E137 | Magnificent Team-Play Tactics

Inspector Zenigata finally comes out on top and arrests Lupin and his gang! But not everything is as it seems...

E138 | Pompeii's Treasure and the Venomous Snakes

No one has ever laid their hands on Pompeii's treasure. But Lupin doesn't see an impossibility; he sees a challenge.

E139 | Steal Everything from Lupin

A millionaire wishes to reclaim his youth by transplanting his brain into Lupin's body!

E140 | The Wolf Runs and the Pig Rolls

Salmon Whitney is a foodie, a scientist, and a diamond mining exec. Lupin wants to steal from this renaissance man, but someone may have beaten him to the punch.

E141 | 1980 Moscow Revelation

A diamond chandelier hangs from the ceiling of the Kremlin Palace — but not for much longer if Lupin has his way!

E142 | The Disappearing Favorite at the Grand Race

Lupin may have put the cart before the horse when he made a bet with one of Jigen's gambling pals.

E143 | Anniversary of the Miami Bank Robbery

A bank claims Lupin recently announced his intentions to rob them! The problem? Lupin never said anything of the sort. What exactly is going on!?

E144 | Fujiko's Close-Call Rescue Mission

It's Fujiko's party and she'll cry if she wants to... especially since she just got kidnapped!

E145 | Albatross, The Wings of Death

Fujiko has an explosive gift for Lupin and the gang, and it's about to blast their plans for the day sky-high!

E146 | Lupin's Splendid Defeat

Lupin vs... a drug-enhanced eight-year-old thief!? This'll be liking taking candy from a... well, you know the rest.

E147 | The Mermaid That Disappeared in the Midnight Sun

Is that a mermaid statue, or a statue of Fujiko? It's both, and it's Lupin's next target!

E148 | The Target is 555 Meters Away

To get up close and personal with a diamond auction, Lupin must rely on Jigen's long-range abilities in the ultimate sharpshooting challenge.

E149 | Mecca's Treasure Wore a Veil

Lawrence of Arabia's daughter guards the treasure of Muhammad from thieves, but she's not the only obstacle keeping Lupin at bay.

E150 | Piano Symphony "Zoo"

Lupin must face a musical new take on the "impossible bottle" problem when he sets his sights on stealing the Jovich Grand Piano.

E151 | The Highway Operation to Arrest Lupin

With brand new tech on his side, it's finally time for Zenigata to put a stop to Lupin's antics once and for all!

E152 | Jigen, a Hat, and a Pistol

Rivals want to eliminate Jigen so the sharpshooter can't collect a colossal reward. So what do they target? Jigen's beloved hats!

E153 | The Bills From God

This time, Lupin won't just steal from Zenigata. He'll take the entire ICPO down! Or at least he'll still all their money...

E154 | The Hexagon's Great Legacy

What is the secret of the town of Grand Hexagon? You'll Nazi it coming.

E155 | Farewell, O Dearest Lupin

Wait, was that a ROBOT robbing a jewelry store? Something strange is afoot, and it's not just the mechanical menace stalking the streets of Tokyo. Lupin III is on the case!



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