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Lupin the 3rd - Part 1

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Season 1 Episode 1 | TV-14 | Premiere: 12/23/2021

Is Lupin Burning?!

Lupin III is supposedly the star of this series, but if Scorpion has anything to say about it, Lupin will soon be the star of nothing more than his own funeral!

Lupin the 3rd - Part 1

Part 1 | 23 Episodes

E1 | Is Lupin Burning?!

Lupin III is supposedly the star of this series, but if Scorpion has anything to say about it, Lupin will soon be the star of nothing more than his own funeral!

E2 | The Man They Called a Magician

It's master thief vs. master magic user when Lupin III faces off against a top-notch magician named Pycal, the man with the burning hands who's set his sights on Fujijko.

E3 | Farewell, My Beloved Witch

A pleasure cruise turns perilous when Lupin III and Fujiko meet a mysterious woman with a shocking connection to a sought-after scientist.

E4 | One Chance for a Prison Break

Zenigata has finally captured Lupin III... supposedly. Jigen thinks Lupin's incarceration is a farce, but there's only one way to find out for sure what game Lupin is playing.

E5 | The Coming of Goemon the 13th

Goemon Ishikawa XIII, descendant of an infamous samurai, has one goal: to find and eliminate Lupin III... but there's more to his mission than meets the eye.

E6 | Rainy Afternoons are Dangerous!

Lupin and Fujiko are both after a diamond called the Star of Kilimanjaro. It's time to stop playing games and cut to the heart of the matter... literally.

E7 | One Wolf Calls Another

A matter of pride propels Lupin to target a set of scrolls detailing the process for creating a special sword, but what's sharper — Goemon's blade or Fujiko's cunning?

E8 | The Gang's-All-Here Playing Card Strategy

A rich man's birthday party presents Lupin with the golden opportunity to steal a set of cards once owned by Napoleon. Will Lupin's plans succeed or come up short?

E9 | A Hitman Sings the Blues

Lupin and company are out to steal the blueprints for an advanced computer, but they didn't work Fujiko meeting an old ally into their calculations...

E10 | Target the Cash Counterfeiter!

When Lupin pursues his next target, Baron Ukraine puts a certain obstacle in his way. Will the sight of a friend turned foe make Lupin flinch?

E11 | When the Seventh Bridge Falls

Someone is pretending to be Lupin! Lupin and Jigen must track the imposter down, but the phony's objectives make it tough to put an end to the charade.

E12 | Who Had the Last Laugh?

With friends like these, who needs enemies? Fujiko and Lupin become arch rivals when they race up a snowy mountain to nab a pair of golden statues!

E13 | Beware the Time Machine!

Revenge is a dish best served hundreds of years in advance — or at least that's what a time-traveler out for Lupin's head insists!

E14 | The Emerald's Secret

Wedding bells ring for Lupin and Fujiko, but they're not after holy matrimony. Each of them wants to elope with a certain wedding gift, but only one can have a happy ending.

E15 | Let's Catch Lupin and Go to Europe

The clock is ticking on Inspector Zenigata's latest attempt to apprehend the master thief Lupin III! And to make matters worse, he must work this case alone... or so he thinks.

E16 | Operation: Jewelry Snatch

A few pointed words from Fujiko send Lupin on a diamond-stealing caper, but Jigen knows full well Fujiko is up to her old tricks. Too bad Lupin won't listen...

E17 | Lupin, Caught in a Trap

An invitation to a fancy nightclub leads to a blow-up of epic proportions when the club's sexy owner makes Lupin, Fujiko and Jigen an explosive offer they can't refuse.

E18 | Keep an Eye on the Beauty Contest

Beauty contest or sales venue for stolen artwork? It's both when a thief uses a pageant as a front to sell his pilfered paintings.

E19 | Which Third-Generation Will Win?!

With reputation on the line, Lupin goes head-to-head with the grandson of a family rival. Lupin is confident he'll win, but he should remember that pride goeth before a fall...

E20 | Catch the Phony Lupin!

No man is an island — not even Lupin III. And ESPECIALLY not Lupin III once he discovers an entire island of thieves!

E21 | Rescue the Tomboy!

Rie thinks she's safe with a family friend, so when Lupin shows up to "rescue" her, it'll take a lot of explaining to set the record straight and get her out of harm's way.

E22 | The First-Move-Wins Computer Operation!

Lupin III, bested by a machine? Ha! Not on Lupin's watch. If the police really think Lupin can be caught by a computer, he'll prove them wrong in style!

E23 | The Big Golden Showdown

Zenigata has had it up to HERE with Lupin's shenanigans. It's time to put it all on the table in one final showdown, winner takes all!



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