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Love Flops

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Season 1 Episode 5 | TV-MA | Premiere: 11/9/2022

A Bone-Shakingly Fine Woman

Bai Mongfa is a beloved teacher, but she has a past that's about to catch up with her.

Love Flops

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Don't Get So Grabby, You Clumsy Oaf!

Some love stories begin after a single, fated encounter on the way to school. Asahi is lucky (or unlucky) enough to have five of them.

E2 | I Figure We All Have Our Own Pleasures and Predilections

Asahi's weird day gets even weirder when he suddenly finds himself the target of multiple romantic advances! It's official: he has absolutely no idea what's going on.

E3 | No! Not There! Not Like That!

Amelia is an exchange student with a problem: she can't write the native language.

E4 | Wow! It's Huge!

Ilya has a secret Asahi cannot find out about, but how long will it take for the truth to come out? In the end, Ilya has an important decision to make.

E5 | A Bone-Shakingly Fine Woman

Bai Mongfa is a beloved teacher, but she has a past that's about to catch up with her.

E6 | No Balls! N-No Dick Either...

A strange flying object attacks Asahi, but he's saved just in time by a magical girl! Unfortunately, this incident is the prelude of a horrible invasion...

E7 | I'll Charge a Snooze Fee

Although Asahi and the others enjoy the summer seaside to their hearts' content, something is wrong; so very wrong...

E8 | People Don't Like It If You're Early, But They Hate it If You're Late Too

Everything's different when Asahi wakes up the next morning. Regardless of how he feels, it's time to face reality.

E9 | Your Mom's Inviting You For Some Baby Roleplay

Asahi must decide what happens next.

E10 | Yup, It's Risky to Go in Raw, Rubber

Asahi reunites with the others, but they can't celebrate just yet; a struggle beyond anything they've imagined awaits.

E11 | I'm Glad I Got to Meet You

Time is in short supply to those who need it the most.

E12 | Could You At Least Put Some Undies On?

The price was high, but Asahi has finally reached Aoi. Now, the only thing left is for her to lead him to Ai.



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