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Love, Election & Chocolate

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Season 1 Episode 11 | TV-14 | Premiere: 9/13/2013


Yuki learns that someone in his camp is a spy. Later, Chisato and Yuki make amends and try to move forward.

Love, Election & Chocolate

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E8 | The Truth

While stuck in the girls' dormitory with Satsuki, Yuki learns more about her family and her sister, Hazuki.

E1 | Disbanding the Club!

It's time for Student President elections, this time around the frontrunner means to disband all non essential clubs! What does thismean for other clubs?

E2 | Running in the Election!

Yuki’s ability to run for student council isn’t the only thing on his mind; he is optimistic that the season of love has finally come.

E3 | Strategy!

Yuki blazes through the campaign trail in order to secure enough votes to win the primary election.

E4 | Funding!

The FRC laments the high cost of running in an election and finally comes up with a plan to earn the necessary funds.

E5 | Festivities!

The primary election begins, but Yuki isn't the only one competing. A cosplay contest determines who win a chance to be closer with Yuki.

E6 | Counting Votes

A slip-up, literally, is the only thing that prevents Yuki from delivering the wrong speech. Later, Team Yuki waits patiently while all the votes are counted.

E7 | The Camp

Yuki finds out that even he just made it past the preliminaries, they're still short on votes for the next part.

E9 | Accident

A quick glimpse into Chisato's dreams reveals the nightmare she lives with every day. Later, Yuki proclaims that he will endorse a new anti-bullying policy.

E10 | Entangled

Chisato is devastated by Yuki's close call. Yuki is warned to avoid anti-bullying rhetoric in his campaign.

E11 | Search!

Yuki learns that someone in his camp is a spy. Later, Chisato and Yuki make amends and try to move forward.

E12 | Voting!

Yuki awakes after the assault to find Chisato missing. After a wild goose chase around the city, President Mouri comes to his aid unexpectedly.



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