Lone Wolf and Cub

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Season 3 Episode 59 | TV-MA | Premiere: 1/2/2019

The Five Ninja Flowers

The Lone Wolf wanders, cutting down any bounty hunter in his path. Now, it is Akane’s turn. If she fails, her sisters must succeed in her place.

Lone Wolf and Cub

Season 3 | 26 Episodes

E53 | The Wolf Extinguishers Seek Immortality

Retsudo has powerful friends, including the Shogun himself. To deal with Itto once and for all, the Shogun places the Guards of the Black Gate under Retsudo’s command.

E54 | Wet Nurse's Parasol

The magistrate increases the reward for the Lone Wolf’s head when bounty hunters demand a higher price for such a dangerous target.

E55 | A Tomorrow that Shall Never Come

A failed ambush plays right into Ryuza’s hands. Can Itto survive the bounty hunter’s “genuine hell”? Meanwhile, Torizo cross paths with Itto once again.

E56 | Silken Cloud

Itto regularly accepts assassination requests, but rarely does he receive a cancelation. What does the Yagyu have to do with it and what is the extent of their influence?

E57 | A Mother's Taste

Osen is determined to escape a Yakuza-run brothel. Will an encounter with the Lone Wolf finally give her the chance she seeks?

E58 | Your Life is Mine

Believing that the Daijoji clan is acting under the orders of the Yagyu, Itto attempts to avoid needless bloodshed. But is that a luxury an assassin can afford?

E59 | The Five Ninja Flowers

The Lone Wolf wanders, cutting down any bounty hunter in his path. Now, it is Akane’s turn. If she fails, her sisters must succeed in her place.

E60 | Season of Death

An old woman finds a small boy trying to catch fish by the shore. She teaches him how only to discover the boy wanted to feed his sick father, who is known as the Lone Wolf.

E61 | The Coarse Man and the Adulteress

People always have a reason for their actions. Some desire to save others. Others desire to save themselves. As for Itto? There is only the grudge.

E62 | Guide Along the Line Between Life and Death

The latest plan to ensnare the Lone Wolf involves restricting the number of bounty hunters sent after him.

E63 | Daigoro and the Flower of Happiness

Legend tells of a flower that would bring happiness to any who picked it. However, can there be any happiness for Miyo?

E64 | Buei School of Gunnery

Sakai would rather sacrifice his lands than have his men senselessly cut down by the Lone Wolf in someone else’s crusade. It is precisely for that reason he must now die.

E65 | The Moon in the Depths of the Heart

Itto’s inevitable journey to Edo is nearing its end, but there are only a few routes left that he can take. His enemies know this and prepare...

E66 | Omens Good and Bad

An intentional snub signals that The Shogun’s patience towards Retsudo is wearing thin. With only 10 days to kill Itto, Retsudo hatches a plan with an unlikely ally.

E67 | The Monstrous Abe

Oshun and Abe prepare to snare Itto and Daigoro in their trap. They don’t care how far they have to go or whom they have to hurt!

E68 | Wildfire

Abe learns the truth and takes matters into his own hands as Retsudo schemes. Meanwhile, Itto runs into a lordless samurai.

E69 | Cloaked in a Scent

Cornered and desperate, Abe flees from Retsudo’s wrath. The poisoner’s only hope? Assassinating Itto before his pursuer catches up.

E70 | The Father, the Son, and the Grenade

Itto and Retsudo’s paths will cross at the Haccho river. Will that be where their fates are finally decided?

E71 | Light on the River of Blood

The floodgates are opened, and the city of Edo is in danger. In the face of such a catastrophic threat, two mortal enemies are forced to work together.

E72 | The Day of the Awaited Duel

Abe watches as Itto and Retsudo resume their duel, hoping the poison he applied to their swords will finish them off. What will the two do when they realize this treachery?

E73 | Perhaps Arriving Dead

Retsudo is summoned to face the shogun. Meanwhile, the bounty on Itto’s head may have been rescinded, but that doesn’t mean everyone will tolerate his presence.

E74 | Fathers and Sons

Itto waits while Retsudo is on trial. Meanwhile, the Grass starts mobilizing...

E75 | Battle in the Shadows

No matter what Abe does, Retsudo somehow finds a way to foil his assassination attempts. Abe may have the upper hand for now, but Retsudo is a patient man…

E76 | The Guardian

Itto and Daigoro’s paths cross with a man known as Bunshichi. What’s his reason for stealing all that money?

E77 | The Waves and the Flutes

The fate of the Yagyu and the Grass are intertwined; One cannot exist without the other. It is for that reason the Grass launches one, final attempt on Itto’s life.

E78 | Arms

Itto has long straddled the line between life and death, but it is not a path one can follow forever. In the end, on which side of the line will Itto finally find himself?



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