Lone Wolf and Cub

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Season 2 Episode 33 | TV-MA | Premiere: 7/4/2018

If the Wolf Comes

While Daigoro suffers from an illness that distracts Itto, a group of desperate villages conspire to kill the Lone Wolf and Cub in order to pay off their taxes.

Lone Wolf and Cub

Season 2 | 26 Episodes

E27 | The Hojiro Yagyu

With his three legitimate heirs dead, Retsudo Yagyu plots to impregnate his illegitimate daughter while sending her brother to fight Itto.

E28 | A Dark Southern Wind

In honor of a woman who saved his son’s life, Itto goes to assist a group of farmers who have been conscripted by the ruthless Lord Ichige and his brother.

E29 | The Yagyu Five-Pronged Technique

With no warriors left who are capable of beating Itto physically, the Yagyu resort to coercing a ninja to use the secret five prong technique against the Lone Wolf.

E30 | Waiting in the Rain

Itto is hired by a Clan Lord to kill a spy who seduced and impregnated his daughter, while Daigoro befriends the woman’s now four year old son.

E31 | Midwinter Arrival

To carry out an assassination, Itto must pose as a new head clerk… and to do that he must leave Diagoro alone in a cave during the middle of winter.

E32 | The Camouflage Kid

Itto is betrayed by an employer and forced to spend many days on the run before he can return to Daigoro, forcing the three year old to fend for himself.

E33 | If the Wolf Comes

While Daigoro suffers from an illness that distracts Itto, a group of desperate villages conspire to kill the Lone Wolf and Cub in order to pay off their taxes.

E34 | Japanese Silver-Leaf

A dogged Police officer tries to solve the mystery of why a Samurai’s daughter became a prostitute and hired Itto to kill a loan shark and his wife.

E35 | A Woman's Castle

A prospective employer sends 5 sword masters men in search of the Lone Wolf & Cub. To learn what the actual assignment is, Itto must find and slay all five.

E36 | The Day to Drive Away Evil Spirits

Itto faces an ethical dilemma when he is asked to assassinate a beloved local doctor who many believe to be a living incarnation of the Buddah.

E37 | Whistle like the Wind

Against the will of her clan, a woman hires Itto to kill three legendary guardsmen who are escorting her brother to Edo for trial.

E38 | The Bell Ringer, Genshichi Tsuji

Genshichi Tsuji wishes to test the dedication of his three successors and hires Itto in secret to cut off their right arms.

E39 | The Red Cat Beckons

The authorities respond to a robbery and capture Itto. Giving a false name, he is quickly tried and sentenced. Why is he so willing to go to prison?

E40 | The Organization of Terror

The brazen criminal activities of those under a samurai’s employ can no longer be tolerated. To stop their reign of terror, Itto is hired to eliminate the gang’s leadership.

E41 | Breaking Heated Stones

Itto is hired to eliminate a man’s ex-fiancee, but there’s a catch: She must take her own life in penance.

E42 | 7 Ri Runner

Jinza carries messages of such importance he is authorized to kill those who stand in his way. If Otoshi is so desperate to end his life, why would he spare her?

E43 | Mamesho the Policeman

Mamesho and his daughter, Chie, are on a journey. On their travels, they find themselves repeatedly crossing paths with Itto and Daigoro. Is this a sign of things to come?

E44 | Drifting Lanterns

Itto and Daigoro come across a starving Kinpachi on the road. Daigoro offers him food, but could this act set off an unforeseen chain of events?

E45 | The Winter Dream

One does not become an assassin without making enemies. That is the reality Itto faces when a lord issued orders that his life be taken.

E46 | The Female Inspector

Conspirators hire Itto when an attempt on Lady Onami’s life fails. How will they execute their plan with her cunning wits and bodyguards in the way?

E47 | The Women of Sodeshi

Itto terminates a secret agent, but before the man dies, he asks the Lone Wolf for a request that will take the assassin to a village where only women live.

E48 | The Zanbato of the Suio School

The Mito clan have little recourse but to hire Itto to dispose of Mondo Bessho for his political views. But what will Itto do when the clan plans on killing him as well?

E49 | The Funeral Before Death

The kojunin have a ritual where they bury their best swordsmen alive. For what purpose does this serve and what does it mean for those left behind?

E50 | The Sick Star

When Itto fails to return, Daigoro goes searching for his father. When an old woman comes to his aid, will she end up taking him in as her own?

E51 | Thirteen Strings

Itto saves the life of a young child by dismounting Lady Kanae from her stampeding horse. When he refuses to apologize for his actions, she vows not to forget the insult.

E52 | Sayaka

Sayaka burns with hatred over the death of her brother, Shobei. When Retsudo orders her to take Itto’s life, she eagerly accepts the vengeful mission.



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