Log Horizon

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Season 1 Episode 14 | TV-14 | Premiere: 1/4/2014

World Fraction

Shiroe and Akatsuki meet with Regan of Miral Lake and learn the intricacies of the Elder Tale world. Elsewhere, Minori tries to take charge.

Log Horizon

Season 1 | 25 Episodes

E1 | The Apocalypse

Shiroe finds himself trapped within the MMORPG Elder Tale, and soon realizes that he's not alone. Together with two of his game friends, they set out to look for answers.

E2 | The Battle of Loka

Shiroe and his party encounter a group of Pkers - Player Killers. Later, they embark on a rescue mission together.

E3 | The Depths of Palm

In order to avoid a fight with wyverns, Shiroe and his party journey through the Depths of Palm, and run into a Nova Expansion Boss Monster.

E4 | Escape

Shiroe and his party meet up with Serara and his old friend Nyanta. As they attempt to escape Susukino, Demikas and his gang interfere at the gates.

E5 | Return to Akihabara

After rescuing Serara, the party heads back to Akihabara, learning new quirks about the world around them as they travel.

E6 | Resolve

A strange atmosphere has befallen Akihabara. As lower level players are being farmed for items, Shiroe contemplates his next move.

E7 | Crescent Moon

Shiroe's Log Horizon, along with the Crescent Moon Guild, open up a food stand, serving up real food to reach their 5 million gold goal.

E8 | Villain in Glasses

Shiroe's plan is coming together. Next step: funding. The three biggest merchant guilds are invited to discuss how to raise money by offering a slice of the Crescent Moon pie.

E9 | Round Table Conference

Shiroe has gathered all the major guilds for a roundtable conference to discuss the state of Akihabara. The Villain in Glasses throws a curveball into the meeting.

E10 | Grab it in Your Hand

With the Round Table Conference being a huge success, a probable new enemy appears that no one quite expected.

E11 | An Invitation from Eastal

The Kingdom of Eastal invited Shiroe and the Round Table to a dinner. Crescent Moon holds a training camp at the beach.

E12 | The Forest of Lagranda

The Round Table meet with delegates from Eastal and try to feel out their motives. Meanwhile, Minori and her group of young adventurers take on their first dungeon.

E13 | Shield and Freedom

Crusty uses Princess Lennessia as a "shield", disguising himself among the People of the Land. Akatsuki and Shiroe learn more about the NPC's intents.

E14 | World Fraction

Shiroe and Akatsuki meet with Regan of Miral Lake and learn the intricacies of the Elder Tale world. Elsewhere, Minori tries to take charge.

E15 | Attack

Minori helps her group of young adventurers maximize their potential in battle. Elsewhere, Shiroe ponders the consequences of repeated deaths and memory loss.

E16 | Return of the Goblin King

The horde of monsters are a result of a new Goblin King being crowned. Shiroe and the others decide what must be done to protect the People of the Land.

E17 | A Lazy, Cowardly Princess

As the Goblin King's troops drawing ever closer to one of the League's cities, the People of the Land representatives discover a startling truth.

E18 | Expeditionary Force

Princess Lennessia, clad in full battle regalia, personally requests aide from the Adventurers. As the goblin menace approaches, the Adventurers prepare for battle.

E19 | Chasing After Them

As Crusty leads the Vanguard into the heart of the goblin horde, a different kind battle rages near Choushi, where Minori and her party desperately fight off a monster swell.

E20 | Contract

With Rundel in critical condition, Shiroe attempts a new type of magic that has the potential to change the world.

E21 | The Two of Us Shall Waltz

The Adventurers and People of the Land celebrate the impending victory over the Goblin King. Shiroe happens upon new information that could have grave consequences.

E22 | Swallow and Young Starling

The Scale Festival is today, and both Minori, and Akatsuki want to take Shiroe to an all you can eat cake buffet. Things quickly go south for poor Shiroe!

E23 | Student of the Mage

Shiroe decides to let his guard down and enjoy the Scale Festival while it lasts. While the celebrations continue, a new enemy emerges to threaten Akihabara.

E24 | Chaos

The People of the Land continue to harass and impede the Adventurers throughout Akihabara. Shiroe can't seem to find any rhyme or reason for this attack.

E25 | The Scale Festival

A new threat appears from the West as Shiroe contains the disturbances from the People of the Land. An alliance between Akihabara and the Western city of Minori is suggested.



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