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Little Busters! Refrain

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Season 2 Episode 4 | TV-14 | Premiere: 10/27/2012

Riki and Rin

Riki can't help but contemplate a possible relationship with Rin. Rin, being Rin, beats him to the punch.

Little Busters! Refrain

Season 2 | 13 Episodes

E1 | It Struck Without Warning

The Little Busters hold a pancake party after their first real game. Later, jealousy gets the best of one girl, and Kud ends up a victim of revenge.

E2 | It was Raining Back Then, Too

The boys scheme to get Riki to confess to Kurugaya with a fireworks displays, while Riki continues to have feelings of de ja vu.

E3 | I Wanted to Stay Here Forever

Riki continues to relive June 20th in a neverending loop. With no end in sight, he goes to Kurugaya for help.

E4 | Riki and Rin

Riki can't help but contemplate a possible relationship with Rin. Rin, being Rin, beats him to the punch.

E5 | The Final Task

With Riki and Rin still figuring out their budding relationship, a life changing event takes place that puts into question into question for Riki.

E6 | After the Escape

Kyousuke's true intentions for Rin come to light. Riki refuses to accept this truth and goes in search for answers.

E7 | May 13

Riki tries to bring back Rin's candid smile, and decides that they should form a baseball team as a way of growing friendships.

E8 | Proof of the Strongest

Masato sets out to prove he is the strongest, destroying everyone in his path. Riki and Rin try to get him to join the Little Busters.

E9 | A Friend's Tears

Rin, Riki and Masato try to convince Kengo to join. Knowing that he wont be able to defeat him at his own game, Riki challenges Kengo to a baseball game.

E10 | And Now, I Repeat It All

Kyousuke looks back upon his successes and failures in trying to make Rin and Riki as strong as possible.

E11 | The End of the World

With everything they've ever known crumbling around them, Kyousuke reveals the secret behind their world and his true intentions for Riki and Rin.

E12 | One Wish

Riki and Rin return to the real world, both refusing to let their friends go, and both dealing with it in their own ways.

E13 | The Little Busters

A race against time to save their friends lies before Riki and Rin, but thanks to Kyousuke, they may be strong enough to take the challenge head on.



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