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Legend of the Galactic Heroes Gaiden

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Season 2 Episode 18 | TV-14 | Premiere: 3/15/2018

Silver-White Valley: Kapitel IV

Reinhard von Musel, acting oblivious to Herder's attempts to murder him, tells him to attack the Free Alliance outpost as a counterattack.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes Gaiden

Season 2 | 52 Episodes

E1 | The Hero of El Facil

Sub-lieutenant Yang is reminiscing about the past. As the battle between the Free Planets Alliance and the Galactic Empire intensifies, he's put in a difficult position.

E2 | The Hero's New Assignment

Yang Wen-li skyrockets to fame and gets a promotion to Lieutenant for his bravery in the civilian evacuation.

E3 | Profile of the Heroes

Yang Wen-li digs deeper into his investigation and begins his review of the history of the Year 730 Mafia.

E4 | A Modest Journey Into the Past

Yang Wen-li reminisces about his days in the Free Planets Alliance Officer Academy. Meanwhile, he continues to look into the circumstances surrounding Bruce Ashbey's death.

E5 | The Man Beloved of the Goddess of Time ~ Record of the Second Battle of Tiamat (Part One)~

In the Second Battle of Tiamat, we see the Alliance Fleet under the overall command of Admiral Bruce Ashbey and the famed year 730 Mafia.

E6 | Death of the Hero ~ Record of the Second Battle of Tiamat (Part Two) ~

In continuation, the Alliance Fleet and Imperial Fleet engages each other again. Bruce Ashbey exploits in the battle seem to be his undoing.

E7 | Between Mourning and Military Clothes

Yang Wen-li attends the funeral. Meanwhile, he discusses the Year 730 Mafia with someone of the attendees. He later finds out he has been reassigned.

E8 | Prison Planet

After his reassignment to the planet Econia in the Thanatos Starzone, a prisoner of war camp, Yang Wen-li meets some veterans of the Second Battle of Tiamat.

E9 | Prisoners and Hostages

A prisoner takes some Free Alliance officers hostage. Yeng Wen-li is ordered to turn himself in to the prisoner for the safe return of the hostages.

E10 | Microscopic Insurrection

Yang Wen-li starts to uncover more about the camp. Captain Barnaby Costea fears this and begins a cleansing of the rebelling prisoners, hoping to kill him in the crossfire.

E11 | The Hero of Econia

Mruai is sent down to assess the situation in the Ecoia Internment Camp. Captain Barnaby Costea is later found guilty and is imprisoned.

E12 | Thread From the Past

Yang Wen-li transfers out of Econia alongside Fyodor Patrichev. Yang Wen-li is told another story about the Second Battle of Tiamat and sparks his interest.

E13 | The End of One Journey

After Christopf von Köfenhiller untimely death, Yang Wen-li and Fyodor Patrichev arrange the funeral and bid their farewells. Yang Wen-li continues his investigation.

E14 | Journey in Search of an Exit

Yang Wen-li investigation finally comes to an end when he presents his information on the alleged murder of Free Planets Alliance war hero Bruce Ashbey.

E15 | Silver-White Valley: Kapitel I

After graduation from military preparatory school, Reinhard von Musel and Siegfried Kircheis are both posted to the planet Kapche-Lanka as their first assignment.

E16 | Silver-White Valley: Kapitel II

Reinhard von Musel and Siegfried Kircheis are dispatched to do a survey deep into the planet Kapche-Lanka all by themselves.

E17 | Silver-White Valley: Kapitel III

After a successful ambush, Reinhard von Musel and Siegfried Kircheis find out information about an upcoming Alliance surprise attack on the base.

E18 | Silver-White Valley: Kapitel IV

Reinhard von Musel, acting oblivious to Herder's attempts to murder him, tells him to attack the Free Alliance outpost as a counterattack.

E19 | The Mutineer: Kapitel I

After their transfer out Kapche-Lanka, Reinhard von Musel and Siegfried Kircheis are assigned to the destroyer Hameln II.

E20 | The Mutineer: Kapitel II

Hameln II is ambushed and struck first by an Alliance squadron. The resulting damage injured the captain. Reinhard von Musel gains command.

E21 | The Mutineer: Kapitel III

Lieutenant Bertram plans to self-destruct the destroyer Hameln II and die honorably. Reinhard von Musel and Siegfried Kircheis have other plans.

E22 | The Mutineer: Kapitel IV

Both Reinhard von Musel and Siegfried Kircheis proceed to with the plan and Lieutenant Bertram volunteers on a risky mission.

E23 | The Duelist: Kapitel I

Reinhard von Musel and Siegfried Kircheis are assigned to the Investigation Department of the Imperial Ministry of Military Affairs in Odin.

E24 | The Duelist: Kapitel II

News of Reinhard participating in the dual spreads through high society. Meanwhile, an assassin is given the perfect opportunity.

E25 | The Duelist: Kapitel III

The duel begins, and both respective agents of the Schafhausen and Herxheimer families are weary. Missing their first shots things go downhill.

E26 | The Duelist: Kapitel IV

The assassin challenges Reinhard to another duel. Reinhard accepts the challenge as he was also dissatisfied with the results.

E27 | The Retriever: Kapitel I

Reinhard has the mission of tracking down and apprehending Count Herxheimer after his appointment as captain.

E28 | The Retriever: Kapitel II

Reinhard successfully infiltrates the Free Planets Alliance space undetected. He comes into contact with Herxheimer's ship.

E29 | The Retriever: Kapitel III

The Hassliche Entlein manages to destroy the pursuing Alliance ship. Reinhard tries to strike a deal with count's ten-year-old daughter.

E30 | The Retriever: Kapitel IV

Margareta is allowed to defect to the Free Planets Alliances, and Reinhard learns some harsh truths.

E31 | Dream of the Morning, Song of Night: Kapitel I

Both Reinhard von Musel and Siegfried Kircheis are waiting for their next assignment and decide their alma matter.

E32 | Dream of the Morning, Song of Night: Kapitel II

Reinhard and Kircheis start to investigate the death of Karl von Reifeisen, and must dorm in their alma matter. Reinhard finds it hard to forget the past.

E33 | Dream of the Morning, Song of Night: Kapitel III

At the funeral, Reinhard notes that Haase's eulogy is formal but has no emotional worth. Another murder occurs.

E34 | Dream of the Morning, Song of Night: Kapitel IV

After the death of two victims, Reinhard and Kircheis start to recount the events that led up to the murders.

E35 | The Battle of the Van-Fleet Stellar Region

The Imperial forces clash, in the Van-Fleet Starzone, against the Alliance troops. Reinhard lament the incompetence of both forces as he is obliged to watch.

E36 | Drei Rot

The Battle of Van-Fleet Starzone is at a standstill with neither side standing down. Both sides start expeditions to plan their next move.

E37 | Refugees

Walter von Schönkopf sends a reconnaissance mission to find his superior. He must work against time to plan an adequate defense against an Imperial attack.

E38 | Bloodstained April

Hermann von Luneburg and Reinhard von Musel are preparing for the next assault by the Alliance. Reinhard has a hard time accepting Luneburg's leadership.

E39 | A Dangerous Man

The Imperial forces continue to batter the Alliance's rear support base and can't seem to break through their defenses.

E40 | Chronicle of the Aftermath of a Free-For-All

After some time, the Imperial forces finally break through the Alliance's rear support base. Reinhard captures the commander of the base.

E41 | Early Summer, Strong Wind

Luneburg is trying lobby against Reinhard. Ovlesser rebuffs his attempts as his dislike Luneburg runs deeper.

E42 | Candidate to Succeed the Household of a Count

Siegfried Kircheis reminisces about his childhood. Meanwhile, Reinhard starts to move up in the Imperial Empire.

E43 | Night of the Party

Reinhard and Luneburg get into an altercation but is restrained. Reinhard finds out more Luneburg's past.

E44 | Truth is the Daughter of Time

Reinhard von Musel and Siegfried Kircheis go to Iserlohn Fortress. The Free Planets Alliance prepare a large-scale attack on the fortress.

E45 | The Sixth Battle of Iserlohn

The Sixth Battle of Iserlohn begins. With the battlefield constantly shifting, Reinhard makes some discoveries.

E46 | A Hundred Billion Stars, a Single Ambition

Yang Wen-li advises a retreat but his plea goes unheard. Meanwhile, Reinhard wants to deal a fatal blow to the Alliance fleet.

E47 | The Third Tiamat Battle: Kapitel I

The Galactic Empire announces a large scale military campaign against the Free Planets Alliance. The Alliance prepares for battle.

E48 | The Third Tiamat Battle: Kapitel II

As the battle continues, Willem Holland continues to dominate the battlefield until Reinhard outmaneuvers him and quickly makes work of the 11th fleet.

E49 | Disgrace: Kapitel I

Kircheis goes on vacation to Kreuznach III, but nothing goes as planned as he is drawn into an investigation.

E50 | Disgrace: Kapitel II

Kircheis receives an invitation and goes to the designated area. He learns about Keyserling past and why he's at the resort.

E51 | Disgrace: Kapitel III

Kircheis is suspicious of Keyserling's friend who claims to only just arrived. In the meantime, he tails a suspicious looking man only to be ambushed.

E52 | Disgrace: Kapitel IV

Kricheis figures out the true master mind behind the thyoxin trafficking organization. With neither Keyserling nor Basel's wife to testify Kircheis is stumped.



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