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Season 1 Episode 5 | TV-MA | Premiere: 5/1/2008


On a Sunday afternoon, Murasaki is engrossed by the ferocity with which Shinkuro trains.


Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Extreme Night

Shinkuro Kurenai is approached with an assignment to protect a mysterious girl named Murasaki Kuhoin. Despite having concerns for leaving Murasaki alone, Shinkuro goes to school. However, when he returns, Murasaki cannot be found...

E2 | With a Dream and a Stream

A worried Shinkuro constantly calls the missing Murasaki who is not answering her phone. When he finally gets through, the voice on the other end is not Murasaki's.

E3 | Face of an Imposter

While exploring her new school, Murasaki meets Yuno and quickly becomes suspicious of her. Meanwhile, Shinkuro takes on a new assignment.

E4 | Clever One

Murasaki follows Shinkuro to his new job, where she is promptly captured. Shinkuro negotiates tenaciously, but the two end up in a desperate situation that finds Murasaki unconscious.

E5 | Wish

On a Sunday afternoon, Murasaki is engrossed by the ferocity with which Shinkuro trains.

E6 | A Light Probably Shines Over Your Head

The residents of Samidareso are asked to volunteer for a musical that will be performed at the local festival. Shinkuro continuously declines, but Tamaki and the others confirm their participation anyway.

E7 | Woman

Tamaki passionately describes to Murasaki about how to please a woman. In order for her to get a better understanding, she takes Murasaki to her college where a new side of Tamaki is revealed.

E8 | Taking Care of One’s Self and Cowardice

Murasaki’s eyes sparkle as she makes her first visit to a temple. They all spend a peaceful time taking pictures and exploring. However, behind the shadows are mysterious men watching Murasaki’s actions very carefully…

E9 | With You and Me

Realizing that he is making an enemy out of the Kuhoin Clan, Shinkuro loses his confidence to continue being Murasaki’s bodyguard. Meanwhile, Samidareso is attacked by an unknown enemy!

E10 | Dreadful Experience

Shinkuro can’t hide his guilt about Murasaki's capture. Yayoi begins to tell Shinkuro about a mistake she had made on her job, and gives him advice to forget about the Kuhoins and Murasaki right away. Even after hearing that, Shinkuro can’t shake it off, and so he tries what he can to refresh his mind.

E11 | I Think

Shinkuro begins his break-in to the Kuhoin mansion with Benika and Yayoi. Defeating countless guards that attack one after the other, Shinkuro and the group make their way to the back where Murasaki is being held captive.

E12 | Exist

Shinkuro and his cohorts battle it out with the overwhelmingly powerful Lin. Renjo tries to drive Shinkuro’s group out of the mansion, however, Shinkuro attempts to go back in by himself just to have one last word with Murasaki.



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