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Kokoro Connect

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Season 1 Episode 5 | TV-14 | Premiere: 8/4/2012

A Confession and Death...

Heartseed has grown bored with the group. For a change of pace, he takes over Iori's body and jumps off a bridge.

Kokoro Connect

Season 1 | 13 Episodes

E1 | A Story That Had Already Begun Before Anyone Realized It

Since club participation is required in their school, Yui, Iori, Himeko, Taichi, and Aoki choose to join the Student Cultural Society. They begin to get to know each other...a little too well! Yui and Aoki claim to have swapped bodies!

E2 | Some Fascinating Humans

The Student Cultural Society experiences problems of an out-of-body sort....and it's getting worse! The group is at an absolute loss until a mysterious figure explains everything.....well, almost everything!

E3 | Jobber and Low Blow

As the body switching becomes more common place, the Student Cultural Society members become more adventurous with each other's body.

E4 | Twin Feelings

Inaban is not well, and she has been hiding it from the group. Taichi, who has literally walked in her shoes...and body for that matter...has felt her physical pain and is determined to help her.

E5 | A Confession and Death...

Heartseed has grown bored with the group. For a change of pace, he takes over Iori's body and jumps off a bridge.

E6 | A Story That Continued Before Anyone Realized It

After weeks of blissful silence, the members of the group have started hearing voices, and once again their peace has been shattered.

E7 | Falling Apart

Acting on your desires can be nice. But when members of the Student Council do so, momentary pleasure might cause permanent damage.

E8 | And Then There Were None

The quarrels between club members is causing a mighty rift to form between them, until they receive some surprisingly good advice from an unlikely source. All the infighting between the club members is beginning the boil over.

E9 | Can't Stop Can't Stop Can't Stop

Inaba is the only member of the group who can't seem to be honest about her desires.

E10 | Putting Into Words

Heartseed's warning begins to come to fruition. To avoid becoming a cautionary tale, Inaba and Iori vow to leave someone crying.

E11 | A Story that Began As We Realized It

Heartseed's absence has allowed the group to enjoy some time off; but Taichi soon receives a visitor who will stir up new troubles for the group.

E12 | Into a Snowy City

While Kiriyama deals with a friend from the best and the promise she can't remember. Aoki must decide who he really loves.

E13 | As Long As The Five of Us Are Together

Everyone pays the price for Taichi's mistake. Later, Iori receives a call from her mother, and the team sets out to help.



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