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Koihime Muso

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Season 1 Episode 2 | TV-14 | Premiere: 3/11/2018

Kan'u Faces Death with Chou'un

Traveling Martial Artists, Cho'un Shiryu and Kan'u Uncho, infiltrate a bandit hideout in order to quell an uprising.

Koihime Muso

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Kan'u Makes a Vow of Sisterhood with Chouhi

Black haired bandit hunter, Kan'u Uncho, investigates a small village plagued by rampaging bandits. Kan'u soon engages in a fierce battle against Big Boss of the Rin Rin bandits, Chohi Yokutoku.

E2 | Kan'u Faces Death with Chou'un

Traveling Martial Artists, Cho'un Shiryu and Kan'u Uncho, infiltrate a bandit hideout in order to quell an uprising.

E3 | Chouhi Battles Bachou

Chohi crosses blades against a formidable opponent by the name Bacho, in the #1 Martial Artist Tournament, held in Kishu. An even greater battle of strength, beauty, and cunning lies afoot for vassalage under the lovely, yet pompous, Lord Ensho.

E4 | Bachou Attacks Sousou

Bacho assaults Lord Soso, whom she believes to be the murderer behind her father's untimely death. Kan'u offers herself unto Lord Soso in hopes to acquire information about the ordeal.

E5 | Kan'u Exterminates a Monster

A mysterious monster threatens to bring disaster to a village if food offerings are not brought every seven days. Its up to the traveling martial artists to help defeat this fearsome foe. Will they overcome this beast's unparalleled might?

E6 | Chouhi Competes with Koumei

The girls become separated after taking a wrong turn in a dense fog. Kan'u and Chohi emerge from the fog unto a small home inhabited by a studious and cheery young girl and her master.

E7 | Chouhi Has a Fight with Kan'u

When the girls encounter another fork in the road, a disagreement in "Fortune Telling" sends Kan'u and Chohi on their own separate paths. Will their unyielding bond of sisterhood bring them back together? What ever happened to Cho'un?

E8 | Kan'u Interrupts Kouchuu's Plot

At the tea house near the mountain's ridge, a young lady is brawling with a big burly guy. Kan'u knocks him out only to find out that he is the owner and the girl was skipping out on her bill.

E9 | Enshou Finds a Treasure

After finding a treasure map in a warehouse, Enshou, Iishe, and Toshi head out on a treasure hunt while Kan'u and friends hunt for a hot springs.

E10 | Sonsaku's Life is Threatened

The kingdom of Wu has been expanding through warfare. Queen Sonsaku's sister has warned her that the wars will exhaust her people and supplies. After Kan'u brings Shoukou home, an assassination attempt on Sonsaku leaves Kan'u as the prime suspect.

E11 | Kan'u Encounters Ryuubi

Kan'u wakes up and immediately finds her group and herself in the middle of a battle between bandits and militias. They decide to team up with Ryuubi's army to defeat the bandits.

E12 | Kan'u Accomplishes Her Goal

With the help of Kan'u and her group, Ryuubi has quelled the rebellion. However, Ryuubi abandons Touka and decides to focus on fighting the rebels and tries to encourage Kan'u to join him.



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