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Kissdum R: Engage Planet

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Season 1 Episode 3 | TV-14 | Premiere: 4/11/2018

(Comrades) Bonds

Aiba is still learning about his new abilities when a mysterious figure appears before him. Who is she and why can’t anyone else see her?

Kissdum R: Engage Planet

Season 1 | 26 Episodes

E1 | (Demise) The End

Itsuki and her team are sent on an expedition to find the book of the dead. Unfortunately, they're attacked while trying to retrieve the artifact.

E2 | (Hollow Body) Empty Shell

Yuno uses the book of the dead to save her companion but becomes fearful of the consequences. In the meantime, questions of the origin of the artifact start to arise.

E3 | (Comrades) Bonds

Aiba is still learning about his new abilities when a mysterious figure appears before him. Who is she and why can’t anyone else see her?

E4 | (Abyss) The Road to Hades

After the betrayal everyone is on edge. Meanwhile, the team tries to finish their quest, but Iera is unable to continue.

E5 | (Conviction) Readiness

They finally reached the village but a new obstacle arises. Will they leave the village to its doom or try to save it?

E6 | (Dying With You) Close Friends

Aiba and the team are doing some reconnaissance when they’re attacked by Aguri. What happens when Augri starts to transform?

E7 | (An Abundance of Time) A Long Time Ago

Dealing with the aftermath of his condition, Aiba tries to lead his life as normal as possible. That is until a simulation goes wrong and he’s forced to confront his feelings.

E8 | (Shadow Hero) Justice

Things go awry when Roki takes charge and tries to defend a group of civilians. Is there another side to Roki that lurks beneath the surface?

E9 | (Criminal) Atonement

After the massacre, Roki can’t handle the aftermath and is confronted by Aiba. What promise will Roki be able to keep?

E10 | (Azure Snow) The Sound of Winter

Aiba and the gang are on a quest and end up learning more about themselves. Will Aiba come to terms with what he has become?

E11 | (Frozen Sea) Silence

The group has finally crossed over Mt. Imo and find a group people weathering out the cold. Later, they find out a Hadean is behind the abnormal climate.

E12 | (Light and Darkness) Sorrow

The origins of the NES unit and its true purpose are revealed. What will happen when Aiba becomes too much of a liability?

E13 | (Re-separated) Re-united

Shu is having a hard time reconciling his new reality. After the battle, Shu realizes that he must confront his demons before he loses whom he truly cares about.

E14 | (Violent Winds) Dissonance

Shu struggles with a troubling dream and after a day of training the pilots go out where a missing pendant drives them crazy.

E15 | (Baby’s Cries) Smoke Signals

An intense battle leaves the gang rattled as they learn about new powers and ways to defeat evil.

E16 | (Unable to Melt) Connections

The Emissary's increasing mental abilities bring to light his connection to his other comrades, but also brings unwanted attention.

E17 | (Well of Lies) Make-believe

Itsuki Sasara struggles with who she is after her surgery caused from the battle. Another attack threatens to hurt the already weakened personnel.

E18 | (Bonds Separated) Fragile Things

The group figures out who The Fourth is and a battle ensues between them, but will this battle do irreversible damage?

E19 | (Broken Love) Lovers

The Emissary loses focus on the group's goal with the news that Yuno could be alive. Will he let emotions overrun logical thinking?

E20 | (Heroic Dead) Lost

The battle for Yuno begins. Who will become the victor and at what cost?

E21 | (Mad Performance) Transformation

While trying to head towards Atlantis, an attack from a large number of enemies delays their urgent need to rescue Yuno.

E22 | (Reckless Gathering) Emptiness

The swarms of beelzebs are spreading across the world at a rapid rate leaving a slim chance of humanity's survival.

E23 | (Princesses of Light) Funeral Pyre

Humanity is steadily overwhelmed as the war for Earth grows bleaker.  Help arrives in this dark hour, but tragedy threatens to extinguish what little hope is left.

E24 | (Darkness) Nirvana

The final battle begins in earnest with a devastating onslaught.  Meanwhile, ancient secrets as revealed as Shu confronts the puppeteer manipulating the strings.

E25 | (First Dawn) The Beginning

Everything comes down to these final moments as Shu receives unexpected help while humanity launches a desperate plan to ensure its survival.

E26 | Encore: (Line of Discourse) A Chance Encounter

Peace has finally arrived, but the final chapter has yet to be written.  Noa still has lingering questions, and she is willing to travel far to get the answers she craves.



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