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Karakuri Circus

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Season 3 Episode 35 | TV-MA | Premiere: 3/28/2023


Masaru heads for space in the thrilling penultimate episode.

Karakuri Circus

Season 3 | 12 Episodes

E25 | At Mont Saint-Michel

Yikes! There's too many of 'em! Way too many!

E26 | Animal Show

Masaru discovers a preservation center for the Andriod-O's real bodies.

E27 | Download

Eleonore sticks up for Masaru. Meanwhile, is that a space station on the horizon?!

E28 | This Little Piggy

Countdown in progress. 12 minutes until lift-off.

E29 | What Shirogane Did

Narumi vows to thoroughly investigate whether Eleonore is Francine's puppet reincarnation or not.

E30 | Pieta

Guy and Eleonore reminisce and remark how Eleonore has changed!

E31 | The Black Shooting Star

Bombs are dropping and it's time to catch a train!

E32 | Bidding Adieu

Masaru struggles with guilt and loss over what's just happened.

E33 | The Nakamachi Trio vs. Lady Spider

People who meddle in the romantic affairs of others deserve to get kicked by a horse and die!

E34 | The Rearguard

Nothing less than the fate of all mankind hangs in the balance.

E35 | Embrace

Masaru heads for space in the thrilling penultimate episode.

E36 | The Curtain Falls

You can take the automaton out of the circus, but you can't take the circus out of the automaton!



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