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Karakuri Circus

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Season 2 Episode 13 | TV-MA | Premiere: 2/28/2023


Did Narumi sacrifice himself for everyone, or is he just doing his part?

Karakuri Circus

Season 2 | 12 Episodes

E13 | Lucille

Did Narumi sacrifice himself for everyone, or is he just doing his part?

E14 | The Beach in the Dead of Night

With the transplant of everyone's thoughts and feelings into Narumi's body, the transformation is almost complete.

E15 | Back to Where it All Began

Masaru recalls his past, including the first place he discovered his true identity.

E16 | The Encounter

Shoji questions Masaru's identity. Masaru gets a flood of his grandfather's memories as he takes a drink of his blood.

E17 | Visitors

After recalling his grandfather's memories, Masaru learns Shoji and Angelina started to create marionettes of their own.

E18 | A Smile

Shoji and Angelina welcome Eleonore, or Elly, into the world. But now that she's born, Angelina doesn't want to start off her life with a past grudge...

E19 | The Identity of the Shadowy Figure

Masaru sees too much. He runs from Guy with Eleonore in tow. Meanwhile, the search for the soft stone continues.

E20 | Black Sun

Masaru has a better idea of what's going on, including a fateful encounter on the night his father died.

E21 | The Silver Goddess

Masaru promises Shoji that he'll take care of Eleonore. However, a more sinister game of bonds is at play.

E22 | On the Way to Harry!!

Mingxia, who is mixed up in the fight against the Automata, finds herself in a high stakes gamble.

E23 | The Demon's Return

Schnurzi reveals the reason he sided with Lord Faceless in a mind-blowing confession.

E24 | Escape

In the season finale, Narumi will dramatically reveal whether he is mere human or not!



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