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Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor

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Season 1 Episode 4 | TV-MA | Premiere: 11/27/2020


To win at this stage of the game, Kaiji and his companions will have to think strategically. But Kaiji isn't the only player who just concocted a plan to get rich quick.

Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor

Season 1 | 26 Episodes

E1 | Departure

Kaiji is deep in the hole, but he can repay his debts on a mysterious gambling ship called the Espoir. Is this opportunity too good to be true? He's about to find out...

E2 | Open Fire

Kaiji isn't the only debtor onboard the Espoir, but can he trust a fellow player named Funai when he proposes forming an alliance?

E3 | Wager

A ghost from Kaiji's past appears, but this figure offers not damnation, but salvation. If Kaiji can get over his feelings of betrayal, perhaps there's strength in numbers.

E4 | Failure

To win at this stage of the game, Kaiji and his companions will have to think strategically. But Kaiji isn't the only player who just concocted a plan to get rich quick.

E5 | Deadly Decision

It's all come down to this: A Death Match between Kaiji and Kitami. But even if he wins, Kaiji's work to pay off his debts has only just begun.

E6 | Rise and Fall

A traitor appears offering a tempting proposition — and, later, an idea that will send Kaiji's house of cards tumbling down around him.

E7 | Proclamation

The game is almost at an end, and Kaiji still needs more stars! He sets his eyes on a challenger who's been a thorn in his side since the beginning...

E8 | Crushing Blow

With five minutes on the clock, it all comes down to an impossible play from Kaiji. To succeed, he'll have to trust his teammates... but is there honor among thieves?

E9 | Resurrection

Can Kaiji place his hopes on rescue? Or will his latest predicament prove his undoing? Time is almost up, and he still has debts to pay...

E10 | Messenger

Now saddled with new debts, Kaiji returns to his life of misery — but soon Endo appears with another offer that could change Kaiji's life forever.

E11 | Revelry

The place? The Starside Hotel. The game? Human Derby. The stakes? Only the competitors very lives, of course...

E12 | Plunge

Kaiji is given one last chance at victory, but the stakes are even higher than before... and so is the steel beam he must cross in order to win.

E13 | Monster

Only ten have volunteered to cross the sky-high beam. Kaiji does his best to inspire his fellow participants — but fear has sharp teeth and a long reach.

E14 | Ghost

Pressure rises to unimaginable heights in the face of Tonegawa's pitiless nature. Only eight remain, but how many will survive to see the next round of competition?

E15 | Heavens

The end is in sight, but Tonegawa still has tricks up his sleeve that make Kaiji's chances of a clean victory even unlikelier still.

E16 | Fury

Do you hear that? That's the sound of a new, insidious game beginning — and this time, one of Kaiji's five senses is on the line.

E17 | Conversation

Kaiji got off to a good start, but Tonegawa's skills are insidious. The true battle of wills has only just begun.

E18 | Trifled

Waging a war of attrition, Kaiji and Tonegawa trade hand after hand, card after card, game after game in their pursuit of victory.

E19 | Limit

Tonegawa plays... oddly. Perhaps even suspiciously. Seems like E-Card isn't the only game Tonegawa and his cohorts are playing with Kaiji tonight...

E20 | Fierce God

Kaiji knows what Tonegawa is up to, but how do you counter such a devious ploy? Kaiji has an idea, but he'll pay for his actions in blood.

E21 | Heart's Blood

Kaiji can practically hear the victory bells ringing, but there's still one round of E-Card left before the winner can be crowned, and Kaiji knows triumph is never guaranteed...

E22 | Punishment

Tonegawa is onto Kaiji's plot — or is he? Only on thing is certain: The loser of this match has a world of pain in store for him!

E23 | Deceit

Kaiji stumbles upon an idea that just might get him out of this mess once and for all. The catch? He'll have to convince the chairman to go along with his plan.

E24 | Conditions

The chairman agrees to go along with Kaiji's harebrained scheme — but he makes a demand that throws Kaiji for a loop.

E25 | Gone Pale

The Tissue Box Raffle is underway, but the chairman has a trick up his sleeve that might throw Kaiji's scheming into shambles...

E26 | Afterglow

The final piece is drawn. The final winner is determined. Will Kaiji come out of this unscathed, or will the wily chairman cut him off before the finish line?



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