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Kaiji: Against All Rules

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Season 2 Episode 9 | TV-MA | Premiere: 12/21/2020

Cheers, and...

Yoshihiro Kurosaki finds Kaiji intriguing and agrees to his request. But there's still the matter of the massive debt...

Kaiji: Against All Rules

Season 2 | 26 Episodes

E1 | Underground Hell

If Kaiji can save up perica, he can afford a one-day pass to the surface in six months. But temptation arrives in the form of ice cold beer and hot, delicious food.

E2 | The Rules of the Game

Kaiji needs more perica and tries his luck with a dice game. The rules are simple and fair, but it's not enough to satisfy Kaiji...

E3 | Bits of Luck

Kaiji realizes far too late that he's fallen into Otsuki's trap and must now trust the rolls of the dice.

E4 | The Beginnings of a Comeback

The human body cannot last under such grueling labor conditions. Kaiji must find a way out and soon.

E5 | Abuse and Endurance

Hiromitsu curses the cruel fate that he shared with his father, but Kaiji knows something Ishida's son doesn't.

E6 | The Storm Descends

It's time to bankrupt Otsuki! But why is Kaiji playing it safe after getting the crowd fired up?

E7 | Magic Dice

Dice is more than just luck. It's also a mind game.

E8 | Divine Retribution

It's over: Kaiji has Otsuki right where he wants him. Which is why he offers the foreman a way out.

E9 | Cheers, and...

Yoshihiro Kurosaki finds Kaiji intriguing and agrees to his request. But there's still the matter of the massive debt...

E10 | The Last Gamble

Kaiji quickly realizes that no one defeats the Bog unless the house allows them to.

E11 | Joy and Lament

Sakazaki and Kaiji have a plan: If the house won't play fair, neither will they.

E12 | Heaven Falls, a Man Falls

Sakazaki invested too much money in the Bog to back down now. But he doesn't realize he's drawn attention to himself.

E13 | A Clue

Kaiji finally has a plan. He'll need help to pull it off, but it may already be too late.

E14 | The Survivor's Road

Sometimes, it's important to reflect upon the past before looking towards the future.

E15 | All an Act

Sakazaki takes another shot at the Bog, but Ichijo soon realizes that something's wrong...

E16 | The Curtain Rises

Kaiji has thrown down the gauntlet and Ichijo accepts his challenge. It's finally Kaiji's turn to face the oppressive might of the Bog.

E17 | Pointless Pounding

Kaiji has no hope of victory, so why does he even bother? Meanwhile, the Teiai Group has an odd request: They want a live broadcast of Kaiji's battle against the Bog.

E18 | Unyielding Gate

The tide turns in Kaiji's favor, but will it be enough to even the odds?

E19 | Road to a Miracle

Kaiji knows how he can win against the Bog's rigged plates. But he's running out of money.

E20 | Destiny Gap

Kaiji's plan was crazy enough to work, but Ichijo has too much riding on his career to accept defeat.

E21 | Victory Secured

It doesn't matter if the odds are in Kaiji's favor; he can't play if he can't pay. But if all Kaiji needs is money...

E22 | The Power of Money

Kaiji continues playing. Ichijo is confident over his inevitable victory, but Kaiji claims to know something the casino manager doesn't...

E23 | On Thin Ice

A miscalculation may have just cost Kaiji the battle against the Bog. Victory is possible, but time is running out...

E24 | Meandering Silver Balls

Ichijo has one last proverbial ace up his sleeve. But Kaiji can't give up. There must be a way out.

E25 | Tears of Resentment

Everything comes down to this moment. Kaiji has one last chance to win, or lose, it all.

E26 | The Future is in Our Hands...

The battle is over. But there's still one thing Kaiji is overlooking...



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