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Judo Boy

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Season 1 Episode 26 | TV-14 | Premiere: 11/9/2019

The Beauty with the Hidden Blade

Sanshiro meets a kindred spirit on the road to revenge. What will he see in this reflection of his spirit, and what new goals will emerge as a result?

Judo Boy

Season 1 | 26 Episodes

E1 | The Formidable Enemy

When his father is murdered, Sanshiro sets off to find the mysterious killer and bring him to justice. His only clue? A glass eye left at the scene of the crime.

E2 | The Man on a Skyscraper

People say they saw a one-eyed man in a town full of skyscrapers, but Sanshiro isn’t the only one on a quest for vengeance in that city…

E3 | Challenge of the Wild Cats

Sanshiro happens upon a quiet border town that people claim is haunted. Little do they know that restless spirits are hardly the worst thing to fear in that desolate place…

E4 | The Great Plains Ablaze

As bandits on horseback gallop across the desert, a young woman with an incredible secret crosses Sanshiro’s path.

E5 | Showdown in the Wild

Finding his father’s killer goes one step forward, two steps back when chasing a lead results in a case of mistaken identity for Sanshiro.

E6 | The Deadly Cross-Star

The Black Satans take what they want, when they want. Only Sanshiro stands between them and a young Jun’s valuable medicine, intended to heal his precious sister, Yuri.

E7 | The Tiger of the Sea: Harimau

“Take this coin to the Liberty, and you’ll meet one-eyed Heim.” These cryptic words are Sanshiro’s latest lead to a man who might just be his father’s killer.

E8 | The Superhuman Shadow Men

The superhumanly strong Shadow Men easily defeat Sanshiro, but the true horror is what their creator intends to do to Sanshiro in the depths of his laboratory…

E9 | The Duel in the Snow

Sanshiro stumbles upon a duel in the wilderness — and the man who walks away the victor has just one eye. Could this at long last be the man who killed his father?

E10 | The Castle of Sandoria

Take that path, young traveler, and you will find the castle of illusion…  but who has called Sanshiro to this barren world of death?

E11 | Warriors of Kilimanjaro

Sanshiro rescues a young woman from a rampaging rhinoceros, but that was easy. Returning her home and finding her missing brother will be the true challenge.

E12 | The Duel at Sunset

The sun sets on a village of death. New graves line the streets. Crows cry out for the dark of night. Something horrible must have happened here — but what?

E13 | The Fortress of Death

Mistaken for a spy, Sanshiro is interrogated within the walls of an impregnable iron fortress. He must escape or see his quest for vengeance die with him!

E14 | The Killers' Olympics

A detour leads Sanshiro into an investigation by the Secret Police. His reward for helping them? A shot at finding the one-eyed man!

E15 | The Vengeful Dog

A businessman named Black has a proposal for Sanshiro. A long dog watches the house in solitude. But how are they connected, and is the dog driven by madness or revenge?

E16 | At the Bottom of the Sea

Innocent children sing in a peaceful orphanage in France — but their voices only herald the shadow of an oncoming storm.

E17 | The One-Eyed Demon General

Even the daredevils of the Hooligans’ Squad pale in the face of the One-Eyed Demon General. As for Sanshiro? He’ll charge right in with vengeance on his mind!

E18 | Horror of the Haunting Spirit

In the dead of night, a black-clad figure rises from the grave. The ghost of the One-Eyed Admiral is after Helena, and Sanshiro is determined to save her.

E19 | Recompense for Betrayal

A chance encounter with a man on the run puts Sanshiro in the mob’s crosshairs. He must wager his life in the ultimate test of trust, but will Francis make the right call?

E20 | The One-Eyed Tiger (Part 1)

A child seeks to kill a one-eyed tiger, and in him Sanshiro sees a reflection of himself. Reminded of his goals, Sanshiro will help Kamir become strong!

E21 | The One-Eyed Tiger (Part 2)

With Kamir’s life on the line, Sanshiro faces off against the man-eating white tiger!

E22 | The Deadly Magma Style

A remote mountain range hides many secrets, among them the rare and valuable Platonium X — and, perhaps, the one-eyed man whom Sanshiro seeks.

E23 | Wanted, Dead or Alive

Sanshiro has been accused of murdering his friend Millie’s father! Can Kenbo clear Sanshiro’s name in time to avoid a trip to the gallows?

E24 | Secret Technique: The Heaven and Earth Throw

The circus-master knows a technique that could help Sanshiro defeat the one-eyed man and finally avenge his father! But can he master the technique in time to get his revenge?

E25 | The Deadly Ape-Man Technique

A terrifying devil slaughtered an entire village — and a bystander says he had only one eye. Could Sanshiro be hot on the trail of his father’s killer?

E26 | The Beauty with the Hidden Blade

Sanshiro meets a kindred spirit on the road to revenge. What will he see in this reflection of his spirit, and what new goals will emerge as a result?



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