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Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? IV

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Season 4 Episode 21 | TV-MA | Premiere: 3/9/2023

Daydream | A Sweet Lie

Ryu's feelings for Bell have changed in a way she cannot quite place. All she knows is that she cannot lose him; she just cannot.

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? IV

Season 4 | 23 Episodes

E0 | Play Back | Reminisce

What's past is prologue. Bell has come a long way and he and Hestia reflect upon the events that forged him into the adventurer he is today.

E1 | Prelude | Night Before Departure

Gather your party and venture forth, Bell. The dungeon awaits.

E2 | The Great Falls | The Great Falls

Bell and his party are making good time and will soon enter the lower floors. But the dungeon crawl is going too smoothly, and Cassandra cannot shake her earlier premonition.

E3 | Parasite | Viscum Album

The party has two options: either retreat to the surface with the injured or hunt the monster and hope its defeat will dispel the ailment. Both choices carry dire risks.

E4 | Mermaid | The Girl of Water City

The party learns too late that the Moss Huge can use other monsters against them. Meanwhile, Bell is alone, but not without allies; the Xenos have not forgotten his kindness.

E5 | Argo Vesta | Heroic Slash of Holy Flame

Haruhime's new ability turns the tide of battle, but the Moss Huge has proven that it knows what it's doing. As the party strategist, Lili has a hard choice to make.

E6 | Rabbit's Foot | Rabbit's Foot

Bell's exploits have earned him fame and a new alias, and Lili worries that means change is coming. Meanwhile, Ryu left a note for her coworkers and vanished soon afterwards.

E7 | Cassandra Ilion | Dream Seer

Ryu, the Gale Wind, stands accused of murder. Bell and his party need answers, but only Cassandra knows that tragedy will befall them if they pursue their friend.

E8 | Mirabilis | Chaos

Ryu couldn't be the killer... right? Bell wants to help his friend, but as the body count grows higher, he must ask himself how well he truly knows her.

E9 | Lambton | Ill Omen

While Bell and Ryu contend with Jura and his insidious abilities, the rest of Bell's allies uncover a barrel of bad apples in the dungeon's dark depths.

E10 | Juggernaut | The Destroyer

Some monsters you must fight and from others you must flee. But beware the Juggernaut lest you simply cease to be.

E11 | Endless | Brutal

The Juggernaut slaughters its way through a dwindling number of survivors, forcing Ryu to face her demons.

E12 | Amphisbaena | A Song of Despair

With retreat an impossibility, Bell's party fight for their lives when a Floor Boss spawns early. However, they are all adventurers; they will not die so easily.

E13 | Morgue | Victim

Critically wounded and trapped within the dungeon's darkened depths, Bell and Ryu's adventure is over. Their fight for survival has now begun.

E14 | Daphne Lauros | Friend

The boss fight extracts a heavy toll on the party, and they must make a choice. If they go one way, they will live. But if they go the other? They will die.

E15 | Ignis | Flame

The party narrowly survived, and now they must search for their missing friends. However, they're facing more than just monsters; they're fighting the Dungeon itself.

E16 | Welf Crozzo | Shikou

Bell and Ryu must cast reservations aside in the face of death. Meanwhile, Welf faces a trial by fire he cannot fail; lives are at stake.

E17 | White Palace | White Labyrinth

Bell and Ryu's relationship deepens as the trauma of the Deep Floors pushes them past their limits. They have each other, and that is the only reason they're both still alive.

E18 | Desperate | Dungeon Do-or-Die Time

Hope glimmers in the darkness; the Xenos appear in the party's hour of need, and Bell and Ryu make steady progress despite all odds. They may all survive this after all.

E19 | Colosseum | Arena

Their luck couldn't last forever; Bell and Ryu must cross the Colosseum, where monsters constantly respawn. In the end, they may face an impossible choice...

E20 | Astrea Familia | Heroic Death

It is too late for the Astrea Familia. Their story ends in tragedy, and this is the tale of how Ryu's life changed forever on that dark day.

E21 | Daydream | A Sweet Lie

Ryu's feelings for Bell have changed in a way she cannot quite place. All she knows is that she cannot lose him; she just cannot.

E22 | Luvia | Starry Flower

After five years of grief, guilt and pain, Ryu finally faces a new path—a new justice. The Juggernaut should beware.



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