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Ippon Again!

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Season 1 Episode 1 | TV-14 | Premiere: 1/8/2023


Michi may be in high spirits, but Sanae knows her friend; she can sense that something's bothering her.

Ippon Again!

Season 1 | 13 Episodes

E1 | Ippon!

Michi may be in high spirits, but Sanae knows her friend; she can sense that something's bothering her.

E2 | Formed! Revived! Restarted!

Sanae's parents insist she focuses on her grades instead of judo. But if Sanae does that, not only will she give up her passion, but she'd be letting her friends down too.

E3 | She Changes the Mood Entirely

The judo club has an advisor, and they are extremely worried about who it could be. And to make matters worse? Towa is about to run into someone she may wish she hadn't.

E4 | With the Three of Us, We'll be Fine

The judo club takes part in their first qualifier, so it's normal to feel the pressure. Sanae is such a bundle of nerves that it may affect her performance.

E5 | Judo Feels So Wonderful, Doesn't It?

Michi and Ami find themselves evenly matched. And, as the seconds tick down, both girls grow more determined to score an ippon to win.

E6 | I Don't Want to Have Regrets

Nagumo is great at kendo. She loves the sport, but something's missing.

E7 | Secret Weapon Senpai

The judo club plan to compete in the Kinshuki tournament, but a team of five is required and the club only has four members. Fortunately, Natsume has someone in mind.

E8 | The Continuation of That Dream

The judo club is now five strong as they head to the Kinshuki. Michi becomes fast friends with a first year who is an opponent they'll face in the first round!

E9 | Softness Subdues Hardness

Michi is in her element, and her power and speed transform her into a force to be reckoned with.

E10 | There's An Option Besides Winning?

They made it to the second round, but the tournament only gets harder from here. Especially since their opponent is the prefectural singles runner-up.

E11 | Golden Era

Here comes a new challenger!

E12 | I'm the Strongest I've Ever Been

Hana Odagiri's tenacity stops Aoba West's momentum dead in its tracks. If they can't take her down soon, they can kiss their tournament dreams goodbye.

E13 | Another Ippon!

This is it. The match that will decide everything, and the stakes couldn't be higher.



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