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High School of the Dead

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Season 1 Episode 2 | TV-MA | Premiere: 7/26/2023

Escape From the DEAD

As the entire school spirals into chaos, more players jump into the fight, handmade weapons locked and loaded.

High School of the Dead

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Spring of the DEAD

A deadly virus is turning the world's population into walking corpses and Takashi Komuro and his friends frantically search for a way to break free from the living dead.

E2 | Escape From the DEAD

As the entire school spirals into chaos, more players jump into the fight, handmade weapons locked and loaded.

E3 | Democracy Under the DEAD

The enemy's weak points are discovered and exploited. Everyone's base survival instincts kick in, and one survivor refuses to continue with the group.

E4 | Running in the DEAD

In times of crisis, even the most mundane activities become a monumental task. Rei and Komuro find that there's more to fear in this new world besides the walking dead...

E5 | Streets of the DEAD

Chaos runs wild in the streets. Crossing any bridge presents a world of problems for Komuro and Rei, while dissension among the ranks splits the bus group in two.

E6 | In the DEAD of the Night

Time for some RandR! While the group relaxes and gathers supplies at the safe house, things heat up on the streets, and drastic measures must be taken to keep the peace.

E7 | DEAD Night and the DEAD ruck

Fully rested and armed to the teeth, the group looks on as people are eaten alive in the streets below and learn a valuable lesson: you can't save them all.

E8 | The DEAD Way Home

The group takes a wrong turn and becomes trapped. With no help in sight and a wall of the living dead surrounding them, how many waves can they fight off?

E9 | The Sword and Dead

After narrowly escaping with their lives, Komuro and Saeko must make their way alone and rendezvous with the others. Saeko's true nature is revealed.

E10 | The DEAD's House Rules

The group reunites at Takagi's house, an impenetrable fortress run by her parents and their army of workers, but being absorbed into a larger group becomes a huge concern.

E11 | DEAD Storm Rising

Tempers flare in the House of Saya Takagi. A leader must be chosen, and a man from the group's past makes an unexpected return.

E12 | All DEAD's Attack

After an EMP wave shuts down all electronic equipment in a wide radius, Komuro and his friends must defend the mansion or risk losing all that matters to them.



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