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Hello Kitty & Friends - Let's Learn Together

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Season 1 Episode 1 | TV-PG | Premiere: 12/29/2019

Safe and Unsafe Places to Play

New neighbors mean new friends! But friends need to know where it’s safe to play first.

Hello Kitty & Friends - Let's Learn Together

Season 1 | 21 Episodes

E1 | Safe and Unsafe Places to Play

New neighbors mean new friends! But friends need to know where it’s safe to play first.

E2 | Let's Help Mommy!

Mommy always does a lot, so Amy and Eric ask Kitty what they can do to help.

E3 | Let's Put Away Our Toys

It’s important to put away your toys when you’re done playing!

E4 | What Time Is It?

The Clock Fairy teaches Kitty and her friends how to tell the time!

E5 | Making Up With Friends

Oh no, Eric and Harry are really mad at each other! It’s ok, they can make up.

E6 | Big Animals, Tiny Animals

Animals come in many sizes. Some are really big and some are really small!

E7 | Sleeping On Your Own

It can be scary sleeping on your own for the first time. It’s alright, Kitty knows just how to help!

E8 | Let's Put On Our Pajamas and Brush Our Teeth

Be sure to put on your pajamas and brush your teeth before going to bed!

E9 | Let's Learn About Weight

Do you know how see-saws work? Kitty will tell you all about it!

E10 | Let's Play With Origami

Do you know what origami is? It’s a fun activity where you can make different shapes by folding paper!

E11 | What Kinds of Things Stick?

How can you make things stick to other things? There are all sorts of ways to do it!

E12 | Let's Play With Sounds!

Musical instruments make all kinds of wonderful sounds! Let’s listen!

E13 | What Are They Riding?

People ride many things like cars and airplanes!

E14 | Let's Draw Portraits

Mommy’s birthday is almost here, and Eric doesn’t know what to get her. How about a drawing? That would make the perfect gift!

E15 | What Kind of Jobs Do You Like?

Grown-ups have all kinds of jobs! What kind of job do you want when you grow up?

E16 | Rules to Follow at Your Friend's House

It’s important to behave when you’re over at a friend’s house!

E17 | Let's Dance

Dancing is so fun! Let’s all learn how to dance!

E18 | Let's Help Friends

If you see that your friend needs help, help them. That’s what being a good friend is all about!

E19 | Let's Find Shapes

There are so many shapes all around us! How many shapes can you see around you?

E20 | Lending and Borrowing Things

You should lend your friend something if they ask. If you borrow something from a friend, don’t forget to give it back!

E21 | Take Care of Flowers

Taking care of flowers is a big responsibility, so remember to water them every day!



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