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Season 1 Episode 8 | TV-14 | Premiere: 8/29/2023

Back to the Continent

Azudra determines the winged knights are a major threat. Meanwhile, Helck and Vermilio take it easy.


Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Helck the Hero

The Demon Lord is defeated by a human hero. To find his replacement, the demonkin hold a competition. Helck, a human and mortal enemy, is among the participants.

E2 | Anne from Management

Helck continues to rack up victories as a fan favorite of the crowd. He then proceeds on to the semifinals race! Will he be able to keep up with the other racers?

E3 | The Unknown Enemy

Helck displays mind-blowing strength and leaves Vermilio increasingly concerned about the threat he poses.

E4 | Shock

After Helck blocks an attack meant for Edil, Vermilio becomes convinced that he is an enemy. But then, the floor gives away and everyone falls into a dark underground room...

E5 | The Remote Island Village

The mysterious power of the gate sends Vermilio and Helck to an unknown remote island. Vermilio travels deeper into the island and comes across a fluffy creature.

E6 | Invasion

Vermilio poses a question to Helck: “Can you fight against your old friends?” Meanwhile, the others at Castle Urum are fighting an overwhelming number of winged knights.

E7 | The Human King

Hyura and the others escape Castle Urum but soon find themselves surrounded again. Azudra arrives to subdue the winged knights. All the while, Azudra begins plotting.

E8 | Back to the Continent

Azudra determines the winged knights are a major threat. Meanwhile, Helck and Vermilio take it easy.

E9 | Barbarians of the Tothman Tribe

Helck and Vermilio bid farewell to the mysterious island and its residents as they sail away with a stowaway Piwi aboard. However, they run into a massive whirlpool!

E10 | In Pursuit of a Map

Helck and company end up in the Erille Kingdom where they must fight the barbarians of the Tothman Tribe. The Tothman King goes berserk after tapping into a mysterious power.

E11 | The Troubadour's Song

Helck and company use their winnings from the cooking competition to buy a map leading to the Empire. They make plans to go northwest into the ruins of two destroyed kingdoms.

English Simulcast
Tue, Sep 26, ’23 6:30 PM
Screenshot for Helck Season 1 Episode 12

E12 | Coming Soon

This episode is not available yet.



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