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Hayate the Combat Butler

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Season 1 Episode 22 | TV-14 | Premiere: 8/26/2007

I Wonder Who Came Up with the Sound Effect “Kapooon”? It’s Awesome!

Summer vacation is nearing its end. Naturally, Nagi takes Hayate fishing, and waterside hijinks ensue.

Hayate the Combat Butler

Season 1 | 52 Episodes

E1 | In English, “Unmei” Means “Destiny”

Hayate’s parents have left him with a large debt and the yakuza want him to pay up. Desperate he attempts to kidnap the wealthy Nagi Sanzenin and begins their comedic story.

E2 | A New Beginning with Nagi Sanzenin’s Estate

After rescuing Nagi, Hayate finds himself in her mansion and is told by a maid he is to be the new butler. However, the head butler is not too keen on this idea.

E3 | The Beast, the Robot, and the Butler that Shouted, or Maybe Didn’t Shout, Love at the Heart of the World

Klaus still dislikes Hayate being Nagi's butler. In order to see if Hayate really has the skills to serve Nagi, Klaus challenges him to a fight a robot known as Eight.

E4 | My First Errand ~ This is Snake, No Response

Nagi forgets to take her lunch to school and Hayate offers to bring it to her. This simple errand soon turns into a chase when he is mistaken for an intruder.

E5 | Thoughtless Jokes and Kindness Bring Misfortune

Hayate learns from Maria that Nagi dislikes leaving the house because of all of the kidnapping attempts she’s been subjected to.

E6 | You Say You Can See Time, but That is Probably Your Life Flashing Before Your Eyes

Isumi makes it to Nagi’s mansion safely but Hayate leaves again on his original errand. During his outing he is ambushed.

E7 | A Man’s Fight

Seeing Hayate as a rival, Wataru challenges him to a duel. Hayate loses on purpose in hopes that Wataru and Isumi will reconcile but his gesture back fires on him.

E8 | Going to Hell in Cat-Ear Mode

A game a dress up goes awry when Nagi and Maria get their hands on Hayate. Tama and Klaus both end up being very mistaken by Hayate’s new look.

E9 | Elohim Essaim, Mr. Cow, Mr. Cow! What is It, Mr. Frog?

After returning home from school Nagi realizes she forgot her notebook in class and Hayate agrees to get it. While there he encounters the Hakuou Three Amiga.

E10 | The Strangest Hyperdeflation Ever, Play Your Games and Don’t Build Up a Backlog

The demon Abe Maou, who has been living inside an old video game is awakes and pulls the Hakuou Three Amiga into the game. To escape to the real world they must defeat her.

E11 | The Value of My life: Priceless

Nagi, Hayate, Maria, and Sakuya pay a visit to Mikado Sanzenin, the head of Nagi’s family.Hayate’s misfortune continues when he mistakes Mikado for a gardener.

E12 | Long Ago, We Learned From a Space Sheriff that Being Young is About Not Looking Back

Hayate talks with Maria about the importance of having a dream. He eneds up getting a day off and decides to visit his old school.

E13 | I Hear that Those Who Rule the Summer Rule at Entrance Exams

Hayate is overjoyed when documents for his transfer into Hakuou Academy arrive. He attempts to study for the exam the next day and ends up unable to get any sleep.

E14 | Hey, Hey! I Hafta Go to a Party! Hurry Up, Seriously!

Nagi decides to throw a celebration for Hayate’s acceptance to the Academy, but Yukiji knows something that might just crash the party.

E15 | Samurai, the Way of the Warrior, Van Damme in Action

As he settles in at his new school, Hayate discovers a few interesting facts about Nagi, before one of those details lead to a confrontation with other students.

E16 | Even in Defeat, Kendo Rage

Hayate is prepared to battle, but his challenger calls someone else to fight in his stead! Hayate may be in over his head against this powerful opponent.

E17 | For You, I Will Mow Them Down with Every Ounce of My Being!

After her manga is rejected by a magazine, Nagi attempts to gain experience by doing things like cleaning and cooking.

E18 | The Rare Cards are Swimsuits

Class is in session - at the beach! But this seaside lesson could prove to be more sketchy than fun in the sun.

E19 | Miss Saki’s Little Preoccupation

Saki’s coming-of-age ceremony is approaching, but Hayate and Maria are dealing with the effects of a cursed video.

E20 | I like Books, but Sing It, Great Palace of the Dragon King

Hayate is desperate to find an ultimate attack. At Maria’s suggestion, he looks through the library and finds a promising possibility.

E21 | A Big Brother, Even for Peter

Nagi and Hayate venture to an amusement park in a very peculiar place. There are a few setbacks though, the least of which being Nagi’s height.

E22 | I Wonder Who Came Up with the Sound Effect “Kapooon”? It’s Awesome!

Summer vacation is nearing its end. Naturally, Nagi takes Hayate fishing, and waterside hijinks ensue.

E23 | A Non-Kiddy Genius Teacher Appears

Yukiji’s job is in jeopardy. In a fit of desperation, Yukiji asks for Hayate’s help in blackmailing her replacement!

E24 | I’ve Never Had the Trouble of Being Too Popular

Hayate’s day starts out bad due to the influence of a pendant, and it only gets worse as a series of unfortunate misunderstandings get completely out of hand.

E25 | Hearts Wavering

Hayate is stunned, even as Isumi attempts to cheer him up. Meanwhile, Nagi comes to understand what happened but is powerless to change it.

E26 | The Delivery was Made in 29 Minutes, So Please Pay the Stipulated Fee… Is a Thing of the Distant Past

In a sudden bout of embarrassment, Hayate feigns amnesia! Nagi and Ayumu both try to help him regain his “lost” memories.

E27 | Hayate Rising

Hakou Academy holds a Butler Battle Tournament to find out who the strongest butler in the academy is. Hayate, reluctantly, joins for Nagi’s sake.

E28 | Black Hayate

The Butler Battle Tournament continues, and Hayate leaves the audience with awkward moments of silent awe.

E29 | Match-Making Meeting

Sakuya, Nagi, Wataru, and Hayate spy on Saki’s proposed marriage meeting, and a misunderstanding ensues. Afterwards, Hayate faces Kirika’s Duel Butler in an epic card battle.

E30 | The Beautiful, Rich, Great, Young Detective Lady Saw It! The Case of the Murdered Female Teacher Amidst Clouds of Steam

Nagi and the girls blissfully enjoy the local hot springs while Hayate is forced to battle another one of Kirika’s butlers, this time, in a B-Daman battle.

E31 | Do You Like Pretty, Rich Big Sisters?

Nagi is determined to prove she can be a better big sister than Sakuya by taking care of two lost children she found. Playtime gets a little malicious.

E32 | Devil Hunter Welcome Yoko Isumi and Nabeshin

Hayate’s been challenged to a Mini 4WD race by another one of Kirika’s butlers. Meanwhile, a strange man with a carp’s head begs Isumi for her help.

E33 | Why?! Academy Culture Fest ~ Part 1

Hayate is forced to work as a butler in the school festival’s cosplay café. Meanwhile, Nagi is hypnotized by the mysterious Puppet Butler.

E34 | Why Dead?! Academy Culture Fest ~ Part 2

Stakes are high at the school culture festival. Hayate’s butler café needs to make more money than Nagi’s dojinshi stall, or else…

E35 | Must-See! Complete Autumn 2007 guide of the Latest Fashionable Date Spots for the Young and Hip

Nagi needs inspiration to write new manga. Hayate and Maria try to help by taking pictures together in the city’s most romantic date locations.

E36 | Klaus is Japanese Because His Name is Written “Kurausu”

Klaus has lost his confidence as a butler, and he can’t seem to reclaim it. Hayate, Maria, and Nagi try to keep him from retiring.

E37 | I Want to Go Back to Being an Ordinary Girl, but Buy My Character Songs, Okay?

Hayate reveals that he likes “normal” girls. Nagi follows Ayumu around in a desperate attempt to learn how to be like a “normal” person.

E38 | Hayate in Peril! All Functions Shut Down!!

Kirika and Cyborg Butler attack Hayate and Nagi on the night of the Christmas party, rendering Hayate unconscious. When he wakes up, something is wrong with his butler power.

E39 | Hurray for the Butler-in-Debt, Friend to Good Children!

Hayate leaves Nagi’s service to keep her safe. Kirika blackmails him into joining her, and she forces him to wear an ancient, legendary butler uniform.

E40 | New Year’s Food is Good, but Have Some Hayate, Too

It's the New Year's Eve episode! Nagi’s plans to enjoy a romantic date with Hayate at Kujukuri Beach are threatened.

E41 | Despairing Goodbye to the Teacher

Things are a little strange after New Year’s… or else more than a little strange. Additionally, Yukiji might be retiring?!

E42 | Like a Dog, a Mouse, and a Bulldog

Everyone must have a weakness, and Nagi plans to discover Hayate’s. Along the way, she discovers everyone else’s weaknesses.

E43 | The Poseidon Advance Generator Gavas

Nagi and Hayate get invited on a cruise. As Hayate explores the ship, three terrorists put the ship, and everyone on it, in danger.

E44 | The Mystery of the 120% Employment Rate

Nagi shares a new and improved version of her manga. Her friends also learn some even bigger news: her manga is going to be animated!

E45 | It is Maria Appreciation Day! In February

Maria was supposed to enjoy a day of relaxation at a hotel. When she finds the academy students are running the hotel for the day, she feels sorry for them and helps out.

E46 | His Name is Magic Ball Pitcher Wataru!!!

What is Isumi doing wearing another school’s uniform? More importantly, why does she seem so friendly with the baseball team’s pitcher?!

E47 | Sure, Amuro May Have Had a Place to Return To, But...

Klaus employs a robotic butler, named Thirteen, to take care of Nagi while Hayate studies to catch up in school. However, Thirteen is an even butler than Hayate!

E48 | Hina Love

On the eve of her birthday, Hinagiku receives an anonymous love letter, asking her to meet after school. Did it come from Hayate?!

E49 | Ordinary Stories

Hayate and Nagi are invited to join the Motion Picture Research club. Their current production: a montage of embarrassing moments featuring Hayate.

E50 | Quiz! Written as “Foe” and Read as “Friend”!!

Nagi and Ayumu are determined to win a quiz competition together. Stakes are high, but the girls have trouble working as a team.

E51 | Spring

Hayate is offered a new job that pays enough money to close his debt. Will he take it? Meanwhile, Nagi excitedly prepares for Hayate’s graduation party.

E52 | Radical Dreamers

Nagi, Hayate, and the gang take a trip to the island of Mykonos in Greece. What old memories of theirs are hidden in the sand and stars?



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