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Hayate the Combat Butler 2nd Season

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Season 2 Episode 21 | TV-14 | Premiere: 8/21/2009

In the End, Our Cat’s the Cutest

After a failed attempt to get rid of Hayate and Shiranui, Tama must find his way back to the mansion from the middle of the city.

Hayate the Combat Butler 2nd Season

Season 2 | 25 Episodes

E1 | The Forbidden Freestyle Marathon!

Maria and Hayate try to goad Nagi into participating in a marathon, but when Hayate’s job gets tossed on the line, things get heated!

E2 | Money's Tiger

Nagi sulks over her inability to win the race, and Hayate goes off to prove his worth at the Tiger’s Den for Butlers.

E3 | There's No Legend After All

Hayate and his party continue through the butler quest. With poisonous spears, evil spirits, and traps galore, will Hayate be able to prove himself worthy to be Nagi’s butler?

E4 | You're Like Me

Valentine’s Day becomes a competition between all the girls to see who can get their chocolate to Hayate first!

E5 | Heart to Heart

Nagi runs into Kazuki, Ayumu’s brother, on the way to Wataru’s rental store, and his hidden feelings start to surface…

E6 | Your Place

Continuing from the last episode, Nagi’s intense embarrassment leads to Hayate getting thrown out of the Sanzenin estate.

E7 | Half-Baked Jealousy!! Ja-pan

As Nagi recovers, Hayate attempts to give her some space by staying with Hinagiku. Of course, things get complicated when romance is kindled between the two.

E8 | Shiranui is Here

Finally, things seem to be returning to normal as Hayatereturns to the Sanzenin estate with a rescued kitten in tow.

E9 | What Girls Want...

Sonia visits Wataru’s video store to see if her feelings for him were true. When she verifies that they are, she becomes dangerously jealous of Saki…

E10 | Where's the Present?

Hayate struggles to come up with a proper birthday present for Hinagiku, as things become awkward between him and Ayumu.

E11 | Around the Time of the Hina Festival

After having a romantic dream about Hayate, Hinagiku is forced to confront her blossoming feelings for him.

E12 | The Cruel Idiot's Thesis

Both the festival and Hinagiku’s birthday party are underway, as Hayate searches for a kidnapped Nagi.


Hayate and Hinagiku finally meet up, but his tardiness threatens to ruin the good mood Hinagiku had built up for her birthday.

E14 | The Saginomiya Clan

Hayate visits Isumi when she isn’t feeling well, when things get complicated by an evil youkai and a mysterious masked figure.

E15 | The Steamy Tension of the Shimoda Hot Springs Trip

On their way to Shimoda to visit a mysterious meteorite, Nagi and Hayate get separated at a train stop.

E16 | Stardust Memory

Ayumu and Nagi continue to evade their pursuers, as things heat up with Hayate at the hot springs...

E17 | Under the Cherry Blossom Tree

As Nagi attempts to help out her new alien acquaintance, Hayate continues to evade seduction. Good luck, Hayate.

E18 | Those Who Don’t Give Up on White Day

Hayate purchases cookies to give to Ayumu for White Day, but things get complicated when they reach the wrong recipient.

E19 | Aim for the King

Having forsworn her reclusive lifestyle, Nagi attempts to go out into the world with Hayate in the form of a mall shopping trip.

E20 | I Couldn’t Do the Maid Turn

A lascivious spirit appears to Hayate stating that, before moving on to the afterlife, he wants to possess Hayate so that he may flirt with a maid.

E21 | In the End, Our Cat’s the Cutest

After a failed attempt to get rid of Hayate and Shiranui, Tama must find his way back to the mansion from the middle of the city.

E22 | Keep on Dreaming

Nagi and Hayate both get part-time jobs at Café Donguri, where a number of familiar faces already seem to be employed…

E23 | Our Destination

It’s time for Sakuya’s birthday party, but with Nagi exhausted after a hard day’s work and Wataru failing to provide adequate entertainment, things are looking grim…

E24 | Distance

After a bittersweet memory of his first girlfriend being triggered, Hayate must find a missing Nagi.

E25 | It’s Really a Story About a Young Lady & Her Butler

Nagi is at home with a fever, and when she asks Hayate to go fetch her a snack, his incredible bad luck complicates the simple task to an absurd degree.



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