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Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto

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Season 1 Episode 11 | TV-14 | Premiere: 6/24/2016

No Need for Warmth and Memories of 1-2

Acchan is excited to teach Sakamoto about playing in the snow, but he comes to a realization that Fukase will use to his advantage.

Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto

Season 1 | 13 Episodes

E1 | Sakamoto-kun of Class 1-2 | Bee Quiet

Sakamoto is the coolest. No, really, who else could not only survive multiple pranks unscathed, but also combat a bee with nothing but a protractor? Only Sakamoto, that's who.

E2 | I want to protect rather than be protected | Love psychology techniques you can use today

Sakamoto inadvertently witnesses a bullying, which leads to him working at a fast food restaurant, and a girl in his class is hell-bent on making him obsessed with her.

E3 | Sakamoto the Errand Boy | Hide-and-Seek of Love

As a new gopher, Sakamoto is TOO good at attending to the needs of the toughest bully in school. Later, Sakamoto escapes the affections of Yoshinobu's mother!

E4 | Is Sakamoto a Pervert? | Lesson Scenery Omnibus | The Summer Sakamoto Disappeared

Sakamoto is always perfectly on time, draws like an angel, cooks like a master, creates his own parachute, and... disappears?

E5 | Throwing Softballs | Hayabusa-senpai the Charismatic Ruffian | Healthcare

Sakamoto is challenged to a fight by the second year head of delinquents, Hayabusa. Has Sakamoto met his match? Later, Sakamoto gets a cold… Is that even possible?

E6 | End-of-School Rules | Love via Camera | Cafeteria Marketing

Sakamoto's charisma continues to transcend all boundaries. His antics not only charm bullies but also school children and... pale female ghosts with long black hair?!

E7 | Sure Enough, is Sakamoto a Pervert? | Sera's French Revolution

For Acchan's gang, the curtain guarding the over 18 video section seems impassable, until Sakamoto appears. Later, Sera wants to take Sakamoto down a peg at the sports meet.

E8 | The Cultural Festival is Gloomy

Sakamoto’s class is making a display for the school festival, but when an older delinquent returns to the school, even Sakamoto may not be able to escape his game.

E9 | How Sakamoto and I Met and The Person Nearest and Farthest

Girls from Sakamoto’s class reminisce on how they met him, and Kubota comes down with a cold… but shows up to school anyway?

E10 | Demon King and That Which is Lacking

Sakamoto is invited to a mixer, a social situation he knows nothing about! Then, it’s Hayabusa’s turn to enter a foreign situation, but he’s not alone.

E11 | No Need for Warmth and Memories of 1-2

Acchan is excited to teach Sakamoto about playing in the snow, but he comes to a realization that Fukase will use to his advantage.

E12 | Goodbye, Sakamoto-kun

Sakamoto is giving the farewell speech at graduation when Acchan attacks him! Fukase seems to be set on never leaving school, but perhaps this scheme will be his last.

E13 | Haven’t You Heard? I was Sakamoto

The students of Class 2-1 reminisce about their time with Sakamoto, contemplate what he might be up to at present time, and wonder where he might be headed.



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