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Hareluya II Boy

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Season 1 Episode 24 | TV-14 | Premiere: 5/12/2022

Taro Momoyama Part 3

Ibu and Naomi's fight concludes, but the battle isn't over yet. Baraki insists on facing Hareluya, but Makoto steps into the ring instead.

Hareluya II Boy

Season 1 | 25 Episodes

E1 | Kiyoshiro Okamoto

When bullies threaten Kiyoshiro's dream by demanding half his paycheck, a delinquent with a heart of gold steps in to save the day!

E2 | Michiru Yamana

Michiru despairs when a gang steals a memento of her late brother. Kiyoshiro vows to get it back, but Hareluya won't let him wander into the lion's den alone.

E3 | Makoto Ichijo

Makoto cut ties to his old gang so he could pursue his passion, but they're not letting him off the hook that easily.

E4 | Grandpa Bob

An unfinished work of art inspired Kiyohiro's dream. What's the connection between the painting and an old man who took Hareluya's lunch money?

E5 | Shuntaro Kitahara

The Unfinished Landscape is now in the hands of an unscrupulous art dealer. Good thing Hareluya's around to get the painting back! (But certainly not for free.)

E6 | Shozo Momiyama

Love is in the air! Michiru wants to take Kiyoshiro to an exhibit, but Shozo's already roped the aspiring painter into helping him win her heart.

E7 | Megumi Aihara

Makoto runs into an old friend under pressure from a local gang.

E8 | Yuka Mochizuki

When Kiyoshiro helps Hareluya's father, he does not know that he and his friends are about to cross paths with a puzzle cube and a young girl with a phobia of men.

E9 | Yuichi Honjo

Hareluya has a problem with the school's baseball team but ends up impressing everyone with his throwing arm instead. Honjo witnesses this and asks Hareluya for help.

E10 | Rui Nohara

The two baseball teams face off in a battle with a fortune on the line. But does Honjo stand a chance when his team consists of Hareluya and his friends?

E11 | Sayaka Kano

There's a rumor going around that a biker is hunting the local biker gangs. Meanwhile, Hareluya gets off on the wrong foot with the new transfer student.

E12 | Layla

Hareluya and his friends are enjoying themselves at an amusement park when a girl claiming to be from another planet asks them for help!

E13 | Miko Jinno

Makoto saves a young woman from her harassers only for her to tell him that violence isn't the answer.

E14 | Shizuka Momiya

Shozo needs someone to protect his sister and turns to Hareluya and Makoto for help.

E15 | Reiko Ibu

The attacks on Makoto's friends lead back to Reiko and an old acquaintance.

E16 | Kaya Mizuno

Hareluya and his friends go on vacation only to find themselves haunted by a ghost.

E17 | Akiko Jissoji

Akiko is directing an amateur film for Super Movie Contest and wants Hareluya as the starring role!

E18 | Reiji Marukido Part 1

Hareluya thinks it's all fun and games when he pranks the arrogant transfer student. But he messed with the wrong person this time.

E19 | Reiji Marukido Part 2

The situation becomes grim once Michiru falls into Reiji's clutches. Now Hareluya and the others must race against the clock to save her.

E20 | Reiji Marukido Part 3

Hareluya and Makoto face off against Reiji's goons. But that means Kiyoshiro must face Reiji without their help.

E21 | Natsumi Nagisano

Michiru reunites with a friend who considers her a traitor. Worse, they're about to get on the local surfer gang's bad side.

E22 | Taro Momoyama Part 1

What is Ibu doing in an underground fighting ring?

E23 | Taro Momoyama Part 2

Taro recruits more fighters, but why does he insist on these battles?

E24 | Taro Momoyama Part 3

Ibu and Naomi's fight concludes, but the battle isn't over yet. Baraki insists on facing Hareluya, but Makoto steps into the ring instead.

E25 | Hareluya Hibino

Hareluya faces his most formidable opponent ever. What does Hareluya's father know about this mysterious man?



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