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Hareluya II Boy

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Season 1 Episode 6 | TV-14 | Premiere: 1/6/2022

Shozo Momiyama

Love is in the air! Michiru wants to take Kiyoshiro to an exhibit, but Shozo's already roped the aspiring painter into helping him win her heart.

Hareluya II Boy

Season 1 | 25 Episodes

E1 | Kiyoshiro Okamoto

When bullies threaten Kiyoshiro's dream by demanding half his paycheck, a delinquent with a heart of gold steps in to save the day!

E2 | Michiru Yamana

Michiru despairs when a gang steals a memento of her late brother. Kiyoshiro vows to get it back, but Hareluya won't let him wander into the lion's den alone.

E3 | Makoto Ichijo

Makoto cut ties to his old gang so he could pursue his passion, but they're not letting him off the hook that easily.

E4 | Grandpa Bob

An unfinished work of art inspired Kiyohiro's dream. What's the connection between the painting and an old man who took Hareluya's lunch money?

E5 | Shuntaro Kitahara

The Unfinished Landscape is now in the hands of an unscrupulous art dealer. Good thing Hareluya's around to get the painting back! (But certainly not for free.)

E6 | Shozo Momiyama

Love is in the air! Michiru wants to take Kiyoshiro to an exhibit, but Shozo's already roped the aspiring painter into helping him win her heart.

E7 | Megumi Aihara

Makoto runs into an old friend under pressure from a local gang.

E8 | Yuka Mochizuki

When Kiyoshiro helps Hareluya's father, he does not know that he and his friends are about to cross paths with a puzzle cube and a young girl with a phobia of men.

E9 | Yuichi Honjo

Hareluya has a problem with the school's baseball team but ends up impressing everyone with his throwing arm instead. Honjo witnesses this and asks Hareluya for help.

E10 | Rui Nohara

The two baseball teams face off in a battle with a fortune on the line. But does Honjo stand a chance when his team consists of Hareluya and his friends?

E11 | Sayaka Kano

There's a rumor going around that a biker is hunting the local biker gangs. Meanwhile, Hareluya gets off on the wrong foot with the new transfer student.

E12 | Layla

Hareluya and his friends are enjoying themselves at an amusement park when a girl claiming to be from another planet asks them for help!

E13 | Miko Jinno

Makoto saves a young woman from her harassers only for her to tell him that violence isn't the answer.

E14 | Shizuka Momiya

Shozo needs someone to protect his sister and turns to Hareluya and Makoto for help.

E15 | Reiko Ibu

The attacks on Makoto's friends lead back to Reiko and an old acquaintance.

E16 | Kaya Mizuno

Hareluya and his friends go on vacation only to find themselves haunted by a ghost.

E17 | Akiko Jissoji

Akiko is directing an amateur film for Super Movie Contest and wants Hareluya as the starring role!

E18 | Reiji Marukido Part 1

Hareluya thinks it's all fun and games when he pranks the arrogant transfer student. But he messed with the wrong person this time.

E19 | Reiji Marukido Part 2

The situation becomes grim once Michiru falls into Reiji's clutches. Now Hareluya and the others must race against the clock to save her.

E20 | Reiji Marukido Part 3

Hareluya and Makoto face off against Reiji's goons. But that means Kiyoshiro must face Reiji without their help.

E21 | Natsumi Nagisano

Michiru reunites with a friend who considers her a traitor. Worse, they're about to get on the local surfer gang's bad side.

E22 | Taro Momoyama Part 1

What is Ibu doing in an underground fighting ring?

E23 | Taro Momoyama Part 2

Taro recruits more fighters, but why does he insist on these battles?

E24 | Taro Momoyama Part 3

Ibu and Naomi's fight concludes, but the battle isn't over yet. Baraki insists on facing Hareluya, but Makoto steps into the ring instead.

E25 | Hareluya Hibino

Hareluya faces his most formidable opponent ever. What does Hareluya's father know about this mysterious man?



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