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Hamatora the Animation

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Season 1 Episode 12 | TV-MA | Premiere: 3/26/2015

Resolve (Ego)

As the chaos ensues, Birthday, Ratio, Honey and Three work together to take down Moral's followers while Nice confronts Moral.

Hamatora the Animation

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Egg of Columbus

Nice and Murasaki receive two job requests from Koneko. When they split up to handle them solo, they realize might need to work together after all.

E2 | Beloved Bastard

Two high school students request help finding their missing teacher, and after infultrating the school, Nice and Murasaki find themselves with an even bigger mystery on hand.

E3 | Haves and Have-Nots

Hamatora is contracted to investigate for any scandals connected to the Facultas Academy. Meanwhile, Art questions Professor Moral about the Nemcrois in his possession.

E4 | The Wandering Totem Pole

While Hamatora assists in a commercial stunt to cover up Takahiro's rampage, Honey is kidnapped over a mixup involving briefcases.

E5 | Sweat, Muscles and Me

The girls take a trip to a hotspring but they won't be alone for long when Nice and Murasaki look into an infidelity case which unfolds into something bigger.

E6 | The Prophet’s Anguish

Ratio and Birthday work on the kidnapping case of a girl from their childhood but the plot thickens when a team member is kidnapped during the investigation too!

E7 | Black Cosmos

Nice joins Art in the hunt for Moral but tensions arrise between the two. In the meantime, Gasquet learns about Art's past.

E8 | The Bloodstained Bitter Melon

Nice and Murasaki are contracted to investigate the manufacturer of a drug that induces eternal sleep. Elsewhere, Moral and his assistant continue with their plans.

E9 | Little Beauty and the Beast

After Honey and Three are taken off of Moral’s case, Three goes to an orphanage he frequents to take care of the kids. Unknown to him it’s being targeted by a minimum holder.

E10 | The March of the Weak

Moral begins to unleash his plan by sending his followers out on a murder spree leading to even more chaos. Elsewhere, there's a prison breakout of minimum holders.

E11 | Flight of the Victor

Nice and Moral meet at the Nowhere Café as the disturbance in the streets increases. Meanwhile, Honey and Three are requested to help deal with the riots.

E12 | Resolve (Ego)

As the chaos ensues, Birthday, Ratio, Honey and Three work together to take down Moral's followers while Nice confronts Moral.



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