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Golden Time

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Season 1 Episode 12 | TV-14 | Premiere: 12/19/2013

Don't Look Back

Koko finds Banri and Linda in a questionable situation. When things begin to unravel Banri takes action to address the situation.

Golden Time

Season 1 | 24 Episodes

E15 | Accident Beach

Banri, Koko, and the rest of the gang decide to drive to the beach, but face a wave of obstacles which prove to delay their plans.

E1 | Springtime

Banri Tada begins his first day of law school in the unfamiliar city of Tokyo, where he makes new friends and meets the beautiful Kaga Koko.

E2 | Lonely Girl

Banri and Mitsuo are enlisted to join the Film Club and Tea Club, while Koko continues her never-ending journey to be with Mitsuo.

E3 | Night Escape

Banri and Koko are abducted by a cult, and as they plan their escape from the cult, they grow to know eachother better.

E4 | Blackout

Banri and Koko are saved by Linda and she encourages them to join the Festival Club. Mitsuo rejects Koko and Banri is once again there to comfort her.

E5 | Body and Soul

Banri finds a mysterious photo of himself with Linda which causes him to try and recall events from his past. Koko and Banri officially join the Festival Club.

E6 | Yes No

Banri, Mitsuo, and a reluctant Koko attend Chinami's party where Linda and Banri's past comes into focus.

E7 | Masquerade

It's official, Banri and Koko are now dating and she wants everyone to know! Later on, Banri finally talks to Linda after ignoring her for days.

E8 | Reset

Banri, Nigijigen, and Koko try to cheer up a depressed Mitsuo by taking him to the amusement park. Later on, Linda and Banri have a late night talk about their past.

E9 | With You Again

Banri becomes worried when Koko misses school for days because of a cold. Later on, the spirit of Banri recalls the moment he fell in love with Linda.

E10 | In the Mirror

Banri falls ill and Linda takes care of him at his apartment. Koko brings him flowers but she is upset to find that Linda has been alone with him at the apartment.

E11 | Trouble Party

After receving advice from the upperclassmen, Banri tries to find a job so that he can have money to spend on Koko.

E12 | Don't Look Back

Koko finds Banri and Linda in a questionable situation. When things begin to unravel Banri takes action to address the situation.

E13 | Summer has Come

After going to the Awa Dance Festival, Koko decides to cook yakisoba for Banri but he must remain blindfolded while she prepares the meal.

E14 | Ladies Talk

Banri, Koko, and the gang stalk Yana to find out if he has a girlfriend. Chinami is the first suspect so they wait outside her house.

E16 | Wake Up Call

Koko becomes depressed after the car crash and disappears from her friends. Banri goes to visit her in hopes of getting her back to normal.

E17 | Return to Yesterday

Koko insists that Banri should attend his high school reunion. Later on, Yana begins to connect the dots, discovering the secret of Linda and Banri's past.

E18 | Hometown

Banri and Linda return home for their high school reunion. In his absence, a lonely Koko decides to sneak into Banri's apartment.

E19 | Night in Paris

Banri returns from his reunion where his friends throw him a welcome home dinner. Yana wants to start filming the Festival Club as a ploy to get closer to Linda.

E20 | His Chasm

Yana has begun filming for the festival club, but his plan to get closer to Linda is failing terribly. Banri struggles to give Koko the ring his mother left him.

E21 | I'll Be Back

After the events at the festival, Banri fears that he may lose himself after memories from his past return.

E22 | Paradise Lost

Banri is devastated when Koko suddenly dumps him out of nowhere. Lost, Banri contemplates what to do with his life.

E23 | Last Smile

Banri and Koko discuss their breakup and make a promise to eachother. Later the whole group gets together to try and revivie their friendship.

E24 | Golden Time

Banri reverts back to his former self, and returns to the countryside. While he recalls being a student in Tokyo, he can't clearly recall anything.



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