Gold Lightan Golden Warrior

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Season 1 Episode 50 | TV-MA | Premiere: 10/19/2019

Mr. Mecha X's Challenge

The true threat reveals itself! Sensing that Gold Lightan is in trouble, Compu Lightan insists on joining the fight on Earth.

Gold Lightan Golden Warrior

Season 1 | 52 Episodes

E1 | The Monster of the Mecha Dimension

Hiro’s life becomes a lot more interesting after finding a lighter that’s actually the camouflaged robot, Gold Lightan!

E2 | The Monster Catfish Destroys the Dam!

Ivalda the Great entrusts Sayokka with a dastardly plan to destroy dams, which puts them on a collision course with the Rambunctious Rangers, who are having a fishing contest!

E3 | Goodbye Yukigon

Sayokka can create a mecha more powerful than Gold Lightan if Snow Black can mine enough minerals! The locals blame the resulting disturbances on an abominable snowman.

E4 | The Hellish Amusement Park

Creating an army of cyborg children is a conniving tactic! As kids start disappearing from amusement parks, Hiro tries to cheer up Emmie.

E5 | Thermo-Optical Crystal Man

Hiro learns more about Gold Lightan’s amazing friends! Meanwhile, Uyokka deploys Crystal Man to steal thirty Fire Lens to create a devastating weapon.

E6 | Who's the Snitch?

The bond between the Rambunctious Rangers is put to the test when Hiro and Gold Lightan catch Sam cheating on the math exam!

E7 | The Evil Rampaging Robot

Biker gangs are the scourge of society, which is why Mannakka plans on recruiting them! What will this mean for Money’s brother, who is a motorcycle enthusiast?

E8 | The Subway Centipede Plan

Hiro witnesses the opening of a new subway line to support his friend, Akira. Little do they both know that Mannakka has devious plans for the subway system!

E9 | The Town of Mecha Cosmos

Big has a crush on Kei, who dreams of covering the entire town with cosmos flowers. But that plays right into the hands of Uyokka, who wants to turn all plants into metal!

E10 | Tombo's UFO

Tombo really wants to see a UFO, but his hobby’s getting in the way of studying! When a UFO is sighted at Kabuto Mountain, the Rambunctious Rangers investigate.

E11 | Bomb: Mecha Swan

Ohina takes care of an injured swan, unaware that Sayokka has implanted the bird with a nuclear bomb! Mannakka is dispatched to retrieve the swan by any means necessary.

E12 | The Monster of the Village of Oblivion

Aburada should have been back from his hometown by now! A worried Hiro pays him a visit, but something about the townspeople isn’t quite right...

E13 | Ohina, Hanging by a Thread

Mannakka concludes that only a golden robot can defeat Gold Lightan and steals the precious metal to build one! Meanwhile, trouble brews between Hiro and Ohina.

E14 | Uprising: Mecha Hell

Hiro’s father believes a true mechanic must know how to “talk” to mecha. But his skills are put to the test when Crazy Oiler seizes control over the machines he repaired!

E15 | The Demonic Mecha Dragon of the Skies

Jiro wants to play soccer but lacks both the confidence and the ability. Can Hiro and the others help him improve before the big game?

E16 | The Diabolical Mini-Spy

People don’t like Ken and blame his dad for polluting the local river. What will happen when Mini-Robon tells Ken his father isn’t to blame?

E17 | Farewell, Day of the Dolphin

The nefarious Ivalda the Great and his minions have a diabolical plan to kidnap dolphins and turn them against the humans!

E18 | The Great Garibender Plan

Takashi used to be Hiro’s friend, but now all he cares about is studying. Can they find common ground as Garibender sets out to destroy human educational facilities?

E19 | Ohina Is a Circus Star

Ohina dreams of becoming a circus star, but she doesn’t know that Uyyoka is using the circus to destroy the nearby military base!

E20 | The Newtonder of Love

Ms. Momiji has a rich and handsome suitor, and that has Aburada seeing green! However, when Newtonder attacks, will Aburada have a chance to prove his bravery?

E21 | Mecha Ninja Arts: Shadow Clone

Emmie’s father, the top authority on space science, is kidnapped by the dastardly Uyyoka for an evil plan! The professor refuses to help, but will this put Emmie in danger?

E22 | The Living Doll

A demonic doll attacks Emmie, but her parents think she was dreaming! Could this doll have a connection to a recently arrived puppeteer? The Rambunctious Rangers investigate.

E23 | The Art Thief is Mechaso

Mechaso will succeed in disrupting human society if all works of art are destroyed! Can Gold Lightan stop Mechaso before it’s too late?

E24 | The Six Lightans Assemble

Gold Lightan lies defeated! How could this possibly happen? Is it true that the Diamond-Lights are too powerful?

E25 | Nessie: Wild Journey

Hiro may not be able to keep the Lightan Corps a secret from his friends for much longer, especially when the Loch Ness Monster suddenly appears!

E26 | Raging Storm Daifujin

Emmie needs to build an antenna so she can communicate with her father in America and the sooner, the better. Especially when Daifujin uses a hurricane to decimate the nation!

E27 | Dracula Panic

Sayokka realizes that humans are easily manipulated by fear and unleashes Dracula upon the terrified masses! Meanwhile, Sam and Tombo find an abandoned house in the forest...

E28 | The Mysterious Jungle Gym

Mannakka unleashes Jungle Rider on a mission to destroy all the parks in the world to deprive children of their precious playgrounds!

E29 | The Terrifying Beauty Contest

The Energy Society is looking for the next Miss Cinderella, and Mannakka, Ms. Momiji and Ohina are all competing for the title! But Ivalda the Great has plans for the winner.

E30 | The Secret of Ivalda's Palace

Tragedy strikes the Lightan Corps when one of them falls in battle! Mannakka wastes no time capitalizing on this opportunity – is hope truly lost?

E31 | Surprise: Nezumogura

A compassionate act may lead to significant problems when Hiro befriends Mamoru after saving a hamster from schoolyard bullies.

E32 | Snow Woman Koranka

Abnormal weather plaguing Earth sounds like something Gold Lightan should investigate. Too bad Ohina got her hands on Gold Lightan and mistook him for an ordinary lighter!

E33 | The Troubles of Love Plan

Sakura Haruta’s the new substitute teacher in town, and all the boys are falling for her. What will this mean for Ms. Momiji when Sakura sets her eyes on Aburada?

E34 | The Little Mermaid of Cape Warlock

Ohina’s new book leads to Hiro dreaming about The Little Mermaid. When the Rambunctious Rangers all go on a swimming trip, they meet the mysterious Jun...

E35 | The Puzzle Professor's Trap

The Rambunctious Rangers will all be rich once Tombo solves the Crystal Puzzle! Little do they know its creator, Prosser Puzzler, has a villainous purpose in mind.

E36 | Rambunctious Detectives Present

The Rambunctious Rangers start a detective club so they can solve everyone’s problems! Their first case is to find a lost bird, but they soon cross paths with Mannakka!

E37 | The Lightan Corps' Weakness

After countless defeats, Uokkya, Sayokka, and Mannakka set their differences aside to bring down Gold Lightan once and for all!

E38 | The Animals of the Savanna

Uokkya plans to use mind-controlled animals against humans! As the attacks continue, Jane, an animal conservation officer, realizes that something is wrong.

E39 | Straight to the Mecha Dimension

Emmie's grieving uncle blames Gold Lightan for his loss. The Rambunctious Rangers believe there must be a mistake since Gold Lightan would never commit such an evil act.

E40 | The Mysterious Underwater Palace

There's been another disappearance in The Bermuda Triangle! Could Ivalda the Great be involved? The Rambunctious Rangers are determined to find out.

E41 | The Daimajin's Tears

An extinct volcano's eruption in Tibet heralds the coming of the Great Daimajin. Is this event the start of divine reckoning, or is Ivalda the Great up to his old tricks?

E42 | The Terror of Hell's Army

Monsters, including Frankenstein's monster, the mummy, and the wolfman, terrorize the populace! Will Tombo and his father find themselves amid a monster mash?

E43 | The Mecha Dimension's Greatest Crisis

Gold Lightan fell right into a trap set by Sayokka and Mannakka. Now the wicked Gaddock threatens the entire Mecha Dimension!

E44 | Castaways on the Volcanic Island

Hiro can’t pass up the chance for a treasure hunt and stows away on Tetsu’s boat! Neither knows they’ll find a world of trouble instead.

E45 | The Mythical Country of Yamaterasu

The Rambunctious Rangers stumble upon a mystery while camping. Do the substance known as techtonium and ancient ruins have something to do with the recent disappearances?

E46 | The Magma Giant's Duel

Aburada’s childhood friend claims he saw a giant mecha in the ocean! Unfortunately, the man has a habit of crying wolf.

E47 | Aburada's Love Triumphs

Aburada wants to marry Ms. Momiji but when she’s offered the opportunity of a lifetime, decides not to. He believes it’s for the best, but does Ms. Momiji think differently?

E48 | Target: Mannakka

Hiro and Mannakka are mortal enemies, so can they set their differences aside and work together when they’re both targeted by the mecha Gyrorocketer?

E49 | Mutiny in the Mecha Palace

Ivalda the Great’s minions have one final chance to defeat Gold Lightan with Akudoss, but the mecha has a mind of its own. Meanwhile, a hidden danger stirs in the shadows...

E50 | Mr. Mecha X's Challenge

The true threat reveals itself! Sensing that Gold Lightan is in trouble, Compu Lightan insists on joining the fight on Earth.

E51 | The Last Day of the Mecha Palace

Sayokka disobeys orders and takes matters into his own hands! Can the Rambunctious Rangers save the day when the Lightan Corps find themselves outmatched?

E52 | Farewell, Lightan Corps

The final battle between Gold Lightan and the forces of evil begins, and the fate of the entire Mecha Dimension hangs in the balance!



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