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Season 1 Episode 7 | TV-MA | Premiere: 11/12/2003

Death by Reminiscing

Max attacks the base in the Core Gunner and blames Goh for Mira's supposed death. When Shizuru confronts Max, he mutates into some sort of creature.


Season 1 | 26 Episodes

E1 | Wedding Bell of the Battlefield

Goh is nearly retired and about to marry Anna as he is called to pilot again, five years after the epic battle with the mimetic beasts. This time, with Anna by his side.

E2 | Blazing Virgin Road

Goh doesn't want Anna to pilot Neo-Okusaer anymore, but Anna doesn't give up. When a mimetic beast attacks, she tries her best to fight it with a small school robot.

E3 | Battle Royal Honeymoon

Goh and Anna join forces with other robot pilots throughout the Earth to defeat a mimetic beast in the South China Sea.

E4 | Shizuru's Comeback

Shizuru, pilot of the Core Gunner, is uncertain if she belongs at the Dannar Base. Rumors begin to spread that she is going to quit.

E5 | A Girl from the Sky

The Cosmo Base is attacked by a mimetic beast and the leader stays behind to defend his land. He sends his daughter down to Earth to seek safety.

E6 | The End of the Dream

Goh discovers that a dear couple from his past who were thought to be dead, are still alive... however, they are the same as he once knew.

E7 | Death by Reminiscing

Max attacks the base in the Core Gunner and blames Goh for Mira's supposed death. When Shizuru confronts Max, he mutates into some sort of creature.

E8 | The Graceful Shooting Star

A mimetic beast attacks the base while repairs are underway. Dragliner deploys with Godannar, but the outcome of battle is grim.

E9 | The Castaway Survival

Rescue teams are sent out to recover the Dragliner, Okusaer, and Godannar. Since the mimetic beast is still flying around the area, delays ensue.

E10 | Lou's Sortie

A mysterious robot that refuses to identify itself, battles a mimetic beast that had been attacking Caucasus 1.

E11 | A Flawless Departure

Ken rescues Lou, but Goh and Anna realize Ken isn't really so innocent. When the couple confronts Ken, Lou comes to his defense in an attempt to prevent conflict.

E12 | Those Who Have Departed

No one was ready for this mimetic beast attack on the Cosmo Base. Shizuru decides to go out to battle alone in Core Gunner.

E13 | Last First-Kiss

Two of the base members leaving flowers by Shizuru's death bed make a startling discovery...she's still alive!

E14 | The Reviving Soul

While in a state of limbo, a fallen mech pilot relives the grueling adventure-filled events of life up to this point.

E15 | The New Confession

Anna struggles to get by on her own, from finding a roof to keep over her head to humiliating employment. Meanwhile, a new project at Dannar Base is underway.

E16 | Its Name is Go Okusaer!

Anna realizes that she has given up on her dream, and decides to return to base. All the while, a new player for her affections and hand in marriage has come to the forefront.

E17 | Tonko, My Love

A female mechanic named Tonko, is being forced into an arranged marriage that she doesn't necessarily want. However, it looks like a mimetic beast has other plans for her.

E18 | Ice-Cold Smile

Anna and Shizuru begin training in order to be able to control the plasma drive. Ekaterina holds a party, but it gets interrupted when more mimetic beasts attack.

E19 | Genesister Out of Control!

Kiriko receives data containing Max's diagnosis. Meanwhile, Luna grows nervous because this will be her and Shadow's final battle together.

E20 | Sorrowful Song of the Plum Blossoms

Moukaku gets into a bar fight and begins to undergo the same mutation as Max and Shadow. However, it seems he has a better handle on it than his comrads.

E21 | Godanner Ground Order!

The Insania Virus has no mercy and its severity is nothing to be taken lightly. The virus finds its way to Goh.

E22 | Crash! Dannar vs. Gainer

Ken manages to defeat a beast before his mutation has completed. Just as things are looking up, Ken's adrenaline after the battle causes a turn for the worst.

E23 | Dannar Base S.O.S

With Goh's risk of succumbing to the Insania Virus rising, it is up to his wife, ex, and dear friend to defend the Dannar Base as countless beasts strike.

E24 | After the Mortal Combat

Anna's dad and founder of Danner, Tetsuya, regains command of the base. Goh goes missing from sick bay, and a new wave of adversaries begin to converge.

E25 | The Eternal Couple

Ken and Goh attack the mighty beast, as they continue to mutate more and more. But the beast proves too much for Goh to handle.

E26 | The Inevitable Tomorrow

After defeating the mimetic beasts, Goh's transformation completes. Years later, the last mimetic beasts return. Goh, Anna and the rest of the pilots are ready for battle.



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